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Santa vs Rudolph Touch®

Play Santa Vs Rudolph for real!


Isn’t it The Grinch that tries to ruin the spirit of Christmas, or Scrooge, is it Santa’s most loyal friend himself that’s a serious threat for the most cheerful of the year! Not all is well in the North Pole this year and Santa is far from cheerful! Instead, he’s confused when he can’t find his magic red hat anywhere!

There’s nothing more important for Christmas than the Santa’s hat! Christmas can only take place when the entire world is in the right spirit, but Christmas won’t happen without the magic bell and Santa’s hat. The Christmas spirit is not in danger, and the magic bell is where it belongs, but where did Santa’s hat go?

Without the hat, Santa won’t be able to transform himself into any size to fit into a chimney or teleport him and others around the world in a split-second! Without his magical hat, Santa loses most of his magical powers and this will end up in a true catastrophe even The Grinch would be jealous of!

Scrooge, the Grinch, Gremlins? No, this time they are all innocent! This time, the threat comes from an unexpected corner, a hairy one with a red nose! Santa’s loyal reindeer friend has found himself a new game, and it doesn’t seem that he’s going to give in anytime soon! Will Santa find his hat for Christmas to be saved?

Santa vs Rudolf

There’s only one way to find out if Christmas is going to be saved as the answer might come to you while playing NetEnt’s funniest Christmas mobile slot Santa vs Rudolf Touch®! Even when Christmas isn’t around the corner, this mobile slot is worth a try as its sharing the exact same gameplay as The Invisible Man Touch®.

This time, the police officer and The Invisible Man have been replaced by Santa and his very own (usually) very loyal reindeer Rudolf. On the left of the reels in the main game, you’ll see a desperate Santa and on the left side a very stubborn Rudolf! When Santa and Rudolf collide, Santa’s patience will disappear while Rudolf remains stubborn as can be!

Rudolf doesn’t feel like going on a trip around the world in just one night and for that to happen, he has been hiding Santa’s hat. Silly Rudolf, not realizing the millions of kids around the world being disappointed when they wake up without any presents under the tree! Therefore, it’s better if Santa and Rudolf don’t find either other halfway the reels in Santa vs Rudolf Touch®, but let’s be honest, we do want them to meet as it’ll have a very good influence on your balance.

Santa vs Rudolf Touch® features

Just like The Invisible Man Touch®, this Christmas-themed mobile slot is offering a medium/high volatility and a both-way-win slot mechanism while featuring Re-Spins, Free Spins, Wilds, Walking Wilds, Rudolf Spins and Santa’s Gifts.

Santa and Rudolf are both having their own Wild symbol, able to walk from either left to right, or left to right. While they both have the ability to substitute for any other symbol, like Wilds tend to do in general, they could be in each other’s way. Rudolf will be walking to the right and Santa is on his way to the left and that goes perfectly fine unless they’re having a walk on the same row. When they do find each other halfway on a row, a battle will unfold with the Free Spins feature as the only result! You’ll be awarded 10 Free Spins with a maximum of 30 free spins available.

Santa vs Rudolf Touch® does provide a funny Free Spins feature with Santa being angry on the left and Rudolf still playing his newly invented game! Meanwhile, they both return to the reel as Wilds with another chance for them to collide when they’re having a walk on the same row. This time, a collision between the two results in an additional 4 free spins.

Additionally, you’ll find two meters on top of Santa vs Rudolf Touch®, one for Rudolf and one for Santa. If Santa’s Wild falls off the reels, Santa’s Meter will go up with one and the same goes for Rudolf’s Meter when a Rudolf Wild falls off the reels. A full meter for Santa triggers the Santa’s Gifts feature while a full Rudolf Meter activates Rudolf Spins.

Both meters will reach the full potential with 8 Wilds disappearing from the reels. A full Rudolf Meter will award 3 Rudolf Spins where 5 randomly placed Rudolf Wilds appear randomly on the reels. During the Santa’s Gifts bonus feature, you’ll be asked to pick 3 out of 5 items to reveal their prizes. The 5 items consist of 3 Coin Wins of various amounts, 1 Multiplier increase and 1 end of stage item. There will be three levels if you manage not to pick the end of stage items.