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Halloween Jack Touch®

Play Halloween Jack for real!


Do you like Jack and the Beanstalk Touch® and everything this game has to offer as one of NetEnt’s most popular mobile casino games? If so, I’m sure you’ll appreciate Halloween Jack Touch® as well.

These two mobile casino games have a lot in common and I’m not talking about the theme or design, but about the gameplay. So Halloween Jack Touch® might not deserve the award for originality, but if you prefer a good gameplay over originality, you don’t mind NetEnt reusing the gameplay of one of its most successful games.

I’ve been appreciating Jack and the Beanstalk™ ever since the desktop version was launched in 2011 and Jack and the Beanstalk Touch® since its launch in November 2014. The day it was launched in 2011, the game was its time ahead. Obviously, if 7 years after the launch of the desktop version, the gameplay is being reused for a brand new Halloween-themed slot.

Innovation has always been a priority and will always be NetEnt’s priority. Even if no new innovations have been implemented in this mobile slot, you will be able to enjoy new innovations when it comes to the animations that might result in frightening moments.

Halloween Jack Touch® is definitely not for the faint-hearted as this game will take you deep within a ghostly, dark landscape!

The Voice Within

‘The time has come.’ ‘I know… today, on the All Saints’ Eve, I remember… If I do this, do you promise to leave me alone?’ She asked the jewellery box. ‘Yes’, whispered a voice from inside, or was it more than one? She couldn’t tell anymore…

If you ask her, she wouldn’t even remember when she started to hear the voices from within the jewellery box. At first, it seemed unreal, impossible. But with every day the voices grew louder, sometimes even screaming at her, driving her more insane.

She tried to get rid of the box and threw it into the river. She sold it to a merchant at the local fair and even watch it burn. And yet, every morning she finds it untouched on the bedside table. As if nothing ever happened…

Oh yes, indeed, the jewellery box has a mind of its own. Put a hand on it, and you will feel its rhythmic throb. Like a beating heart, locked inside. And then even her mirror reflection starts to stare back at her. Eyes blacker than the darkest night, watching her, following her…

The evil unleashed…

She has no choice. She must. Today is the day. At midnight she has to bury the jewel box deep into the ground. At the foot of the old elm tree to be free. Yes, freedom, at last, the voices tell her. They wouldn’t lie… No, they wouldn’t…

As the night drew in, she prepares the horses. She tries to veil her fear, and yet her tender hands tremble in the dull glow of the moonlight. Did she forget anything? Wearing a black dress to make her less visible to a stranger’s eye, a small bottle of holy water… Anything else? Oh yes, the jack-o-lantern to off evil spirits that roamed the on this day…

The reins jolted sharply, making a whistling sound, and off she gallops into the dark, encompassed by fear. Little did she know what evil she is about to unleash…

Halloween Jack™ Touch® features

Now it’s no secret anymore that your nerves will be tested. Not only will you be drawn into a series of frightening events unleashed by the girl while all she tried to do is to get rid of the voice within. Therefore, hellish features await you when you decide to play Halloween Jack Touch®.

Just like the jewellery box came back, the Walking Wild came back to the reels as if not millions of players have been enjoying this slot feature for years already playing Jack and the Beanstalk Touch®. I’m not sure about that jewellery box yet, but I’m rather happy to see the Walking Wild back on the reels in Halloween Jack Touch®.

Jack and the Beanstalk Touch® in different costume

Since Halloween Jack Touch® and Jack and the Beanstalk Touch® share the same gameplay, not only the Walking Wild is back! You get another chance to benefit the Treasure Collection as well, this time implemented as the Jack’O’Lector.

For those who have no clue what the Walking Wild is all about, let me explain. Every time a Wild symbol appears on the reels in Halloween Jack Touch®, a Re-spin will be awarded. It’s then that the Wild starts walking to the left until no reel is left. As long as the Wild continues walking, Re-spins will be awarded. Like the jewellery box, the Walking Wild feature keeps on appearing, even during the Free Spins feature.

In the end, it seems that you might have a better relationship with the jewellery box than the girl in the story. Voices or no voices, this box is after all responsible for the activation of a true slot adventure.

Three or more Scatters appearing anywhere on the reels in the main game will activate 10 Free Spins while there’s the possibility to win additional Free Spins. From the first free spin, you have a chance to unlock the Jack’O’Lector feature. Not a voice within is what you can expect, but a slot feature within a slot feature which can be unlocked by collecting Lantern symbols.

Three of Lantern symbols result in a Stacked Hell Hound Wild of two while six Lantern symbols collected will make a Stacked Jack’O’Lantern Wild appear. Nine Lantern symbols will promise an expanding Death Reaper Wild for even bigger wins.