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Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, you’ll find a small group of islands of which Malta is the biggest. Two decades ago this small island was habited by Maltese only, although mixed with English pensioners using Malta as an escape from their own rainy summers and cold winters.

Tourism was, and still is, the biggest industry on the island, but since 2000 the iGaming industry on the island has witnessed a remarkable and rapid growth, and nowadays it accounts for 10% of Malta’s GDP and employs around 10,000 persons. Having over 400 licensees in possession of a licence granted by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority, Malta is regarded as one of the most popular gaming jurisdictions worldwide.

All forms of interactive iGaming, such as online casinos, betting exchanges, lotteries, and online poker can be carried on from Malta. Many iGaming companies, including some of the world’s leading operators and software suppliers, of which NetEnt is a true pioneer, have chosen to locate in Malta due to several attractive factors regarding their services.

My casino experience

After eight holidays visiting family, I decided to move to Malta myself, where I am living the sunny dream since October 2008. It was in 2009 that I by accident ended up writing for one of the largest affiliate websites in the Netherlands. But I have to admit I thought my bosses switched to Chinese, talking about online casinos, flash casinos, viper casinos, poker rooms, online bookmakers, casino operators, and affiliates while I had no clue how to play Blackjack, or any other table game, except for Roulette. I had some experience playing Roulette by ending up in a Dutch casino once, having fun for ten at the tables, winning €60.

It was also around that time poker became popular in the Netherlands, resulting in a few poker evenings with friends, while the fruit machine in the local pub once had the honour to receive a coin coming from my wallet.

It was with a little experience in writing and even less experience in casino gaming, I started blogging. My motto: Just do it, and go with the flow! The worst that could have happened was me being a horrible blogger. But luckily it all worked out pretty well.

My first article took me hours, though, but in no time I knew all about table games, video pokers, video slots, progressive jackpots, online poker, and all terms involved. It didn’t take long or I could explain to newbies why, and how to use an online casino bonus, the best ways to deposit and I started to give players casino tips as well as some basic strategies. In all these 4,5 years, I kept Dutch players up-to-date about the most attractive casino promotions, which needed a lot of dedication, not because of the writing itself, no that was the easy part.

It was the monotony of some of the promotions provided by the online casinos, driving me nuts. Because of that, I can promise you, I’m determined not to bore you with these kind of promotions, simply by offering you the best ones available at the Netent Casinos, simply because the only thing I want is the best for you.

Keep moving forward

What kept me going for so long? Well besides the fact I consider myself very lucky with a job like this, working from the comfort of my own home, it’s been since day one, I have been fascinated by the online casino industry. Although the majority of the articles I write are about promotions and casino games, backstage there’s so much more going on regarding legislations since many countries are today in the process of regulating online gambling. Allow me to tell you that this process is quite an interesting one, responsible for a much dynamic industry.

The iGaming is about innovations and inventions, about progress as the only way to go, is up, with no time to waste, because the moment an operator blunders slightly, there’s already a chance it’s being overtaken by the competition. No change, no progress, and without progress no growth, something impossible if you want to be successful in this industry, and the same goes for its bloggers.

My challenge

At the end of 2013, after 4,5 years being a blogger for the largest online casino sites in the Netherlands, a new challenge crossed my path. Again I became a blogger, but this time with a new challenge, the one of writing in English, a language I could hardly speak when I entered this sunny rock 6 years ago.

But a lot of practice and my hard work are paying off, bringing me a brand new challenge and giving me the opportunity to use my knowledge on a much higher level. And even though my main job is to bring you the best and most worth casino promotions offered by the many Netent Casinos and to keep you up-to-date about new NetEnt games coming up, you can also expect the latest news regarding the NetEnt Casinos, legislations and other noteworthy news from backstage. Stay tuned and follow me via Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, so you don’t miss out on all the best coming from the dozens of NetEnt Casinos.