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Rise of Maya Touch®

Play Rise of Maya Touch for real!


While the history of the Maya civilization is mysterious, Rise of Maya Touch® is clear as can be with a gameplay not too complicated. All you need to understand is what a Wild does and how they work as Scatters as well to activate Free Spins with Hot Reels to enjoy the game. The history of the Mayans, on the other hand, is far more complicated as it’s around 4000 years ago that the first Maya villages were established.

In 2000 BC, the Central Asians invented better wheels with spokes, a new wave of Indo-Europeans moved from Central Asia west to Greece and Italy, or south into Egypt and Iran with some of them probably reaching Shang Dynasty China. People in China learned to write and in West Asia, people invented the alphabet. Indo-Europeans were just beginning to use iron which was stronger and more flexible than bronze, while in South and Central America, people were farming squash and corn and beans, and maybe potatoes and sweet potatoes. This all happened while the Mayans started the first developments in agriculture (most probably corn and beans) and the earliest villages of the Maya civilization.

That’s how it all started as it was much later, around 750 BC, that the first immense Maya pyramids/temples were built in what is now called Yucatan, Mexico. This is where the Maya civilization started, but the Mayans eventually spread to the Northern Central American region including Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, and Honduras. The first phase of Chichen Itza, for example, was built between 750 and 900 AD, but the final layout was built after 900 AD. The 10th century saw the rise of the city as a regional capital for central Yucatán and further and in 2007, Chichen Itza’s El Castillo was named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World after a worldwide vote.

I was lucky to see this meaningful structure with the sun coming up from behind and it’s just hard to imagine how around 3000 years ago, the first stones were laid for a pyramid that nowadays attracts more than a million visitors each year of which some are online casino players. If you never had the chance to see a Maya temple, NetEnt might have a great replacement for you which is introducing the basics of the Maya culture including an age-old temple, the Aztec Sun of God, and the Ouroboros which is an ancient symbol of a snake eating its own tail, signifying infinity or the cycle of birth and death.

Rise of Maya Touch® features

With a minimum bet of 0.10, Rise of Maya Touch® is a mobile video slot perfect for beginners while a maximum bet can be joyful for the more experienced players. No matter if you’re playing for lower bets or higher bets, the gameplay will be equally interesting to all players with Serpent Wild symbols landing on the reels not only to substitute for other symbols but also to activate Free Spins with hot reels. Besides Serpent Wilds, you’ll also find Serpent Stacks on the reels during Free Spins while activating the Bonus Bet will bring the Second Chance Scatter™ and the Second Chance Scatter™ Re-Spins into the game with a chance for more features and higher wins.

The gameplay in Rise of Maya Touch® is rather simple and it all starts within the temple where you have a chance to discover the ancient Mayan civilization while beautifully drawn symbols will help to immerse yourself inside the world of the Mayans. To intensify the video slot experience, I can highly recommend you to activate the Bonus Bet available. This will double your bet, but it’s worth it as it increases the chances to get additional Wild or Scatter symbols, thus activating further Free Spins and hot reels. Add to this the Second Chance Scatter™ Nudge and Re-Spins activated during the main game. The Second Chance Scatter™ will become active if there are at least any 2 Wild or Scatter symbols on the reels for the reels without any to roll again.

With 4 types of Wild symbols, you can be assured many winning combinations will be made, with or without the Bonus Bet activated. A single Serpent Wild and 2 expanding Serpent Wilds are available during the main game. The expanding Serpent Wild symbols expand either up or down with a chance to cover the entire reel. Serpent Stacks can appear on the Hot Reels during the Free Spins feature.

You’ll need 3 or more Wild/Scatter symbols in any combination anywhere on the reels in the main game to activate the Free Spins feature. The reels involved in the activation will become Hot Reels during the Free Spins feature. Serpent Stacks landing on these Hot Reels will expand to cover the entire reel for a good chance to win big!