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Go Bananas Touch®

Play Go Bananas for real!


High up in a tree house and in the deepest of the tropical jungle, there’s a mischievous bunch of monkeys is waiting for your visit. Without your efforts, they aren’t able to come out and play. A monkey that’s not able to be mischievous is like me not being able to be sarcastic. It’s tragic, it’s kill-ing, so make sure you don’t pass the tree house in Go Bananas Touch® for them monkeys to come out and play!

The monkeys will be patiently waiting for your visit and once you hit that spin button, they’ll be fo-cussed as can be. Because once their symbol appears on the reel and a winning combination is creat-ed, they finally have a chance to show their true nature, their mischievous selves! So don’t be sur-prised when you’ll bump into a monkey lost in a banana box or when King Kong comes and show you who’s the biggest of them all. The little one sure knows how to surprise you in different ways, while mister cool hangs around the tree house as well. Maybe he’s looking for miss charming?

Go Bananas! Touch®

Little monkeys are famous for stealing your sunglasses, phones, and even your photo camera can be their next target, but yet do we enjoy these mischievous creatures! No wonder NetEnt introduced a video slot based on these little terrorists, as well as some bigger versions which we humans can call our family! All of them have been present on the reels since 2014, the year Go Bananas™ was in-troduced at the NetEnt Casinos.

It took quite a while for NetEnt to bring these cheeky ones to the mobile online casino, but knowing that tens of slots still needed a Touch® version, it’s only fair that NetEnt prioritized the best performing video slots. Apparently, this tropical-themed slot was worthy enough to even get a Touch® version and you can now benefit from that decision.

Even though this video slot isn’t offering that much special, it is a cheerful game which will be of good influence on your mood and if lucky, the same goes for the winnings as well. The game is of-fering Wild symbols, activated by Monkey symbols, a great combination, especially if you like the cheeky behaviour of the tarsiers, baboons, langurs, gorillas, and orangutans. The bigger the monkey, the more Wilds you can expect to be activated!

Go Bananas Touch® features

Go Bananas! and enjoy this action-packed frenzy of mischievous monkey mayhem by picking this Touch® game for your next play session. From the first spin, you’ll be enjoying the chaos caused by the whimsical monkeys! Climb into that tree house and pay the entree price of 0.20, the lowest bet available in this tropical-themed mobile slot.

The Return to Player (RTP) of 96.9% is slightly above the average and that’s a good thing, but don’t expect major winnings as Go Bananas Touch® is offering low-medium volatility which often results in frequent wins instead of large wins. It couldn’t have been done differently, because that would have resulted in the monkeys being grounded, but instead, we want them to come out and play!

The mischievous monkey mayhem is being controlled by, or rather uncontrolled by, Monkey Wild symbols. There are five of them including the Wild Gorilla, Wild Orangutan, Wild Baboon, Wild Langur, and the little cheeky Wild Tarsier.

Every single spin will be an exciting one while playing Go Bananas! Touch®. While some cheerful sounds from the jungle bring you a better mood, your mood will be better improved as soon as the first cheeky monkey appears on the reels. With five mischievous monkeys hiding in the tree house, it can become a madhouse instead of a tree house. This all depends on the frequency the monkeys ap-pear and if they gather together or not. Sometimes none will appear, or just one of them, but there’s even a chance a few of them appear at the same time. This depends on the number of Monkey sym-bols appearing on the reels. Every single reel has its own Wild symbol to offer. When any of the 5 different Wild Monkeys appear on the reels, they turn themselves and some adjacent symbols into Wild symbols according to individual patterns. If there is a winning pattern, the jovial monkeys come to life and celebrate your win.