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Grand Spinn Touch®

Play Grand Spinn for real!


In July 2019, not one NetEnt Touch™ game was launched on the 24th, but an amazing two mobile casino games. The one and only reason for this is that Grand Spinn Touch® was launched in two different versions, a standard version with three non-progressive jackpots and Grand Spinn Superpot Touch® that is offering the progressive Superpot.

It’s not the first time that players get a chance to choose between two different versions. In August 2018 that NetEnt launched the Berryburst™ slot in two different versions. A low-medium volatile slot and the high-volatile slot game called Berryburst Max™.

Now again, NetEnt gives players a chance to decide for themselves. You can go for a standard jackpot game with three fixed jackpots. Or you can go for a game with a progressive Mega Jackpot.

In both cases, the gameplay will be exactly the same. There will be one bet line responsible for the winning combination. Plus you can enjoy the Nudge feature and an x2 Multiplier Wild, two video slot features that work together perfectly well!

Grand Spinn Touch® features

Having a good look at this mobile slot game, you’ll notice directly that we’re not looking at a standard 5×3 video slot here. Instead, we are dealing with a classic type of slot game thanks to the 3 reels and 3 rows. And it can’t be more classic than with only one bet line walking over the middle row.

You might start to think that Grand Spinn Touch® isn’t for you with only one bet line, but keep on reading to find out how the Nudge feature is responsible for a lot of action, especially in combination with x2 Multiplier and three non-progressive jackpots.

Nudge feature and Multiplier Wild

It’s these two slot features that work perfectly well together. Multiplier Wild symbols can appear anywhere on the reels and as usual, they will substitute for all symbols, except up arrow symbol and Jackpot Symbols. One Multiplier Wild on the winning bet line multiplies the win by 2 while two Multiplier Wilds multiply the win by 4 and three Multiplier Wilds multiply the win by 8.

That’s a great start, but a winning combination brings in another video slot feature which is the Nudge feature. Each time there’s a winning combination, the Nudge feature comes into the picture.

This will happen if the top symbol on the first reel is the same as the winning symbol and it’s then that the first reel moves 1 symbol down resulting in the exact same win. This process continues until the symbol above the winning one becomes different and then it’s time for the 2nd and the third reel to do the same if the symbol is the same on top of the winning one. If not, things get back to normal.

Things start to get good, right? But I still have two aspects unmentioned and the first involves the Nudge feature. Because when a reel stops, there can be an up arrow symbol on top of the reel. In this case, the reel moves to the bottom of the current stack of winning symbols and starts nudging again.

Grand Spinn Superpot

Three non-progressive jackpots

This leaves me to explain the last, and perhaps, the most exciting part of the game.

It’s then we start to see the difference between the two versions. Grand Spinn Touch® links to three non-progressive jackpots. This means that three jackpot symbols are available. You can spin either the Mini, Midi or Mega Jackpot symbol.

When the Nudge feature comes to an end, there can be Jackpot symbols present on top of the reels. If each reel has a jackpot symbol on top of the winning stack, you receive the jackpot linked to the jackpot symbol lowest in order.

In other words:

  • 3 Mega Jackpot symbols will pay out the Mega Jackpot
  • 1 Midi Jackpot symbol and 2 Mega Jackpot Symbols will award the Midi Jackpot
  • 1 Mega Jackpot symbol, 1 Midi Jackpot symbol and 1 Mini Jackpot symbol will award the Mini Jackpot.

No matter what version you play, the Mini Jackpot will always be fixed, paying a win 40 times your bet. The same goes for the Midi Jackpot, however, this NetEnt Jackpot pays your bet multiplied by 200. In Grand Spinn Touch®, you’ll have a chance to win the Mega Jackpot, an amazing coin win of 10.000 multiplied your bet.

Grand Spinn Touch® progressive jackpot

Now, I can do the entire same description for Grand Spinn Superpot Touch®. They look the same, but with one huge difference. This second version brings in the Superpot.

The Superpot is basically a replacement of the fixed Mega Jackpot. The Superpot is progressive. This means the Superpot grows as a percentage of each real money bet is added to this jackpot.

Progressive means his jackpot will grow, depending on the real money bets of players. The more real-money players play this game, the higher this progressive Superpot will be. Because the jackpot is local, it’s better not to expect a multi-million jackpot.