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Casino with Rubles

Play in a casino with Russian Rubles

Unfortunately we do not know of any NetEnt casinos that support the Ruble as a currency so we would recommend that you try EURO.

The actual legality of online gambling is in many countries something of a grey area. Not in Russia, though, as online gambling is completely banned in this country. The same goes for land-based gambling except for four regions of the country. It seems that many Russians did find a way to gamble online while being accepted by many online casinos.

Before the above gambling ban came into law in Russia, the country was packed with casinos and gambling houses. According to a research which was carried out in 2002, there were 58 land-based casinos only in Moscow, accompanied by 2000 gambling houses and 70.000 slot machines spread over the city.

The government worries grew bigger and bigger when younger generations got influenced by the many gambling advertisements around town. Teenagers skipped school and started to hang out around these gambling houses instead which affected the prosperity of the city, and the entire country. Some experts hired by the Russian gambling authorities, the Russian Association of Gambling Business Development, even claimed that around half a million players were gambling regularly in one of the gambling establishments in the Russian capital.

Serious concerns came round when Russian psychiatrists confirmed that there was an incredible increase in cases involving problem gambling. They even claimed that the number of gamblers in Moscow was much higher that the half million suggested by the gambling authority.

The end of the Russian gambling industry

Gambling addiction didn’t seem the only problem in the Russian capital as money laundering was happening on a large scale in what seemed an uncontrolled gambling industry. Gambling establishments tried their best not to pay any taxes resulting in the city missing out on millions in taxes. This was the exact moment that the Russian government woke up and got into action.

First, the number of gambling houses and casinos had to be reduced, with at least 500 meters in between the gambling establishments and the residential areas like this is also the case in the Ukraine. Because of this, providers found themselves forced to leave the urban areas behind and with that also the many young customers. This was in 2002 though, just before the transition period whereafter gambling got entirely banned in 2009, with the exception of the four regions.

Although online gambling is in fact entirely forbidden in Russia, with the by many gambling authorities used reason “to protect players”, many Russians do know where to go for some casino entertainment. Online casinos seem the only way to go for the Russians and online casinos are often kind to accept them and their Russian rubles. This way they are able to play Roulette anyway, although online casinos luckily don’t often their own deadly Russian version of Roulette which seems to be very popular in the land of the Czars and Volga.

I can recommend a few NetEnt Casinos that accept Russian players en deposits in rubles, but there’s one online casino I know that is also offering an entire website in Russian. Besides, Casino Room has a lot to offer such a very refreshing, original casino platform and a nice environment to play your favourite NetEnt Games.

Another online casino with Rubles that accepts players from Russia is Casinoland, a platform built for the comfort of the players instead of the online casino. So far, this NetEnt Casino is available in several languages such as English and a few Nordic languages. Unfortunately no Russian yet, but this platform grew enormously in a short period of time so they might add the Russian language in the near future.

The NetEnt Casino with the most deposit options available is ExclusiveBet, also offered in 11 different languages. The deposit page offers a filter and when I ask for all Russian deposit options I get a wide range of options and I’m sure all online casino players with a bag of rubles in the hand will find a way on this casino platform as well.