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Reel Rush 2 Touch®

Play Reel Rush 2 for real!


I was already impressed by the imaginative Reel Rush Touch® which was launched in 2013, bringing squared trees, mushrooms and clouds as if you ended up in a 90s type of video game. This same setting was recycled for no other game than Reel Rush 2 Touch®, the better version.When the second part of a film is brought to the cinemas, the reviews are often poor compared to the original film, but so far this hasn’t been the case with mobile slots as Jack Hammer 2 Touch®, Butterfly Staxx 2 Touch®, and Blood Suckers 2 Touch® have been an even bigger success. Reel Rush 2 Touch® promises the same effect as the sequel to Reel Rush Touch® is seriously packed with video slot features. There are the Random features: Second Chance, Block Breaker, Random Wilds, Symbol Multiplier, Symbol Upgrade, Extra Free Spins, Extra Super Tokens, and Multiplier Boost while you can also look forward to Free Spins and even more to Super Free Spins!If you’re looking for a tranquil high volatility online casino game with the majority of the spins bringing you a big fat nothing while other spins can bring madness to your balance, Reel Rush 2 Touch® isn’t the game you’re looking for. This colourful game is constantly bringing action to the reels, mainly due to the Random feature train which is bringing you up to three Random features each spin.

With a whole set of new dashing Random Features, Reel Rush 2 Touch® ensures an adrenaline frenzy!

Just like this was the case in Reel Rush Touch®, this second instalment of the game brings Re-spins as well. And thanks to these Re-spins, the number of ways to win can increase with each spin up to a maximum of 3125. Each spin in the main game starts with a 1-3-5-3-1 layout. A winning combination or a Random Re-spin results in the reels spinning again. When the result of a winning combination, the number of blocks will expand and with that the number of ways to win.

While the number of ways to win climb up and Re-spins keep on being activated, the Free Spins Meter next to the reels climbs up with each consecutive winning combination/Re-spin. When the Free Spins Meter is completely full and all blocks are unlocked, the Free Spins Screen is activated. And that’s only the beginning so let’s skip an extensive description of Reel Rush 2 Touch® and go straight to what makes this game so fantastic!

Reel Rush 2 Touch® features

There’s an incredible number of Random features available and I will get to that, but what happens when that Free Spins Screen is activated? Well, nothing happens yet unless you have more than 2000 Super Tokens which will activate the Super Free Spins feature automatically. If not, you can either buy Super Tokens or you can gamble with the hope to receive enough Super Tokens to activate Super Free Spins. You can also keep it simple and go for the 8 regular free spins which are completely free and riskless.

The Super Free Spins feature involves a Multiplier Meter that increases your chance to win immensely. This meter is missing during the regular Free Spins, but in both you’ll see that lovely little train passing by bringing attractive Random features including a Second Chance, a Block Breaker, Random Wilds, a Symbol Multiplier, Symbol Upgrades, Extra Free Spins, Extra Super Tokens, and a Multiplier Boost! Each spin, a maximum of three Random features can be awarded. Great for some extra action on the reels and a non-stop series of winning combinations, Re-spins and climbing meters.

If a Second Chance symbol found its way to the train ending up in the middle of a no-win situation, a Re-spin will be awarded in which no blocks will be unlocked unless a Block Breaker comes along.

If a Block Breaker is found on one of the trains, it’ll start shooting around unlocking 2 to 4 blocks which results in the number of ways to win growing fast.

The Random Wilds feature will sprinkle 1, 2 or 3 Wild symbols onto the reels which substitute for any other symbol increasing the chance winning combinations occur.

You’ll receive extra Free Spins as soon when a Random Free Spins symbol arrives with the train.

Extra Super Tokens will add tokens to the super token meter.

When a Symbol Multiplier comes along, the Symbol Multiplier feature is activated. A random symbol will be awarded an x5, x10, x15 or an x20 Multiplier for all wins formed by this symbol.

The Symbol Upgrade has the ability to transform a selected symbol into the next higher paying symbol following the paytable.

When the Multiplier Boost is activated, the Multiplier Meter increases by x1 and can be granted more than once during one spin. This Random feature is available in Super Free Spins mode only.