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Mega Joker Touch®

Play Mega Joker Touch® for real!


Mega Joker™ is one of NetEnt’s oldest slots and one of its most popular and was launched in 2011! It took quite some years for Mega Joker™ to become available as a mobile slot as well, but better late than never! Even though the first mobile slot, Gonzo’s Quest Touch® was also launched in 2011, it still took NetEnt 8 amazing video slot years to release Mega Joker Touch®.

It’s understandable that it took so long as the majority of the portfolio had to be turned into mobile slots while others didn’t even make it as a mobile game. Most of the older NetEnt Games were developed before the HTML5 period when Flash was the way to go! When HTML5 was released in 2014, it didn’t take long for Flash to become the underdog and eventually, the Flash era will get to an end. To prepare for the day this event is becoming reality, NetEnt had to convert each game into HTML5 or to let the game go. The games that belong to that last group can be found in our list of games marked with the letters EOL which means End of Life. However, an amazing 70 games have been converted to HTML5 while being extended with a mobile version as well.

Lucky enough, the Mega Joker™ slot wasn’t marked EOL and survived the upgrade to be converted to HTML5 while Mega Joker Touch® was launched in May 2019. Thanks to this launch, you can now enjoy the classic slot from any mobile device, as long as it’s connected to the internet. To ensure a better player experience, the old design has been adapted partially for it to work seamlessly as a Touch® game.

Even though designs of the games are hardly ever adjusted, I don’t think players mind the few changes in Mega Joker Touch®. It finally made it to the mobile NetEnt Casinos and that’s the most important. It’s therefore that we don’t have to say goodbye to the classic slot with its 2×3 reels and 5 bet lines which is well-known for the Super Meter and progressive Mega Joker Jackpot.

Mega Joker Touch®

When you decide to go for the mobile version of Mega Joker, you’ll choose to play a modern version of the game. This means that the classic fruit machine so familiar for the Mega Joker™ slot, with it the paytable available at all times, has been replaced by a more simple design. You’re used to seeing two games at the same times, but Mega Joker Touch® needed an important adjustment to make the game playable from any mobile device.

Opening Mega Joker Touch®, you’ll have the main game available with its paytable on top or on the left side, depending on the way you’re holding your mobile device. The SuperMeter is always available, but the second game that’s linked to the Super Meter, isn’t visible, yet! As soon as you’ll get a coin win, it’ll be transferred to the Super Meter and it’s then that the main game will be replaced by the Super Meter Game and the first paytable will become the paytable that fits the Super Meter wins.

The game might work slightly different from the desktop version, but the gameplay remained untouched. Mega Joker Touch® will also start at the main game, which consists of three reels with either one or five bet lines, depending on your bet. As usual, three of the same symbols will award a win. It’s up to you to decide what will happen with your win. You use it for the Super Meter, the only way to win the Mega Joker Jackpot, or you pay out your winnings and you’ll stick to the main game.

If you decide to give the Super Meter Mode a try, you’ll be playing the Bonus game with a different paytable available. If you would ask me to play with or without the Super Meter, I would definitely recommend activating this bonus features as it’ll give you a good chance to win big and it’s the only way to reach the Mega Joker Jackpot, the most popular attraction in Mega Joker Touch®.

This jackpot is known to be hit regularly and it’s only local players responsible for the growth of the jackpot and the same local players can win the jackpot. This means that the Mega Joker Jackpot is linked to just one online casino or operator. Therefore, this jackpot won’t be as high as the Mega Jackpots linked Mega Fortune Touch® or Hall of Gods Touch®, but it’s certainly a jackpot worth playing for.

The payout percentage of Mega Joker™ can go up to an amazing 99%, one of the highest available. Get familiar with the Super Meter and find out how to play the game best and you’ll get to that 99%. If you manage, this classic mobile slot game can become the best option if you’re looking for the best Return to Player (RTP).