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Hell’s Kitchen Touch®

Play Hell's Kitchen for real!
Hell’s Kitchen Touch® Screenshot

I try to avoid kitchens, so you have to pay me to go into a cooking contest! Especially when I have to face Gordon Ramsay! Nothing but respect for this top chef, but I’m afraid he’ll squeeze me through the meat grinder! Unless maybe, when that contest is taking place in a safe environment, like Hell’s Kitchen Touch®, for example!

That’s the place I can make mistakes as much as I want! I don’t think I’ll keep Gordon Ramsay awake at night or giving him nightmares for that matter! Mistakes I’ll make, that’s a promise! So if you’re just like me afraid to take part in Gordon Ramsay’s cook-off, Hell’s Kitchen Touch® is the way to go!

A video slot cook-off!

Intimidating as he can be, we’re talking about a true top chef here that’s been awarded an amazing 16 Michelin stars. Besides, Ramsay’s empire of eateries spreads from the UK and France to Singapore, Hong Kong and the US.

But his television career took off in 1998 with the UK mini-series Boiling Point. Gordon’s fiery temper and razor-sharp humour kept him on the screens through the years. He is currently the presenter of well-known shows 24 Hours to Hell and Back and The Hell’s Kitchen. The latter is what Hell’s Kitchen Touch® is all about, bringing the most famous cook-off to the reels!  

The television show Hell’s Kitchen brings you a reality cook-off competition in the UK and the US. Both are hosted by Gordon Ramsay, hence the fire on the screen! After all, Gordon is known for throwing kitchenware to rubbish chefs!

That’s why you can expect pots and pans flying through the air in Hell’s Kitchen Touch®. And just as in the TV show, two teams of (wannabee) chefs compete for a job as head chef at a restaurant. During the competition, they have to perform in the kitchen of a restaurant set up in the television studio.

Instead of line cooks, sous chefs, and everything in between, you’re involved in the cook-off now. Don’t worry if you’re a rubbish cook like me, just pick blue or red for the cook-off to start. You walk away with some awards no matter if your team wins or not. Just don’t expect a job as a head chef at one of Gordon’s restaurant.

Does your team win, you get to taste the final and most crucial ingredient: Gordon Ramsay’s Bonus Game. It’s a Pick-and-Click Bonus game in which you must pick the right menus for the best prizes.

Hell's Kitchen Touch® Wild feature

Hell’s Kitchen Touch®features

No matter if you play the Hell’s Kitchen™ slot or Hell’s Kitchen Touch®, you’re about to enjoy some great video slot excitement! Everything is sharp about this mobile slot. Gordon’s humour, the knives, and the animations! The pots, the pans, and the video slot features are simply hot!

Of course, Hell’s Kitchen Touch® would be tasteless without Gordon’s signature dishes. Therefore, you get a taste of his beef Wellington, Hell’s Kitchen spicy burger, and sticky toffee pudding as the highest paying symbols. Getting thirsty of all the deliciousness, have a signature cocktail from Gordon himself.

Hell’s Kitchen Touch® is a typical branded mobile slot from NetEnt, packed with innovative slot features. such as Ramsay’s Wilds feature, Team Challenge Free Spins with Order Up features and Gordon’s Bonus Game. The game offers low volatility for an abundance of winnings.

Gordon Ramsay Wild feature

Wilds can appear throughout the entire game to replace all other symbols except bonus symbols. Gordon’s patience, or actually the absence of it, can come out pretty quick after your first spin.

Things can’t go well enough for Gordon and when things don’t move on fast enough for him, he jumps in. I guess that’s a big advantage for you in Hell’s Kitchen Touch®. It can lead to Gordon’s Wild feature which activates completely randomly.

You hear “Let me show you how it’s done”, you better hide! It’s time for the Gordon Ramsay’s Wild feature in which you see kitchenware flying all around. The items that land on the symbols, will then turn the regular symbol into a Wild symbol for a bigger chance to win.

The Gordon Ramsay’s Wild feature brings between 5 and 7 Wilds that substitute for most symbols, and pay the highest possible winning combinations.

Hell's Kitchen Touch® Scatters

Free Spins Cook-off

Gordon is on fire and you’ll notice it constantly in Hell’s Kitchen Touch®. You like to see Gordon on fire, though! At least three times! Do you see Gordon Ramsay on fire on at least three symbols during a spin, it’s time for a cook-off.

This is the slot feature in Hell’s Kitchen Touch® with the most flavour. You now get involved in a cook-off between two teams, the red team and the blue team. The choice is yours!

In the Free Spins feature cook-off, you choose the team. The two teams go head-to-head, but you’ll get the winnings regardless of which team you’re on.

You receive 10 Challenge Free Spins with 3 Scatters, but 4 of them award 15 Challenge Free Spins. There will be two play areas, representing the cook-off teams.

Order Up features

During the Cook-off Free Spins, 1 to 3 Order Up features can be randomly activated. These involve Multipliers and the Team Wilds feature.

All Order Up features show either the red or blue colour and apply to the red or to the blue team’s play areas respectively.

If it’s the Team Wilds feature that you receive, you see 3 to 8 Wild symbols appear randomly on the reels. As usual, these Wilds substitute for other symbols for a better chance to win.

There is a x2 Multiplier and x3 Multiplier which applies to the winnings of the particular spin which will then be multiplied by either x2 or x3, depending on the Multiplier. Only the winnings of the team the colour applies to will be multiplied.

Hell's Kitchen Touch® Cook Off Free Spins feature

Gordon’s Bonus Game

If it’s the team that you choose at the start of the Free Spins feature that wins, it’s time for the Pick-and-Click Bonus game. It’s the final and most crucial ingredient during which you get to choose from 15 menus.

12 of the Menus award a coin win or multiplier. However, three of the menus show a red cross at the back and three of those will end the Pick and Click Bonus game. Choose the right menus, and you’ll get fantastic results.