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Mobile Games

As a pioneer in online gaming, Net Entertainment always pursues to be one step ahead of the competition. As one of the leading software suppliers in the online casino industry, I must say they did a pretty good job referring to the many quality games they provided over the years, offered by dozens of Netent Casinos.

Netent Touch®

It was in 2011 the Swedish-based firm launched its first mobile casino game and this honour went to Gonzo’s Quest Touch®. It didn’t take long or a brand new suite of games for mobile devices was launched including the immense popular Jack Hammer Touch®. This stock listed company is driven by an impressive vision; “Driving the online casino market through better games.”, and maintaining this promise also means constantly adding mobile games to their Touch® portfolio.

“Driving the Online Casino Market through Better Games”

Mobile games portfolio

Net Entertainment has invested seriously in its portfolio of mobile games and will continue to do so as the segment grows. Even though Netent has some serious competition, they manage to stay ahead as the Touch® games are provided faster than ever. And even though the leading software supplier launches its mobile games in a fast tempo, every time a new game is launched you’ll be surprised of the quality, the speed and the great gameplay the original Netent video slots are so famous for. It all started with Gonzo’s Quest Touch®, Jack Hammer Touch® and Blackjack Touch® launched as the first mobile games designed by Netent, but it was in the Spring of 2012 other popular games like Victorious Touch® and Flowers TOuch® where introduced.


From the start Touch® games have been developed for IOS and Android devices, no matter if a smartphone or tablet, all of them offer the same unique sound support and high quality graphics as the desktop versions. Just as all games have been optimized for full screen play and completed with a simplified keypad and navigation. Even though significant changes are unavoidable to make the most of the games ensuring the best gameplay possible for mobile users, Netent managed not to sacrifice any of the extra features. This means Netent Touch® games offer the same features, such as Wilds, Scatters, Free Spins, Sticky Wins, Sticky Wilds, Expanding Wilds, Bonus games and many more that are found on desktop versions.

Increased popularity

Not even two decades ago there were just a few who heard about something called an online casino. Nowadays we play casino games on our smartphones and tablets, a development impossible to imagine at that time. Understandable and forgivable, it took a while before the fast developments where accepted, but the moment the mobile games where embraced by both online casinos and their players, an explosive growth was the result. And who else other than the innovator of the year 2014, awarded during the International Gaming Awards at ICE 2014 in London, can be called responsible for this explosive growth as not one supplier of mobile casino games managed to launch tens of mobile games in a span of two years.

Mobile casinos

Even though I think both, the industry and the players needed some time to adapt, and therefore it took a while before the mobile casino industry started to grow significantly. I also think the online casinos just weren’t competent enough yet to respond adequate to the fast developments realised by Net Entertainment. By the time Netent already designed tens of mobile games, some prominent online casinos had not even launch their mobile casino applications.

Looking for the best mobile games to play on your mobile device, you can choose from three possibilities; iPhone Casino, iPad Casino and Android Casino.

iPhone casino
It isn’t even that long ago the first iPhone was introduced by Apple as after a development period of three years, it was on June 29, 2007 the first generation of iPhones was released. Less than five years later the first iPhones Casinos where launched of which the majority offers Netent’s Touch® Games developed for IOS devices.

iPad casino
Bearing in mind that the first iPad was introduced to the crowd in January 2010, the first mobile games suitable for the iPad end of 2011, gives you the perfect indication of how fast Netent anticipates to new developments. Though the first iPad Casinos where launched in 2012, nowadays the major part of the Netent Casinos also offer their players the possibility to play the Netent Touch® games using the iPad.

Android casino
Just as all mobile games designed by Netent are compatible with IOS devices, they are as well for Android devices. No matter if you want to play the quality mobile games on your Android smartphone or Android tablet, they all offer you the same rich sounds and graphics as the desktop games.