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Emojiplanet Touch®

Play Emojiplanet Touch® for real!


Maybe people find it hard to express themselves using the written word. Or they just come in handy to express our emotions. Some have a true love-hate relationship with these tiny faces and graphics. But everybody ends up using emoji, albeit some to express emotions and some ironically.

Emoji became a brand of their own and it’s because of this that Emoji® has become one of the best-known and frequently used brands in the world. No wonder market leader NetEnt ended up signing a contract with Global Merchandising Services & The Emoji Company.

Emojiplanet Touch® was added to the long list of branded mobile slots in August 2017. It became part of other branded mobile slots such as Guns N’ Roses Touch®, Dracula Touch®, The Invisible Man Touch®, Motörhead Touch®, and Jimi Hendrix Touch®.

The rise of the mobile slot game

For the first time, NetEnt developed and designed a new video slot game with a mobile first approach. Whether playing Emojiplanet™, at home or on the go. It’s because of this new approach players have a chance to enjoy a fabulous gameplay instead of an advanced design.

Times are changing, rapidly, and this asks for appropriate measures and in this case a shift in focus from desktop gaming to mobile gaming. I don’t see desktop gaming becoming irrelevant, but the market has to prepare for the mobile gaming era in which players find their way to the Touch® Games instead of the regular NetEnt Games.

This is, most probably, why NetEnt gave this approach a go in preparation for the future in which mobile gaming is of great importance.

Does this mean we can’t expect any cutting-edge video slots anymore? That’s probably not what it means as NetEnt always put a lot of effort in creating original games and that involves great designs as well. However, it is never a bad idea to try a different approach in order to come up with another original video slot.

Why is Emojiplanet Touch® different?

Excitement is built up thanks to the Cluster Pays™ and Avalanche™ mechanics. That’s what makes Emojiplanet Touch® different compared to the standard games, offering a truly enjoyable emoji experience!

When NetEnt published the first footage of the game, I didn’t feel much excitement yet. My expectations were incredibly high, I admit. More than ever, did I hope for high-quality animations bringing the emoji to life on the reels.

It didn’t help that the video slot was released right after the summer launch of the anticipated feature film, The Emoji Movie. You can’t blame me – and my imagination – for going wild!

Instead, NetEnt obviously focused on the gameplay and the game turned out way different than I Expected. The game seems inspired by the many puzzle type of games so popular with many such as Candy Crush and Bejeweled. That’s how a 5×6 grid came to life with the most popular emoji decorating the symbols. To create the puzzle type of game, NetEnt used two of its best slot mechanics; the Cluster Pays™ mechanics as well as the popular Avalanche™ technique.

Emojiplanet’s innovative slot mechanism

The two slot mechanics used for Emojiplanet Touch® are in the spotlights and responsible for the entire gameplay. Without these two slot mechanics, it wouldn’t be possible to activate any of the five slot features without any Scatters or Bonus symbols available.

It’s because of the Cluster Pays™ mechanics the game evolves around clusters. Once a cluster of the same emojis appears, the game automatically activates an avalanche. The emoji involved will get to the emoji meters on the right side of the screen. The emoji meter is running as long as new clusters appear.

When you collect enough emoji, the particular meter starts to count. The moment you cannot create new clusters, the slot features collected activate. Until absolutely no clusters are available, and all slot features are used up, the game goes back to basic.

Emojiplanet Touch® slot features

Playing Emojiplanet Touch®, you’ll be able to collect emojis in order to activate the five exciting Emoji Features: the Bomb feature💣, Pizza feature🍕, Kiss Mark feature💋, the Rocket feature🚀, and the Two Hearts feature💕.

Kiss Mark Feature 💋
Activate the Kiss Mark Feature to expect 3 random Sticky Wild symbols that substitute for all symbols in Emojiplanet Touch®. Each Sticky Wild symbol has 3 lives, but when a Sticky Wild symbol is a part of one or more simultaneous winning combinations, it loses a life. When you lost all 3 lives, the Sticky Wild symbol disappears.

Bomb Feature 💣
Destroy eight random symbols on the reels to collect a random coin win of between 5 and 100 times your bet level for each destroyed symbol.

Pizza Feature🍕
When you activate the Pizza Feature, a 3×3 overlay of a random symbol, except for the Wild symbol, randomly appears on the reels.

Rocket Feature 🚀
Fill up the Rocket meter for another great feature. A stack of 10 Wild symbols appears on and above one of the reels to create a winning combination. In each next Avalanche, new Wild symbols from the stack land on the reels. Just until no more Wild symbols remain in the stack.

Two Hearts Feature 💕
You activate the Two Hearts Feature only when there are no more winning combinations and no other active Emoji Features. Activate the Two Hearts Feature to multiply your total win by the number of times the meter is filled up, plus one.