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Live Casino (EOL)

NetEnt Live Casino is EOL (End of Life) and we refer you to Evolution Gaming: Evolution.

NetEnt Live
NetEnt Live

It’s not even two decades ago that almost nobody heard of an online casino, as we were just online and online casino games weren’t available yet. Besides that, it took a lot of patience to go online in the first place. Who doesn’t remember the joyful sound when going online as if you were listening to a damaged techno LP record.

I do remember, even though these memories faded over the years due to the fast growing technology involving telephones, television, computers while the same goes for the innovations in the iGaming industry.

Halfway the 90’s the first online casinos were founded and not much longer they started to pop up like mushrooms in autumn. It took a while though before the internet became more and more accepted as a channel for consumption including online casino games. Still, the iGaming industry has a long way to go before totally accepted, but many countries are today in the process of regulating online gambling.

Regulation extends the market’s potential with a great expected business upside for the operators and an important source of tax revenues for the governments. Meanwhile, the technology grows faster than ever, not only concerning the online casinos but also if it comes to mobile casino games and the live casino. The mobile casino is definitely on the rise and just as NetEnt was one of the pioneers in online gaming, it is a trendsetter in mobile gaming too.

In between the online casinos and the mobile casinos, we’ll find another innovation called the live casino. This trend has already been there for quite a few years but is growing steadily and still does not get the respect it deserves. But as the technology grows faster, the live casino industry is as well, just as the quality and speed of the live casinos. But what is a live casino, what’s the difference between a live casino and an online casino and what casino games can be found in this live environment?

What is a live casino?

Those who have been playing a table game in a land based casino, probably knows what a live table game looks like as there aren’t many differences between a table game in the casino and a live casino game. The same table games can be found in a live casino, including the table, the live dealer and even the chit chats. How can you play these same live casino games without going to a land based casino?

The fast growing technology gave us the internet and the webcam, the perfect combination for a live casino. Netent is using the current speed of the internet, the quality of the webcams and the online casino games to offer the live casino games. The speed of the internet is important for the quality, while the webcams are used to show the live dealers and parts of the animated online casino games, like the tables, are used by the player to place a bet. Netent also offers a way to communicate with the live dealer and other players well-known as the live chat.

Different to an online casino

While an online casino offers you all sorts of NetEnt games such as slots, video slots and a wide range of table games, a live casino offers just a few casino games like Roulette, Blackjack and sometimes even Baccarat and Casino Hold’em are added.

This is one big difference, but may there be a small choice of live casino games, there’s something very special going on with these games as the automatic dealers have been replaced by real live dealers. This is why the live casino games are getting more and more popular as you get the chance to play real live table games without even leaving the house. And even though it’s impossible to create the exact same atmosphere as in a land based casino, the Netent designers are trying their very best to create a warm atmosphere, not only if it comes to the design of the live casino games, but most of all by hiring adequate live dealers giving you a wonderful time thanks to their enthusiasm and gentleness. An excellent reason to give the Live Roulette and Live Blackjack at the NetEnt Casinos a serious try.

Live dealers

Also called live croupiers, live dealers are the persons dealing your cards while you are playing Live Blackjack or controlling the roulette wheel after you’ve placed your bets playing Live Roulette. Not only is Netent perfectionistic during the designing process, also when it comes to the selection of the live dealers.

The result is a great team of enthusiastic live dealers so enormously important for the atmosphere at the live tables. Besides that, they are always available for a chit chat about daily activities, the news or about the weather if you feel the need. This all is possible thanks to the live chat. If you have questions about the games, they will try their best to help you out and if they don’t manage, a very friendly customer support agent will.

Live casino games

Founded by one of Scandinavia’s leading off-line casino operators in 1996, Net Entertainment has a long history which goes more than 50 years back. This experience can be found in the many online casino games, mobile games and is also used for the live casino games. As one of the most successful online casino software suppliers, I’m 100% sure this Swedish design house won’t stop before the similar results have been achieved in live gaming. Starting with Live Blackjack and Live Roulette, I would not be surprised if a number of live casino games will be doubled in just a short period of time.

Live Roulette

As one of the most played table games in either the online casinos as in the offline casino, Live Roulette can’t be missed. Players can choose between European Roulette and French Roulette, both offered as an automatic game or with a live dealer and live chat. Not only does Netent offer a high-resolution streaming, the game also ensures a low latency and you’ll have the possibility to bet during the spin. This means that there are hardly any differences with a land based casino roulette.

Live Blackjack

A new innovative game designed by the Swedish developer is Common Draw Blackjack, a version of the world’s most popular table game. The biggest advantage? You will always find yourself a seat at the table. While standard Blackjack rules apply, a card shuffler is available for faster game rounds and just as Live Roulette, this game offers a low latency as well. This version provides an opportunity to play low limit Blackjack, perfect for all players.

If you prefer to play standard Live Blackjack, but no seats are available, Common Draw Blackjack is a perfect alternative while waiting for a seat at the standard Live Blackjack table. This standard Blackjack game can’t be missed in any live casino and Netent wouldn’t be a pioneer in the iGaming industry if it didn’t provide an outstanding gameplay, modern design and innovative streaming technology. Live Blackjack is a traditional table game which creates instant familiarity among blackjack players of any level, including you.

Live Casino FAQ

What exactly is a Live Casino?

A Live Casino are games like Roulette or Blackjack that are being streamed online to your devise in real-time. This means that you are seeing exactly what is happening with only a few seconds delay, depending on the speed of your internet connection. This in turn means that you can for example, make a decision to take an extra card when playing Blackjack and watch this event happen live.

Are the so-called live games really live or are they all pre-recorded?

When it comes to NetEnt, the games are 100% live and NEVER pre-recorded.

How do I know the outcome of the game is not manipulated in any way?

When playing any of NetEnts Live Casino games everything is real-time and live, This means that you are seeing everything that is happening at a table which makes it virtually impossible for any tampering to take place. Besides that, NetEnt is a stock listed company which cannot afford to manipulate any outcomes and it has no reason to as every Live Casino game has a house edge.

Which casino games are offered as a live version instead of an RNG (random number generator) version?

NetEnt offers the following games in as a live version; Live Blackjack, Live Roulette and Live Common Draw Blackjack

Can I chat with the dealer or even other players while playing Live Casino games?

Yes, during any live game you can chat with both the dealer and other players. The dealer will talk back to you and other players will type back through the chat screen provided.