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As a direct debit payment system, EziPay (formerly known as Payspark) allows you to transfer money into an eWallet easy to use for consumers in any country in the world. Just as any other payment services you can choose from having an account at one of the many Netent Casinos, also EziPay allows consumers to purchase goods and services over the internet or deposit money into their online casino account using their EziPay eWallet.

It’s a worldwide service and payments are available in dollars, euros and pounds while the same goes for withdrawals. This payments service supports French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, and Chinese and no doubt the service support will expand in the near future.

About EziPay

The parental company was established in 2003 by CSCBANK SAL and DataCash Services Limited. CSC24Seven is 100% owned by CSC and is part of the CSCGroup of companies.

Originally a Cypriot company, CSC24seven, is an e-money company, licenced and regulated by the Central bank of Cyprus. CSC24Seven offers substantial expertise in payment processing including EziPay.

With extensive experience, CSC24Seven is able to offer high-volume financial transaction-oriented products, designed and packaged to include both money-in and money-out solutions by providing an electronic money service convenient for merchants and consumers.

What is an eWallet

Just as Neteller and Skrill, you can use EziPay as an electronic wallet (eWallet) as well. To explain how such an electronic wallet works, I ask you to think of your normal wallet.

You can’t buy anything if your wallet is empty, and so you run to the closest ATM to get cash. Once you put money in wallet, you can pay for your purchases in the shops.

The same goes for the electronic wallet. But this time, no paper there is no paper money or coins. You add the money directly from your bank account, credit card or prepaid card, into your EziPay account. That’s what an eWallet is all about. You can use a direct bank wire, a debit card, a credit card and Western Union to transfer money into your EziPay account.

EziPay account

Signing up for an EziPay account is a very simple procedure and free of charge. Just as with all other payments services that requires a registration. EziPay asks you to complete a registration form with the usual basic personal information. After approval, your EziPay account is ready to use.

After your registration is approved, this service allows you to deposit money into your account. Up to the permitted total of €5000.

With money in your eWallet, you’re ready to buy goods in a webshop or purchase services from any business you like which accepts EziPay. You can also deposit money into your online casino account if the casino accepts EziPay as a deposit option. And if so, the chance is there that they also allow you to withdraw money from your casino account back into your eWallet.

How to deposit with EziPay?

If you wish to make a deposit and use EziPay, you choose the EziPay icon. You find it between the deposit options on the casino website.

You end up on the log in screen which allows you to log in onto your EziPay account in order to select the amount you want to deposit and confirm the transaction. With sufficient balance, it will only take a moment before the money is in your NetEnt Casino account. To make a withdraw using EziPay, the same procedure will apply.

Why EziPay?

The moment you pay with cash money in a shop, you don’t leave any personal information at the cashier and the same is the case when using an electronic wallet. Using an eWallet like EziPay allows you to transfer money without providing any sensitive data such as credit card numbers and account numbers, thereby ensuring your security.

Besides that EZIPay is a user friendly, handy and fast way to transfer funds into your Netent Casino account, which offers the same convenience when you make withdrawals. No fees are charged for making a deposit and viewing the record of your EziPay transactions can be very convenient to keep on top of your spending.

EziPay debit card

Your EziPay account can be used as a virtual debit card option for processing online purchases, but also offers an ATM card for instant and easy access to your account funds via any of the ATM machines worldwide that accept MasterCard.

Additional information:

Available for both, deposits and withdrawals
Type: eWallet, (virtual) debit card
Advantages: flexible and secure service, free deposits
Disadvantages: not yet available in all Netent Casinos
Extra: EziPay debit card
Alternatives: PayPal, Neteller, Skrill