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Jack Hammer Touch®

Play Jackhammer for real!


As one of NetEnt’s top performing desktop games, Jack Hammer Touch® can’t be missed in any mobile casino.

It was end of 2010 NetEnt introduced Jack Hammer and until today this video slot is immense popular with players. Especially with the high rollers as this game can be extremely lucrative thanks to the innovative Sticky Win feature.

No NetEnt Touch® Casino will be complete without Jack Hammer Touch®. NetEnt managed to design a mobile casino version without losing any on the quality.

The originally cartooned symbols, the ground-breaking Sticky Win feature and the recognizable sound effects. NetEnt protected these as if a precious treasure. Therefore, all these aspects return to the mobile slot.

Not easy as Jack Hammer was one of the first video slots that NetEnt transformed into a mobile version. But just as NetEnt managed with Gonzo’s Quest Touch®, the very first mobile game, and the follow-up of Jack Hammer Touch®, Jack Hammer2 Touch®, NetEnt also managed to keep the original Jack Hammer design and all of its features.

Jack Hammer Vs. Evil Dr. Wuten

Although we all know this popular video slot by the name Jack Hammer, the full title is Jack Hammer Vs. Evil Dr. Wuten. The Jack Hammer video slot is based on a brave detective known as Dick Tracy, published for the first time in 1931 while brought to an end in 1977.

This is probably why younger generations aren’t familiar with the original adventures of Dick Tracy. And even though Jack Hammer isn’t officially based on the yellow costumed detective from the original comic, Jack Hammer shows a lot of similarities with Dick Tracy.

Jack Hammer video slot

Who does know Dick Tracy and has a good look at the Jack Hammer Touch® game will definitely recognize Dick Tracy in it and where there is a hero, there is a pretty lady and a villain too?

This isn’t different in Jack Hammer and all three of them return in Jack Hammer Touch®, just as the many original features. None of them were lost within the process as Jack Hammer is inextricably bound up with the Sticky Win feature responsible for the popularity of this video slot.

No chance Jack Hammer Touch® arrives at the mobile casinos without the ground breaking Sticky Win feature.

Play Jack Hammer Touch® on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. You’ll be immersed in the gritty, glamorous underworld of the crime fighting private eye.

Just as all other video slots, NetEnt also developed Jack Hammer using the latest technology. The result is as innovative as always, just like its many extra features that make Jack Hammer Touch® another unique mobile slot.

And even though time has passed by since many NetEnt Casinos launched Jack Hammer, it is still as popular as it was back then. Primarily due to the amazing cartooned graphics and incredibly innovative features.

Sticky Win

The strongest feature Jack Hammer Touch® offers its players is one of NetEnt’s best inventions, the Sticky Win feature.

When the game forms a winning combination, it activates a Re-spin. The reels keep the combination in place while all other symbols spin again.

This trend continues and more wins are added just until no more winning combinations are possible and no new wins occur, giving the player a chance for new or increased winnings.

This explains the need for 15 reels as each symbols can be held separately to create more wins. And I’m totally aware of the fact this description most probably doesn’t make any sense to you.

If so there’s only way to find out more about the amazing Sticky Win feature. Just by playing this amazing creation in one of the many NetEnt Casinos or as a Touch® version in one of the NetEnt Touch® Casinos.