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Deposit Options

Most newcomers to online gaming have concerns about finding a trustworthy online casino to play. NetEnt only sells its high-quality products to online casinos, of which they are sure they can be trusted.

They have to because once an online casino offers their products, we call them NetEnt Casinos. And the last thing you want as a listed software supplier is dodgy casinos showing off with your cutting-edge games so carefully designed for trustworthy online casinos only.

But you can find yourself the best NetEnt Casino imaginable, it will be worthless if it’s not offering the deposit method that fits you. Although I have to say, that chance is almost impossible as there’s always a method that helps you to safely deposit money.

Casino Deposit Options Guide

There may be multiple safe options to deposit money into your NetEnt casino account. No matter if you are having a bank account or not, I will help you to find the deposit option for you. To help you out, I’ve made a list with all sort of deposit options you can choose from such as:

  • credit cards (not for UK customers)
  • debit cards
  • e-wallets
  • prepaid cards
  • Intermediary Payment Services
  • Intermediary Banking Services

My extensive Casino Deposit Guide should help you finding your way in a maze of deposit options available these days.

Deposit options involving bank accounts

CREDIT CARD; Diners Club (not for UK)

No matter where you are in the world, credit cards are available everywhere. Some use VISA, while others use MasterCard or Diners Club. Credit card deposits are convenient. These are fast and secure, and many players already own a credit card and know how to use it. Almost all gambling platforms accept credit card as a deposit option.

Making a deposit using your credit card is as easy as buying anything with your credit card. You head to the NetEnt Casino’s cashier selecting the credit card deposit option you want to use Now enter the amount you want to deposit and your credit card information. Now, all there’s left is confirmation from your side and verification from the casino’s side.

This won’t take long and soon the casino account you’ve funded will reflect the money you’ve just added to it. You can now start to play all your favourite NetEnt games with real money.

DEBIT CARD; Visa Electron

I could have mentioned this type of card together with the credit card, but there’s a big difference between the two. Unlike a credit card, you can only use a debit card when your bank account balance is sufficient. For the rest, a debit card works exactly the same as a credit card.

E-WALLET; Neteller, Skrill, EziPay, SOFORT, ClickandBuy, ecoCard, EntroPay

These are just what they sound like and also known as digital wallets, online wallets and electronic wallets. No matter how you call such a wallet, they all offer you a sort of online account. Often coming from your regular bank account, so you can use it at any time you want.

E-wallets come in many types, some with a virtual credit card, some with a plastic credit card. But the all have one thing in common as they won’t reveal any sensitive information to the merchant. Think about credit card numbers or bank account numbers.

Using an e-wallet to deposit money into your account is very easy. You just select your e-wallet, the amount you want to deposit and only a log in to your e-wallet and a conformation is al there’s left to top up your NetEnt Casino account balance.


This payment system looks a lot like an e-wallet, but there’s a big difference between them both. You can keep money in an e-wallet, while an Intermediary Payment Service serves offers a go-between service. This is to make sure you transfer no sensitive information to an unknown merchant.

These Intermediary Payment Services are also easy to use. However, you cannot use an online bank account or e-wallet. Making a deposit into your NetEnt Casino account using an Intermediary Payment Service works the same as when using an e-wallet.


Some of the NetEnt Casinos are offering local deposit options, mostly available in just one country. If using a local Intermediary Banking Service you’ll make use of the internet banking system of the bank you have your personal account. This means the money will be debited directly from your account instead of your e-wallet.

BANK TRANSFER; Instant Wire Transfer

Before e-wallets and Intermediary Payment Services weren’t invented yet, we didn’t know better than using bank transfers. We used Bank Transfer to send money from one bank account to another only, as nobody heard of internet yet, neither of webshops, online merchants or casinos. Until today you can still use Bank Transfer to deposit money into your account, but it’s the slowest option available as it still takes a few days before the money is actually in your account.

Deposit options without a bank account needed


The safest way to deposit money into your online casino account is by using a prepaid card. For a while it looked like the prepaid card got banned, as it was old fashioned. Why would you use a paper prepaid card if you can use an online payment service? But the prepaid card is on his way back, as the internet doesn’t always give the protect we are looking for. Yes internet payments are easy and very fast, but 100% safety can never ever be guaranteed, not by any online merchant as internet is internet and technology is technology.

So you see, a prepaid card isn’t that stupid as it seems, as they are 100% safe and zero personal information will be revealed when making a deposit.

You buy a prepaid card in one of the many outlets they are sold at, using cash money and you receive an unique code initially covered by an opaque layer. Once you’ve selected the prepaid card as your deposit option, all you have to do is fill in the unique code on the card.


Some e-wallets accept prepaid cards to transfer money into your electronic wallet. This means no bank account is needed when having an e-wallet, which can be convenient when a NetEnt Casino does accept e-wallets, but no prepaid cards. You see, one way or another, there’s always a convenient way for you to deposit money into your online casino account.

Deposit Options FAQ

Every NetEnt casino will have a few different deposit options. It is best that you choose the deposit option which best suits you as a player as these can vary per country.
For an online casino there is obviously a preferred way for players to make deposits but as you are a customer, it is important you choose the option you are the most comfortable with using.
Yes, in general all NetEnt casinos have been licensed by a specific country. One of the many license requirements is that all personal and sensitive information is sent over the internet with encryption. This means that any bank or card details are only sent encrypted.
Yes, these are very often not stored by the casino themselves but rather with a third party. These third parties have different certificates and license that allow them to securely store encrypted card details. These details cannot be seen by anyone, other than the owner of the card.
In general, yes. All NetEnt casinos have a robust and secure encryption policy in place which makes them a safe and trustworthy place to deposit funds. To be sure, please always check to see if an online casino has a gaming license from a reputable country; UK, Malta, Gibraltar or even Sweden.