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Coins of Egypt Touch®

Play Coins of Egypt for real!


With almost 90 mobile casino games available at the mobile NetEnt Casinos, the number of video slot themes is growing. However, sometimes one of these many themes is being used more often. And for very good reasons. Take Coins of Egypt Touch®, offering the Ancient Egypt theme which always seems to amaze!

The Ancient Egypt slot theme never loses in popularity including pyramids, the Nile river, The Great Sphinx, pharaohs, Egyptian Gods, hieroglyphs, Scarabs, and much more.

Egyptian-themdd mobile slots

In September 2018, NetEnt launched a third Egyptian-themed slot at the NetEnt Casinos. Only two of them made it to the mobile casinos as a Touch® game. In October 2015, Pyramid: Quest for Immortality Touch® became available. NetEnt added Coins of Egypt Touch® together with its desktop version. This mobile video slot is giving you a great chance to visit an ancient temple among some sandy dunes.

Are the Egyptian gods by your side?

Once you enter the impressive, yet forgotten temple, you’ll find two Egyptian gods by your side. On the left side of the game, you’ll see the Egyptian god Ra overlooking the game while the Egyptian god Anubis can be found on the left side of the reels.

Ra was the god of the sun, Anubis brings more darkness into this mobile game being the god of embalming and the dead. You might be intimidated by the last one, but the intentions of both are nothing but good as they will try to help you find the treasures you’re looking for.

Ancient Egypt brought to life on the reels

With Scarabs being popular amulets and impression seals in Ancient Egypt, it’s no wonder that NetEnt has placed a bunch of them on the five reels in Coins of Egypt Touch®. And they are truly coming alive thanks to the great animations used in this mobile video slot.

Taking care of even better payouts than the five Scarab symbols, you’ll also find four Ancient Egyptian characters on the reels and let’s not forget about the feared scorpion! Ancient Egypt is truly coming back to life again in this game.

This while excitement grows thanks to slot features like Wild Substitutions, a Scatter Symbol, Pharaoh Coins Win feature in the main game and chest seals collection during Free Spins.

Coins of Egypt Touch® features

Often buried in giant pyramids or in secret tombs with treasures in order to give them a good spot in the afterlife, pharaohs have to be part of the game. As part of the Pharaohs Coin Win feature which will be available during the main game.

During each spin in the main game, 1 to 3 coins with random values will appear on the first three reels. It’s not sure if these coins wins increase the balance as this depends on the outcome of the last reel.

The excitement will grow with the fifth reel falling into place. If the pharaoh collect symbol appears on this last reel, the total value of the coin(s) will be added to your winnings. And just one of the reasons Coins of Egypt Touch® is worth a try.

While enjoying your journey to mysterious Egypt, you’ll be accompanied by Wild Substitutions as well. Covered with a gold Scarab that again comes to life on the reels, this creature really fits the Egyptian picture. And as usual, the Wild substitutes for any other symbol in Coins of Egypt Touch®, except the Scatter, chest seal and collect symbols.

Free Spins feature

This leaves me to explain the Free Spins feature. If familiar with a mobile slot, a Free Spins feature won’t bring anything new, however, there’s something special going on in Coins of Egypt Touch®. When the Scatter symbol appears on the reels 1,3 and 5 at the same time, an unknown number of free spins will be activated. The reason why is because the Free Spins feature in this mobile game won’t come to an end until one of the 3 treasure chests is opened.

While coins can be collected with each free spin, to open a chest three of the same chest seal symbols need to be collected. These chest seal symbols only land on the last reel. Once three identical ones are collected, the amount of coins present in the chest for which the three chest seals have been collected is added to your winnings.