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Gods of Gold INFINIREELS Touch®

Play Gods of Gold Infinreels for real!


This mobile slot is all about an undead Pharaoh and an infinite number of bet ways! Your infinite slot journey starts in what was once the Kingdom of Mesopotamia. Here, you’ll find an undead Pharaoh trapped within the treasure chamber of an ancient Babylonian temple. Gods of Gold INFINIREELS Touch® offers you a quest to help the Pharaoh to come alive again and reclaim his fortune. Meanwhile, you enjoy the innovative INFINIREELS slot feature, as well as Wilds, Re-Spins, Multi-Slams, Free Spins, and Free Spins Retrigger.

Imagine you’re an undead Pharaoh trapped within a treasure chamber? That’s not following plan I assume, but luckily you look for an interesting quest, right? It’s time to find your way into the Babylonian temple. Dive into an infinite adventure and go on a quest for life and gold!

Gods of Gold INFINIREELS Touch® is full of magic and mystery and all manner of treasure! Explore the tomb to look for treasures and help the Pharaoh to collect the god idols.

Gods of Gold INFINIREELS Touch®


What makes Gods of Gold INFINIREELS Touch® so special?

The INFINIREELS, the INFINIREELS, and the INFINIREELS! Yeah, did I already mention the INFINIREELS slot feature? It’s the ever first mobile slot that offers a slot feature in which an endless series of new reels are added to the original 3×3 reels.

There’s absolutely no doubt that this mobile slot game is all about the INFINIREELS slot feature. Did you never had the chance to experience infinite reels before in a NetEnt Casino? There’s only one reason why as Gods of Gold INFINIREELS Touch® is the first game that introduced the infinite reels.

Obviously, there’s much more going on in Gods of Gold Touch® with Wilds, Re-Spins, Multi-Slams, Free Spins, and Free Spins Retrigger. But that wasn’t the question!

What is the INFINIREELS feature?

It’s one of the newest innovations in slots development. The INFINIREELS feature brings a new slot mechanism in which each consecutive win will add a reel to the existing series of reels. As soon as reels are added, old and new reels can be found on the Gods of Gold INFINIREELS Touch® Minimap which registers all reels, active symbols, and Wilds.

While mobile slots usually have bet lines available or a certain number of Ways to Win, Gods of Gold INFINIREELS Touch® starts with 3×3 reels and 27 bet ways. However, 27 bet ways can easily become 81 bet ways, 243 bet ways, 729 bet ways, 2.187 bet ways, etc.. Each time a reel is added, the number of bet ways is multiplied by x3 with no maximum. For this reason, it’s called the INFINIREELS feature.

Reels will be added as long as new consecutive wins occur. If no new active symbols or Wild is found on the next reel, no new active symbols are added to the winning combination. This is the point, the game will jump back to 3×3 reels for a new round.

What else do you need to know

I find it important for you to know that Gods of Gold Touch® is a high volatility mobile slot. High volatility games are often appreciated by experienced players. But with a minimum bet of 0.20, I’m sure every type of player will enjoy this innovative mobile slot.

Imagine that a 0.20 spin can already activate an endless series of reels, acting as bumper cars in which the one win bumps on another, followed by another bumping win, and so on. When this happens, and a very large series of reels have shown up, your 0.20 investment can bring tremendous wins.

Gods of Gold INFINIREELS Touch® Free Spins

Gods of Gold INFINIREELS Touch® features

The INFINIREELS feature is in the spotlights, that’s for sure. This entire game is about the infinite reels causing a chain reaction of wins. To keep the reels coming, you cannot depend on the active symbols only. Therefore, NetEnt added a Wild, Re-Spins, and Multi-Slams. Add to that the Free Spins feature and you understand Gods of Gold INFINIREELS Touch® doesn’t allow boredom to become part of the game!

The Wild feature

The idea of Gods of Gold INFINIREELS Touch® is to keep adding active symbols to the winning combination. Each new reel must have an active symbol for another reel to appear.

Of course, it can happen that a reel doesn’t involve an active symbol which causes a crack in the winning combination. This usually results in a payout and the game to jump back to 3×3 reels. Unless there’s a Wild available on the reel. This Wild will substitute for the active symbol for a new reel to appear after all.


Another slot feature that can save the day is the Re-spins feature. For a Re-spin to save the day, the feature must be activated in case of a no-win situation.

It indeed activated, you will see how the undead Pharaoh shows up for the reel to spin again. If the spin brings an active symbol, the INFINIREELS feature can continue. If not, the game jumps back to 3×3 reels for a new round.


What better than one reel to be added? Two, of course, or even three! That’s what makes the Multi-Slam feature so interesting. During a win, the Multi-slam feature can be activated randomly. And if it does, 2 or 3 reels will be added at once. And of course, they bring along some active symbols as a Multi-Slam always guarantees a win.

Gods of Gold INFINIREELS Touch® Free Spins

Also, a Free Spin during the Free Spins feature promises guaranteed wins. Three or more Scatter symbols activate 10 Win Spins (Free Spins). During the Free Spins feature, Pharaoh’s ghost will grant you a guaranteed win for each Spin. Meanwhile, during the main game and during the Free Spins feature, you’ll have a Wild, Re-spins and Multi-Slams at your disposal.