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Gorilla Kingdom Touch®

Play Gorilla Kingdom for real!


NetEnt created the Gorilla Kingdom Touch® for a broad audience with a rather simple main game and an innovative Free Spins feature. Yet, this game has everything a player is looking for. Some endangered species on the reels in this mobile slot came straight from the Congolian rainforest.

There’s the gorilla, leopard, hornbill, the okapi, and world’s most trafficked mammal, the pangolin. All of them play a role in symbols transformations during the Free Spins feature.

It’s the Free Spins feature in combination with symbol transformations that make Gorilla Kingdom Touch® so attractive. You’ll be constantly on the lookout for blue diamonds that will lead you to the deepest of the jungle and to bigger wins!

Once again NetEnt proves to be the best game supplier, bringing some majestic wild animals to the reels as only NetEnt is able to do. Within no time, the beauty of the jungle and the sounds that come along with it will mesmerize you. Take in the drums and animal sounds from birds to roaring apes and you’ll understand why I find the jungle one of the most magical places on earth!

The rise of the gorilla kingdom

With trees reaching up to the sky, bushes covering the floor, little streams and rivers crossing the forest, it’s the perfect surrounding for millions of different insects, birds, mammals, etc. This is where the magic happens, during the day and during the night! A rainforest is a special place and every forest has its own charm!

While the little creatures hiding in a rainforest are as incredible as the larger species, it’s mainly the mammals that are in the spotlights. Humanity has wiped out 60% of mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles since 1970. We hardly ever talk about the fish and the reptiles, while equally important, as it seems we worry most about the mammals.

Poachers are the scum of humanity and responsible for the loss of many mammals and other wildlife, but deforestation and forest fires are equally dangerous. Humans lost the connection with nature, that’s for sure! That’s why I’m happy to see that NetEnt seems to care about these animals still.

The reason why they can be found in mobile games such as Jungle Spirit Touch®, Jumanji Touch®, and Serengeti Kings Touch®.

Animals of Congo

The list of mammals spotted in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is long, intensely long. And only a tiny fraction of the mammals in the rainforest in and around Congo are available for Gorilla Kingdom Touch®. In the spotlights, you’ll see gorilla, leopard, hornbill, the okapi and world’s most trafficked mammal, the pangolin. All of them are endangered or close to be endangered thanks to humans’ greediness and stupidity!

The gorilla used to be critically endangered after decreasing in numbers for decades. Conservation efforts by WWF, the government and other organizations, however, resulted in new protected areas to be designated. It’s therefore that some gorilla populations increased in recent years. This results in the Critically Endangered status to change into the status of Endangered in 2018.

Gorilla Kingdom Touch®

Welcome to the gorilla kingdom

Now that the number of gorillas is rising again, it’s safer to invite you to his kingdom. Let’s agree you keep your hands of these majestic animals though. There’s enough entertainment and this doesn’t involve poaching! Since April 2020, you can enter the gorilla’s kingdom for entertainment purposes only. This means can enjoy Free Spins and symbol transformations.

Meanwhile, you get a guided tour through the Congolian jungle where the gorilla hangs out. The gorilla is the king in this mobile game, but all wild animals in Gorilla Kingdom Touch® are equally important! No symbol transformations without the leopard, the hornbill, the okapi, and the pangolin!

Get yourself to the midst of the lush wilderness in Gorilla Kingdom Touch® and admire the exceptionally large and powerful primates. Have a good look at their amazing faces that show short muzzles, a prominent brow ridge, large nostrils, and small eyes and ears, as well as their large jaw muscles and broad, strong teeth. They’re strong, they’re powerful and that’s exactly why they are in the spotlights in this enjoyable jungle-themed mobile slot.

Gorilla Kingdom Touch® features

Make sure to not miss the fact that there are an incredible 1024 ways to win. This simply means that each combination from left to right, is a winning one. The main game mechanics prove the game is easy in order to attract a broader audience.

This doesn’t mean the game is boring, though, the opposite! The main game shows many of the highest paying gorilla symbols for frequent wins. This while three Diamond Scatters are enough to activate the Free Spins feature. It’s only then that symbol transformations become available.

You activate 10 to 20 Free Spins, depending on the number of Scatter Diamonds involved with the activation. Keep Ancient Gorilla Masks aside to activate symbol transformations. These gorilla masks will eventually transform the leopard, the hornbill, the okapi, and the pangolin into Gorillas! Collect all 24 Gorilla Masks to transform all 4 of these animals into the high-paying gorilla symbol for massive wins!