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Robin Hood Touch®

Play Robin Hood for real!


Not aware of Robin Hood and his band of merry men, a bunch of guards is walking leisurely thought the forest carrying a chest with riches. Without realizing it, they’ll see Robin Hood making his appearance from the bushes, bow and arrow drawn at the ready with his band of merry ready to do their very best to help and ambush the Guards transporting the riches for their master.

Robin Hood takes aim and fires, hitting its target without any hesitation while one of his companions manages to pin a guard to a chest while jumping from a tree. The chest of riches becomes theirs and is raised after which we’ll see Robin Hood spreading the gold amongst the crowd of villagers.

The spirit of Robin Hood lives forever in Sherwood Forest in the hearts of those who seek him while Robin Hood: Shifting Riches Touch® pays a tribute to the legendary archer and his band of outlaws who had only one goal in mind, to the shift the riches from the rich to those that needed it the most!

Robin Hood’s generosity à la 2020

Robin Hood: Shifting Riches Touch® was one of the mobile games launched during the big lockdown in 2020, 9 years after the launch of its desktop version. It was during this period we learned that a virus didn’t see the difference between rich and poor and during a surreal time, the world started to equalize! The world economy got a drastic hit and it was soon enough that the rich started to feel it in their big wallets. If a group of people was supported by a government, it was the less fortunate. The dream of every Robin Hood in this world with a big heart and lack of greediness.

This obviously is an extremely simple version of the situation as consequences of a world on lockdown are too complicated to explain in a mobile slot review, but you might get my point already. It was during this period that the world’s wealth started to shift, a consequence that totally fits the Robin Hood: Shifting Riches Touch®, although nobody was actually stealing from the rich as it was all due to a virus that originated at a wild animal market in China.

If Robin Hood existed, he would have been thrilled to see that the rich were losing ground while, in many countries, the less fortunate were supported by the governments. Robin Hood’s intentions were basically the same, but he was an outlaw stealing from the rich. According to legend, Robin Hood was a highly skilled archer and swordsman, and he is said to have robbed from the rich. Usually not acceptable, the legend also tells that after the robbing, he shared his profits with the poor.

We will never be sure if the legend is based on true facts or if the story is completely fictional. True or not, one with a kind heart will see the point of the story. We have to wait a while to find out if the big lockdown in 2020 truly caused a shift in wealth à la Robin Hood, but one thing’s for sure, the virus didn’t make a difference between the rich and the poor!

Robin Hood: Shifting Riches Touch® features

With Robin Hood: Shifting Riches Touch® available at every NetEnt online casino, mobile players can now enjoy shifting reels as the traditional spinning of the reels have been replaced. Reels will be shifting to the right once as soon as you hit a winning combination. Combined with an increasing multiplier up to x5, the Shifting Reels™ feature offers increased winning opportunities and even though the game is 9 years old, you’ll still enjoy the innovation shifting reels is bringing to this game and the excitement linked to it.

Robin Hood: Shifting Riches Touch® is offering as much slot excitement as its desktop version with the exact same gameplay available which also includes a Wild symbol and an Extra Wild symbol during Free Spins.

Robin Hood has a heart of gold, but he’s got an eye for gold too and in the main game, each reel contains a Money Bag Scatter symbol and a treasure chest below. And when a Money Bag lands on a reel, that same reel is drawn to the side to reveal Robin Hood stealing a bag of riches and placing it into the chest below the reel. That’s when the reels shift with the Money Bag symbol turning into a regular Wild symbol for a chance to create a winning combination.

4 Money Bags in a single chest award 10 Free Spins with at least one chest already stuffed with 4 Money Bags and each extra chest awards 10 additional Free Spins. At the start of the Free Spins feature, one of the main characters is randomly selected as the Extra Wild symbol, substituting for all symbols except Free Spins symbols.