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Druids Dream Touch®

Play Druids Dream for real!


Take the chance to follow two Druids into an enchanted forest for a relaxing video slot experience. It’s a great way to get familiar with Druidism, nowadays is a spiritual movement that promotes harmony, connection, and reverence for the natural world. In simple words, Druids are well-connected with nature while the majority of the world’s population has forgotten what nature is all about.

Spiritual and mystic, this Celtic-themed slot might seem a bit too otherworldly for you. Launched when millions of people were on lockdown, this mobile slot most probably attracted more players than expected. Especially those with no outside space to hang out might have found an escape route in Druids’ Dream Touch®.

Well-connected with nature, the Druids will invite you into their enchanted forest to learn you more about Druidism. In modern times, Druidism is a chosen spiritual path, but the earliest written reference to Druids dates back about 2,400 years ago in Britain and France. More likely is that Druidism goes back even further in time.

Druids in ancient times were people who served a wide variety of roles such as philosophers, teachers, and judges. That’s why Druids are often pictured as older men. This Celtic-themed mobile slot, however, is based on modern Druidism. Therefore, it’s picturing two young druids dwelling in an Enchanted Forest.

Celtic-themed, Druids’ Dream Touch® has been enriched with Celtic symbols while the word Druid is Celtic for ‘Knowing or finding the Oak Tree’. No wonder NetEnt added some Celtic sounds to create a harmonious composition. This while you can hear the sounds of the forest for a truly chilled Celtic slot experience.

Get connected!

As much as Druids connect with nature, they are with animals as well. Animals form an important part of their chosen spiritual path including the White Wolf. This is the highest paying symbol in Druids’ Dream Touch®. The White Wolf stands for guardianship, ritual, loyalty, and spirit.

The Owl is the second highest paying symbol in this Celtic-themed mobile slot. This animal will be watching over the Druids and is one of the rarer spirit animals. It also represents mystical wisdom and has the ability to see in the dark. They also bring messages through dreams so make sure you remember your dreams. The Owl might be predicting you having a good time on the reels in Druids’ Dream Touch®!

During Free Spins, the mighty Wild Bear comes into the picture, symbolizing dominion and authority, being larger than life. The bear can also bring protection and commitment and in this mobile slot, the bear is committed to providing extra Free Spins during the Free Spins feature.

Druids’ Dream Touch® features

It’s obvious that you can expect calm and harmony when playing Druids’ Dream Touch® with two druids dwelling in an enchanted forest. The Celtic-inspired sounds woven with the sounds of the forest will add to the relaxing atmosphere. Everything about this mobile slot is adding to the tranquillity of the game, even the slot features.

The video slot features are exciting, don’t get me wrong, but they won’t raise your adrenaline levels or anything. Perfect for a relaxing slot experience in which Re-Spins with Wild Charge and Nudge features along with Free Spins will bring enough slot excitement anyway.

The two Druid youngsters represent the two Scatters available in Druids’ Dream Touch®. And whenever one of them appears on the reels with a stack of Wild symbols, the game awards the Wild Charge feature. Charged with Druids’ magic, one Re-Spin will be activated for each Wild symbol involved in the stack. These same Wilds will remain on the reels together with the Scatter during the Re-spins.

When a stack of Wild symbols lands on reel 2 or 4 during Re-spins, without a Scatter symbol, the Nudge feature will be activated. This will award an extra chance to land the second Scatter symbol on the reels. In the main game, you can also activate The Nudge feature. This will happen if one stack of Wild symbols and a Scatter lands on the reels and one Stack of Wild without the Scatter.

Free Spins

When both Scatters appear on the reels, the two Druids will be united. This will result in 6 Free Spins being awarded. Scatters and Wild symbols involved in the activation will remain on the reels until the end of Free Spins. Each charged Wild on reels 2 and 4 will award one additional Free Spin.

Earn more Free Spins when a stack of Wild symbols with a Wild Bear Scatter symbol appears on reel 3. That’s when 3 extra Free Spins will be added for a better chance of big wins!