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Ocean’s Treasure Touch®

Play Oceans Treasure for real!


Ocean’s Treasure Touch® is giving you the chance to explore the deepest of the ocean where long-forgotten treasures can be found. You’ll enter a completely different world than hours with a giant squid, known as the ominous Kraken, protecting the ocean, while you have a chance to meet the queen of the underwater realm as well.

Among mountains of gold and diamonds, messages in bottles, the compass and the mysterious key of the ocean, you’ll be enjoying a mobile video slot just a bit different from usual. It’s not a feature-packed game we’re talking about here and yet the game is offering more than enough excitement to keep you captivated for a while. This is due to the Free Spins feature which will be offering a more-than-usual number of Free Spins.

Armed with a golden trident, the queen of the underwater realm is found on the Stacked Wild while her trident is found on the regular single Wild symbols. Both of the symbols are available during the main game in Oceans Treasure Touch®, but it’s only the regular Wild that becomes available during Free Spins as well.

Now you have been introduced to the queen of the underwater realm, what about that giant squid, the legendary sea monster of gigantic size that dwells off the coasts of Norway and Greenland to terrorize nearby sailors? Well, he’s part of the legend but the legend has a core of truth as a squid can indeed become 13 meters. It’s obvious that when you bump into a squid that size, you’ll feel rather uncomfortable.

The giant squid as part of the Nordic folklore is known as Kraken and was thought to be there to terrorize sailors. Therefore, the Kraken has been the focus of many superstitious (mainly Nordic) sailors that were passing the North Atlantic. This same (not so) threatening sea monster is now, together with the queen of the underwater realm, protecting the reels in Ocean’s Treasure Touch®. The Kraken appears rather calm in this mobile video slot and shows having a pretty generous character. But to experience his generosity, you have to explore the different levels in this underwater realm.

Meanwhile, you’ll submerge into some kind of the same mobile slot adventure as Secrets of Atlantis Touch®, packed with attractive Atlantis-inspired graphics such as the structure you’ll find the Kraken hanging on during the main game. During the five levels of the Free Spins feature, you’ll find this Atlantis-inspired structure changing constantly for an even greater experience. On the reels, you’ll be surrounded by mountains of gold and diamonds, a message in a bottle, a compass and the key of the ocean.

The deepest of the ocean is definitely a place you want to hang around for a while, a world known for its calm atmosphere with nothing else than the sound of the sea! NetEnt enhances your underwater experience by taking the sounds of the sea and turning them into an underwater symphony mixed with a triumphant tune as you would expect to hear in an Atlantean city in its prime.

Ocean’s Treasure Touch® features

Now you’ve been introduced to the characters of Ocean’s Treasure Touch®, let’s see what function they have in this mobile video slot. One thing is for sure, this mobile game is all about the Free Spins feature which will be triggered when 3 Scatters appear on the reels. You’ll be awarded 10 Free Spins to start with, but it doesn’t end there. There are 5 levels available but if you manage to go through them all depends on the progress during the Free Spins feature.

It starts with 10 Free Spins which will bring an x3 Multiplier along. Each level in the Free Spins feature has its own Level Multiplier and wins will be multiplied by the Multiplier that comes with the level you’re in which can go up to x12. The level will go up each time the Level Meter is full which is triggered by Wild symbols appearing anywhere on the reel. Every time a Wild symbol appears, you’ll receive 2 additional Free Spins and the Level Meter will progress. When the Level Meter is full, you’ll move on to the next level until you either reach level 5 or have no Free Spins left. A generous reward from Kraken awaits when you manage to reach Level 5 for a Bonus win of 1500 coins.

Ocean’s Treasure Touch® is all about the Free Spins feature, but the main game has a few attractive aspects to keep you captivated with two different Wilds available. The regular single Wild symbol can appear anywhere on the reels in the main game (and during Free Spins) where it will substitute for all other symbols, except Scatters.

The regular Wild can be recognized by the golden trident, but it’s only when a Stacked Wild appears that you see who this trident belongs to. Stacked Wilds can appear anywhere on the reels as well, partially or fully showing the queen of the underwater realm. Either way, she will be able to substitute for any other symbol in Ocean’s Treasure Touch®, except Scatters.