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Diners Club

Accepted worldwide, serving millions of customers, the Diners Club Card is one of the most used credit cards in the world. Established in the 50’s it’s also the oldest charge card, although Diners Club’s monopoly was short-lived, as American Express and Carte Blanche began to compete with Diners Club.

Towards the end of the 1960s Diners Club also faced competition from the Bank of America that issued BankAmericard (later renamed Visa Card), and from Interbank’s MasterCharge (later renamed MasterCard). Nevertheless it managed to become a premium global brand with a rich heritage as the world’s first charge card, issued today in more than 200 countries and 70 currencies.

The credit card service allows you to pay for more or less any kind of product wherever Diners Club Card or MasterCard is accepted. With over 9 million shops, restaurants and other merchants accepting Diners Club, the chance you can’t pay with Diners Club is very small, just as a lot of gambling sites do accepts Diners Club. All transfers are made instantly and using your Diners Club Card means a fast and easy way to deposit funds into your gambling account. On the Diners Club website it is easy to control payments done with the Diners Club credit card.

About Diners Club

It was 1949 when a man named Frank McNamara had a business dinner in New York’s Major’s Cabin Grill. So far so good, nothing special about that, until the bill arrived, and Frank realized he’d left his wallet, and with that his cash, in his other suit. Even though he managed to find his way out of the pickle, he resolved never to be embarrassed again.

The moment he decided there should be an alternative to cash resulting in Diners Club, founded by McNamara and his partner, Ralph Schneider. It was in February 1950 Frank returned to Major’s Cabin Grill and paid the bill by showing a small, cardboard card carrying the name Diners Club Card combined with his signature.

This is why a respected magazine once proclaimed Frank McNamara as one of the 100 most influential Americans of the 20th century.

Diners Club is a storied brand that started an entire category as it was the first multi-purpose charge card in the world, launching a financial revolution in how consumers and companies pay for products and services.

Today the Diners Club Card is owned by Discover Financial Services, a direct banking and payment services company and is the Diners Club Card a globally recognized brand. It still does what it did for Frank and his customers; to pay for goods and bills without using cash money.


In 2004, Diners Club announced an agreement with MasterCard making it possible for Diner Club Card members to pay wherever MasterCard sign is accepted.

Great service

Diners Club offers great customer service to their card holder, no matter where in the world you are, it is easy to call a support agent offering you the support you need so you can resume your holidays without stress. With customer support available in all languages, Diners Club is also an excellent credit card payment method offered by many Netent Casinos.

American players

Most online casinos have been assigned an electronic online gambling merchant code by Diners Club and MasterCard. This code will occur with every transaction an online gambling company is involved. Most banks in the United States and other financial institutions automatically reject all transactions the code is involved. It’s due to this code, American players are unable to use Diners Club or MasterCard to make deposits and to withdraw money. The rest of the world can generally use Diners Club.


As an Diners Club Card holder you may select from an array of excellent rewards programs including frequent flyer miles on a major airline of your choice.


Nowadays many players in possession of a credit card choose to use an intermediary financial service in order to make secure online payments towards a merchant as all your sensitive financial details, in this case your credit card details, are kept hidden from the recipient. e-Wallets like Neteller, Skrill and PayPal are very popular.

Additional information:

Available for both deposits and withdrawals
Type: credit card
Advantages: accepted by many Netent Casinos
Alternatives: Visa Electron, Neteller MasterCard, EntroPay MasterCard