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All NetEnt Casinos have a wide range of deposit options to choose from. Perfect for when looking for a simple, fast and secure way to deposit money into your account at a Netent Casino.

Just like Neteller and Skrill, PayPal is a very safe way to transfer money into your account. This without the use of your personal bank account or credit card.

You can actually compare the PayPal service with your wallet. Only, this one is digital. It’s a so-called Wallet. This means no paper money or coins are involved unless you use your PayPal MasterCard to get cash from an ATM. PayPal is easy to use. Just as all intermediary payment services, you can be 100% sure no personal financial details will be revealed.

About PayPal

Founded in 1998, PayPal is one of the oldest digital payment systems. With 137 million active accounts, it’s also one of the biggest payment services. Headquartered in San Jose, California and Singapore, PayPal processes almost 8 million payments each day.

The service gives people simpler ways to send money without sharing any financial information. And with the flexibility to pay using their account balances, bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards or promotional financing. This wide ranging service convinced millions of people all over the world to use PayPal. The payment option is available in 193 markets worldwide including the online gambling industry.

Use PayPal as a money transfer service or as an eWallet and get the opportunity to transfer or deposit money into your online casino account anytime, anywhere and in any way. Especially since PayPal is a driving force behind the growth of mobile commerce. Therefore, it’s having a bright look into the future.

And even though PayPal is responsible for almost half of eBay Inc.’s revenues over the past years, this financial service is getting bigger and bigger in many more markets, as well as the online casino industry.

Flexible service

Whether you want to deposit money into your NetEnt Casino account, sell or buy goods online, or transfer money to friends and family, it’s all possible. That’s why it’s a very flexible service, giving you the opportunity to shop online with millions of merchants, pay online with your balance, bank account or credit card.

If you would ask me what payments service is best for you, I highly recommend PayPal. It’s by far the most flexible digital payments services worldwide. Choose PayPal if you prefer to use this financial service also for other purposes other than online casino deposits.

What is an eWallet?

Neteller and Skrill are eWallets, but you can choose to use your account as one too. Even though this payments service offers you more possibilities, transferring money into your PayPal account, turns it into an eWallet. After you’ve topped up your balance, you can easily deposit play money into your Netent casino account by choosing the PayPal option. And just as easy you deposit money, you can also withdraw money from your casino account back into your eWallet.

Opening a PayPal account

There are no charges to open an account or to transfer money from your bank account into your PayPal account. There is also no charge to purchase items using your account and that’s why I prefer this eWallet over any other digital payments service.

The easiest way to use your account is by linking your Visa card, Visa Electron card or any other credit card or debit card to your PayPal account. If no credit card or debit card available, your bank account can be another easy option. Once you’ve followed the few easy steps, you’re the owner of a PayPal account and ready to deposit money into your online casino account.

Paypal deposit

Choose the PayPal option from the long list of deposit options in the Netent Casino of your choice. Fill in the amount you would like to deposit and you will be sent to the PayPal deposit window. Log into your account by the hand of your email address and your secret password. If your account balance is sufficient, the money will be transferred immediately into your online casino account.

Why PayPal?

With the many payment methods these days such as credit cards, debit cards and bank accounts, it can be a challenge to keep it organised. PayPal offers you one flexible service, giving you the opportunity to pay the way you want, perfect to make a deposit in an online casino or to withdraw winnings back into your PayPal account.

Unfortunately, not all Netent Casinos offer you PayPal as a payment option. But with 137 million active users worldwide, this eWallet can’t be ignored anymore with the result more and more Netent Casinos are implementing PayPal as one of the payment options.

Additional information:

Available for both deposits and withdrawals
Type: eWallet, online payments service
Advantages: A very flexible online payment method, fast, easy, secure and free of charge
Disadvantages: not yet available in all Netent Casinos
Alternatives: Neteller, Skrill