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Imperial Riches Touch®

Play Imperial Riches for real!


I can highly recommend Imperial Riches Touch® when you’re looking for a tranquil spot to hang out. Serenity and jackpots are the keywords in this Asian-themed mobile slot.

Even though I live in front of the sea, I have a strong desire for green spaces! Nature keeps us sane and healthy. Therefore, we all deserve a serene place to escape to. But with more and more nature disappearing to keep up with human’s greediness, it becomes harder to find such a place.

NetEnt decided to bring you a serene spot to hang out, but in a different form. It’s at least something and entering Imperial Riches Touch®, you’ll directly feel the calmness in your body increasing.

This is due to the relaxing atmosphere inspired by the Asian culture. Go for ying and yang while you have a chance to win one of the five NetEnt Jackpots linked to this inspiring game.

Garden of serenity

Get into the garden of serenity and surround yourself by some traditional aspects of the Asian culture! This mobile casino game is placed within a pond filled up with the most beautiful lilies, also known as the Sleeping Beauty.

A sacred lake of lilies like this is often depicted in temple courtyards. You don’t have to go that far to enjoy the serenity of such a pond as you’ll have access easily by opening Imperial Touch® from any mobile device such as your tablet or mobile phone.

Don’t let yourself distracted by the tranquillity of the pond and its lilies. You might miss out on the enlightening fireflies. They will swirl into the air as soon as you open this Asian-themed mobile slot.

Although truly mesmerizing to see them in real life, they’re still a pretty sight to see in Imperial Riches Touch®. They will at one point disappear, though. Maybe because of the light coming from the candles, placed in the traditional red and golden lanterns.

Asian-themed slot

Chinese and Japanese often use the lanterns in a celebration. It symbolizes the wish for a bright future with Asians believing that red is a symbol of happiness and gold the symbol of wealth.

To get to a picture-perfect, you’ll have to look a bit further in the distance in Imperial Riches Touch®. There you’ll see the Cherry Blossom Tree, linked to Japanese Sakura celebration which marks the coming of spring. When in full bloom, Asians love to have a picnic beneath them with family and friends. The cherry blossom represents both a new beginning and the fragility of life.

Let this enchanting garden with its pond, pergolas, lanterns, lilies, fireflies and cherry blossom tree bring total relaxation. But be aware that the activation of the Free Falls feature can disturb the calmness. There’s even the possibility of a spike in your adrenaline levels.

Imperial Riches Touch®

Imperial Riches® Jackpots

The serenity of the Asian garden might take you away from reality. Make sure you keep the focus on the five Imperial Riches™ Jackpots. You can find them on top of the reels. Two of them will be fixed while the other three jackpots are progressive, climbing up by the contributions of players.

The Rapid and Mini Jackpots will be offering jackpots of 100.00 and 500.00 while the Midi, Major, and Mega Jackpot will be climbing up. Considering the fact that all three of them are local jackpots, only players of one NetEnt Casino or operator will contribute to the jackpots and only these players can win the jackpots. This means that they won’t go into the millions, but it also eliminates a lot of competition.

Imperial Riches™ slot features

While you get to enjoy some well-deserved relaxation, you get the chance to win one of the five jackpots as well, but this all wouldn’t come to success without an entertaining mix of video slot features.

The main game has nothing more to offer than a Wild substitution. But the use of the Avalanche™ slot mechanism in Imperial Riches Touch® saves the day.

This mechanism is there to replace the traditional reel spin with symbols cascading down the screen like falling blocks. When a winning bet line forms, winning symbols disappear. The gaps they leave are filled with more falling symbols. As long as there are winning bet lines, there are Avalanches.

Linked to the popular Avalanche™ mechanics are the Free Falls which are basically the same as free spins. These Free Falls will be activated when three Scatters appear to the reels, awarding 10 Free Falls. Jewels collected during the Free Falls will lead to the Jackpot Bonus and if this bonus game becomes a success, you’ll be entering the Jackpot Bonus Game.

During the jackpot bonus game, you’ll receive 50 jewels that can end up being eaten by either the Coin Fish or one of the five jackpot fishes. Jewels collected by the Coin fish will award 20 or 40 coin wins while the jewels eaten by the Jackpot fishes can award one of the five jackpots. If one of the Jackpot Fishes eats 3 jewels the corresponding Jackpot is won where after you’ll return to the oasis of serenity!