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Riches of Midgard Touch®

Play Riches of Midgard Touch for real!


2020 is a year we rather not discuss too much, but NetEnt fans were treated a lot of great games. The year finished with Riches of Midgard Touch®, a game that offers the innovative Hot Reels, perfectly combined with a Free Spins feature. The theme brings you typical Norse characters, but different from games like Hall of Gods Touch® and Vikings Touch®.

Visit the fabled land of Midgard

The year NetEnt launched Riches of Midgard Touch® was a year we won’t easily forget! It was a year we were eager to escape to a fantasy type of world. At the end of the year, NetEnt gave you one! NetEnt sent out an invitation to visit the fabled land of Midgard. However, I can imagine not everybody has a clue what this world is all about.

In Germanic cosmology, Midgard is the name for Earth inhabited by and known to humans in early Germanic cosmology. In Norse mythology, however, it’s a realm, but also home to the mortals. Norse mythology does give another meaning to what you think is the same.

It all starts with Yggdrasil, an immense tree that unifies the 9 worlds of Asgard. Midgard (Earth) is one of the 9 realms linked to Yggdrasil, also known as the World Tree. Midgard is often surrounded by a world of water or ocean. The ocean is inhabited by the great sea serpent Jörmungandr. It is a world between Asgard, the land of the gods (Aesir) and Helheim (Hel), the land of the dead.

Even though Riches of Midgard Touch® shows nothing more than grassland and mountains in the background, there’s much more Midgard has to offer. The god’s of Asgard journey to Midgard via the Bifröst, a burning rainbow bridge that ends in heaven at Himinbjörg.

The end…or not?

It’s not all rainbows, grass and mountains there is in Midgard. In Norse mythology, Midgard will be destroyed at Ragnarök, the battle at the end of the world. During the final battle Midgard, and almost all life on it, will be destroyed and sink beneath the waves. The end? For humans, maybe yes, as in the aftermath, Midgard itself will rise again, fertile and green in a new creation cycle.

Riches of Midgard Touch® main game

Riches of Midgard Touch® features

In Riches of Midgard Touch® you might not see a lot of action in the 3×3 layout, but that’s why you got a Hot Reel on each side of the reels. While symbols on these two Hot Reels don’t count towards a winning combination, they do bring extra action to the reels in both the main game and during Free Spins.

Because yes, there’s a Free Spins feature available as well and you decide when to activate it. You have two options:

– you wait for three Scatters to land on the reels
– or you click the “Buy Feature” button to activate it straight away for an amount 80 times your bet

Riches of Midgard Touch® is the first mobile slot from NetEnt that offers you the Buy Feature. This feature comes at a price though as it’s not cheap to skip the main game. You look at a price of 80 times your bet which means that if you play with a minimum bet of 0.10, you pay 8.00 to activate the Free Spins feature. Pay 1.00 each spin and the Free Spins feature costs you 80.00.

You earn the buy-in back with an extra win on top, it has been worth the price. However, if Free Spins doesn’t award your buy-in, you lose. That’s what gambling is all about, but why not enjoy the main game and be patient as the 3 Scatters will appear on the reels at one point.

Hot Spot reels

To keep you busy during the main game, NetEnt implemented the Hot Reels feature. There are two Hot Spot Reels, one on each side in the form of a single symbol. During each spin in Riches of Midgard Touch®, the 3 reels spin together with the two Hot Spot reels. Matching symbols landing on both Hot Spot reels and two or more regular reels activate a Re-Spin. All symbols activating the Re-Spin expand to cover their entire reels and are locked during the Re-Spin.

Riches of Midgard Touch® Free Spins

Free Spins in Riches of Midgard Touch®

You receive 8 Free Spins when you buy the Free Spins feature or when you get 3 Scatters. Each Scatter during Free Spins award an extra 2 Free Spins and an extra row with up to 7 rows available in total.

The Wild symbol available during the Free Spins feature matches all other symbols and appears on the left Hot Spot reel.