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Get familiar with the Maya and Aztec symbols in upcoming Rise of Maya™ slot

Those who have been visiting the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico most probably became familiar with the Mayan symbols found all around this part of the country. Maya symbols are often confused with Aztec symbols and the other way around, but both can be found anywhere in the tourist shops. Both interesting, so let me guide you through the symbols available in the upcoming Rise of Maya™ slot featuring a Serpent Wild, Free Spins with hot reels, Serpent Stacks, a Bonus Bet, a Second Chance Scatter, and  Re-spins.

The Maya civilization

While I wasn’t charmed by the drugs war going on in Mexico, feeling rather unsafe, did the Yucatan Peninsula conquer a little piece of my travelling heart. Now known as one of the most touristic places in Mexico, Yucatán and Quintana Roo (the peninsula), as well as Campeche, Tabasco, and Chiapas, used to be inhabited by indigenous people known as the Maya. The Maya came as far as Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador and Honduras.

Before 2000 BC, the first developments in agriculture and the earliest villages of the Maya civilization were established, while it was around 750 BC that the first Maya cities were built including the large temples, still very popular with tourists. The Postclassic period saw the rise of Chichen Itza, which is now one of the new seven world wonders, Bonampak, Uxmal and Altun Ha. The Maya still exist on the same lands their ancestors did and continue to practice the same rituals, although some in a modified form.

With the first Maya civilization established thousands of years ago, the Maya culture knows a rich history which is hard to cover in just four months time. A visit to a few of the temples will give you a good idea though of what the Maya culture is all about and what the Maya, observing as they were, had a big influence on the knowledge about the planet we have today with the creation of the Mayan calendar as a great example.

There’s so much to tell, but what you now want to know is what the symbols mean used for the Rise of Maya™ slot which will become available at the NetEnt Casinos in February 2020! Symbols, hieroglyphs, gods, they all form an important part of the Maya culture, although some can be mixed up with Aztec symbols.

The ouroboros is an ancient symbol of a snake or serpent eating its own tail, signifying infinity or the cycle of birth and death. This symbol is often found in the Maya civilization but with the head of Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec god of wind, it’s ever confusing which symbol is from which culture and internet don’t even seem to be sure either. This symbol, however, can be found on the Wild available in the Rise of Maya™ slot. In the middle of it, you’ll find what I believe is part of the Aztec Sun Stone which depicts the five consecutive worlds of the sun from Aztec mythology.

I got confused about what symbols referred to the Maya culture and which ones belong to the Aztec. One thing is for sure as tourist shops in the Yucatan Peninsula embraced both and a mix of the two is often used for tattoos and now again I see a mix in the Rise of Maya™ slot as well. When playing this upcoming video slot, you won’t care about the origin of the symbols though, you just enjoy the Mayan-Aztec experience and even more, the many video slot features!

Rise of Maya™ slot features

While NetEnt will take you on a journey back in time to the ancient Mayan (and Aztec) civilization, you’ll enjoy a feature-rich game set inside an age-old temple full of long-forgotten treasures like this is the case in Temple of Nudges™. The Serpent Wild symbols landing on the reels will, as usual, substitute for other symbols, but the Wild has an extra function in the Rise of Maya™ slot. This time, the Wild is also able to activate Free Spins with hot reels. During these Free Spins, Serpent Stacks landing on the hot reels expands to cover the entire reel. This means that there are 4 different Wild symbols available, perfect to create a wild Maya experience!

Ancient Aztec gods will be on your side when you activate the Bonus Bet, paying twice the bet. In exchange for this, you’ll have a chance to activate the Second Chance Scatter™ and Second Chance Scatter™ Re-Spins. Both of the features have been added to the game to help you activate up to 20 Free Spins. 3 Wilds/Scatters will activate 10 Free Spins, but 15 and 20 Free Spins can be activated with respectively 4 or 5 Wilds/Scatters on the reels.

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