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More and more online payment solutions become available, some local and some worldwide, but between the many deposit options, you’ll always find the Instant Wire Transfer, perfect for anyone who owns a bank account and wants to send money into their online casino account.

An Instant Wire Transfer works quite the same as the standard bank transfer, but with some slight changes in the verification process.

Funds transferred through a standard bank transfer can take several days to reach your casino account. The money sent via an Instant Wire Transfer appears in your casino account instantly.

This means that an Instant Wire Transfer is more quickly than a bank transfer due to good communication. As a result, I recommend this payment method instead of the old-fashioned bank transfer.

About Instant Wire Transfer

To go back to the roots of banking, we have to get back as far as 2000 before Christ. This ancient bank was responsible for grain loans to farmers and traders. They carried goods between cities. But the very first modern bank, as we still know them these days, opened in the 14th century by either the Bardi family or the Peruzzi’s.

These two families dominated the banking at that time, although it was the Medici Bank, established by Giovanni Medici in 1397, that was the most famous bank in that period.

The development of banking spread from Italy throughout the Holy Roman Empire. In the 16th century, the Fuggers and the Welsers took over the position of the Medici family in the banking business.

Modern banking

A number of important innovations in the Netherlands in the 17th century followed this acquisition, and in London in the 18th century. But the banking systems as we know are due to developments in telecommunications and computing. This caused major changes to banks’ operations while online banking came around in the early 1980s.

This modern banking service was introduced by four banks in New York. They started to offer home banking using the videotex system.

In 1994 Stanford Federal Credit Union became the first bank in the world to offer online banking. From that moment internet banking became more important, especially when internet became part of a household.

The old-fashioned bank transfer has been a part of the progress. Today nearly all money transactions are made by the internet banking systems. Banks all over the world are connected, making it possible to send money anywhere in an instant.

Instant Wire Transfer is the follow-up of the bank transfer, the fast way to transfer money from bank-to-bank without the help of any credit card or payments service like Skrill and Ukash.

How does it work?

The major part of the Netent Casinos offer you Instant Wire Transfer as a deposit method. Just as a bank transfer, an Instant Wire Transfer is a bank-to-bank transaction used without the help of any other deposit method as for example Neteller or PayPal. You simply use your personal bank’s internet banking system to transfer money into the Netent Casino’s bank account.

When an Instant Wire Transfer has been made the money will be withdrawn from your bank account, and sent to the bank account of the Netent Casino of your choice.

How come an Instant Wire Transfer is faster than a bank transfer?

The only reason why an Instant Wire Transfer is faster, is because of the communication between the banks. The moment you approve the transaction, the bank will credit the account. This way the receiving end can use the money right away even if the money haven’t reached the actual bank account yet.

What is an Instant Wire Transfer?

An Instant Wire Transfer is a simple bank-to-bank transfer that gets processed more quickly than a bank transfer. It’s a special deposit options available for those players having a bank account.

Why Instant Wire Transfer?

Instant wire transfers also give you the peace of mind using the internet banking system of a local bank you trust. You don’t have to provide your sensitive account information to a third party to complete the transfer. Besides that the Instant Wire Transfer is much faster than the bank transfer, although this way of banking is still the only alternative, without using a intermediary, when it comes to making a bank transfer.

Additional information:

Website: NA
Available for deposits and withdrawals
Type: local banking system
Advantages: Available for everybody with a personal bank account
Disadvantages: Instant doesn’t always mean immediately
Alternatives: Bank transfer