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Jumanji Touch®

Play Jumanji Touch® for real!


If you’re looking into Jumanji Touch® as your newest mobile slot adventure, you must realise that this game isn’t for everybody. To enter the world of Jumanji, you make sure you’re fearless, brave, and adventurous, but what’s most important is that you finish what you start!

To enter the world of Jumanji, you must be fearless, brave, and adventurous, but what’s most important is that you finish what you started!

If you recognize yourself in these characteristics, keep on reading to see what your next mobile slot adventure will be all about.

Choose your pawn and follow the dice

This mobile slot isn’t like any other mobile slots as you’re about to get access to the most adventurous, though unpredictable, board game ever invented.

You must be aware that as soon as you enter Jumanji Touch® at one of the mobile casinos, you’re about to go on a deadly journey in which the jungle could swallow you whole with the only way to get out is to finish the game.

On the way, you might run into snapping crocodiles, a stampede, unpredictable fast-growing carnivorous plants, and rabid monkeys while flash floods can make the ground shake!

The jungle could swallow you whole with the only way to get out is to finish the game.

If this doesn’t scare you, then choose your pawn, following the dice and end up decoding rhyming card messages that could spell disaster! Once you roll the dice, keep going and don’t look back! The only way to undo the terror the game can cause is to keep rolling the dice and win the game!

Welcome to the world of Jumanji

Buried in the woods, making the sounds of drums, it’s at the beginning of the 1995 Jumanji movie that you’ll hear the comments “What if someone digs this up?” and “God help them!”. This is when you know trouble is on the way.

In this case, for Alan and Sarah and Judy and Peter who are separately getting into troubles while playing Jumanji but eventually end up working together to undo the terror caused by the game.

The discovery of the Jumanji board game

It was Alan who as a young boy discovered the Jumanji board game, not aware of the unimaginable powers of the mysterious looking board game.

He and Sarah are the first two to try the game with Sarah throwing the dices first. Her action leads to a strange sound coming from the fireplace. Without waiting for what’s coming. Alan takes his turn and rolls the dice.

It’s the message “In the jungle, you must wait, until the dice read five or eight” that warns for what’s coming after which Alan is literally sucked into the game. Meanwhile, a colony of bats coming from the fireplace chases Sarah out of the mansion to not return there for the next 26 years.

“In the jungle, you must wait, until the dice read five or eight”

The return of the Jumanji board game

It’s 26 years later that Judy and Peter move into the mansion where they find the interesting looking board game in the attic. They open the game and start to play and soon Jumanji releases a swarm of big mosquitoes followed by a troop of rabid monkeys. Knowing all will be undone if they finish the game, they continue.

That’s when not only a lion is released by the Jumanji game, but Alan as well after being stuck in the jungle for 26 years.

He soon finds out things have changed quite a bit with not his parents living in the mansion, but Judy and Peter. The three together have to find Sarah in order to finish the game so all damage will be undone.

Until that point is there, the game releases fast-growing carnivorous plants and Alan’s good old friend from the jungle, the hunter Van Pelt, as well as a stampede of various animals.

This while a pelican steals the game and arrests Alan. Then Van Pelt is the next to steal the game, but Peter, Sarah, and Judy manage to get the Jumanji game back and reunite with Alan. Although completely overrun by jungle wildlife, the four of them get back to finish the game.

Soon it’s Alan who wins the game, causing everything that happened during the Jumanji board game to be reversed.

Jumanji Touch®

Jumanji Touch®

Some of the above adventures are available on the reels since 2018, the year NetEnt released Jumanji Touch®. NetEnt announced the game not too long after the Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle‘s premiere in 2017.

Jumanji Touch® brings the story of the original movie from 1995. That’s why some of the above calamities that befell Alan, Sarah, Judy, and Peter are available as slot features.

NetEnt managed to bring its own twist to Jumanji Touch® by transforming the calamities that befell Alan, Sarah, Judy, and Peter into slot features.

Of course, the Jumanji board game is involved too, with the Board Game feature being one of the most exciting and unique bonus games I’ve seen so far in a mobile slot.

Also pretty unique in Jumanji Touch® are the 5 distinctive reels showing a geometric form where the reels are 3, 4, 5, 4, 3 symbols high from left to right while surrounded by the famous Jumanji board game.

While visible throughout the entire game, it is only during the bonus game that the Jumanji board game becomes available. Just as during the main game, it will be the Sticky Vines, Monsoon Wilds, the Monkey Mayhem and Wild Stampede feature that will be responsible for the action on the reels. However, during the bonus game, these features are available as Free Spins features.

4 Jumanji Touch® features

Four calamities can now be activated as a slot feature. During the main game, they’ll be available as Random slot features while during the Board Game feature they are as Free Spins features.

There will be the Wild Stampede feature which brings a rhinos stampede to the game! Chaos will be what follows but once the stampede disappears, a bunch of Wild symbols have been left behind on the reels.

They can catch you and once they do, you’re in big trouble! Hold on tight when as you might be on the carnivorous plant’s menu! During the Sticky Vines feature, wild-growing carnivorous plants will wrap themselves around the symbols in order to keep them there while the rest of the symbols keep spinning. You’ll be safe as soon as no new symbols of the same sort can be captured by the Sticky Vines!

You’ll be safe until this feature pops up. This time your shoes might become wet. A bit of rain doesn’t kill you, but what if the Monsoon season opens and all rain will fall within seconds? This situation can become dangerous and “see you later alligator” might not apply after the activation of the Monsoon Wilds feature. This feature will definitely add to your chances of a big win, though!

If you think it can’t get worse after the rhinos, alligators, and wild-growing carnivorous plants, you haven’t met this bunch of lunatics yet. Jumanji Touch® becomes a bit messy as soon as they show up, the wildest of them all! Although not the largest and certainly not the strongest, the rabid monkeys will be responsible for messing up the reels during the Monkey Mayhem feature!

Jumanji Board Game feature

Three or more Scatter symbols appearing anywhere on the reels in the main game activate the Jumanji Board Game feature. Just realise you might have opened Pandora’s Box. Once you roll those dice, there’s no way back and you must finish what you started!

Continue by picking your pawn and role the two six-sided dice. The number of rolls depends on the number of Scatters involved in the activation of the Bonus Game. Each Free Spin feature is located at each corner of the board game. When your pawn lands on one of the two locations in front of a feature, that Free Spins feature will be activated.

When your pawn on the Mystery Feature location, a carousel of Free Spin features, coin wins (x2 – x10 bet), and 2 extra dice rolls will appear within the Jumanji circle. The carousel will decide what trouble is waiting for you next!