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Secrets of Atlantis Touch®

Play Secrets of Atlantis for real!


If there’s one place on earth that keeps on fascinating scientists, divers, historians etcetera, it’s that one place we hardly see as humans, the world hidden under sea level. We swim, we climb into our boats, we go on a cruise, but hardly ever will we see the underwater world in its full glory. We can watch documentaries and take diving classes, but only a few go deep into the see. Somewhere I’m glad I’m not one of them and I’m already glad that I manage to go snorkeling. I’ve seen Nemo and his family in the blue waters of Indonesia and I’m pretty satisfied with that already. I rather discover the world above sea level although I totally understand that many are fascinated by the underwater world and its hidden secrets.One of those hidden secrets is Atlantis of which many still believe it did exist before it disappeared into the ocean in a night and a day in 9,600 B.C. It’s thanks to Plato’s writings that Atlantis came into the picture. Truth or imagination, Plato mentions the lost island in the dialogues “Timaeus” and “Critias”. It’s ever since that Atlantis has been an object of fascination. For thousands of years, Atlantis has been captivating historians, dreamers, occultists, and New Agers while no true proof has ever been found.

Being a secret and mystery itself, Atlantis is hiding many secrets and even though many historians, dreamers, occultists, and New Agers are still trying to find out if the lost island really existed, what really happened to it and where exactly it was located, NetEnt decided to use its imagination to give you an idea. That the talented developers at NetEnt have a great imagination can be found in the tens of video slots and mobile slots developed in the past 20 years. No wonder that another great mobile slot was created in which a lot of attention is given to the design, but even more to the slot features available in Secrets of Atlantis Touch®.

Secrets of Atlantis Touch® gameplay

While a standard mobile slot developed by NetEnt consists of 3×5 symbols with 3 rows and 5 reels avail;able, Secrets of Atlantis Touch® is one of the mobile slots that differs from the standard mobile slots. This is because of an extra row has been added which results in a total of 20 symbols instead of the standard 15 while a total of 40 bet lines is going to be responsible for your winnings. You can choose for a betting option starting from 0.20 up to an incredible 200.00, mainly attractive for the high rollers.

Secrets of Atlantis Touch® features

It’s not the first aquatic mobile slot game developed by NetEnt, but I must admit that the slot features added to Secrets of Atlantis Touch® are rather attractive compared to other aquatic-themed mobile slots. Secrets of Atlantis Touch® is giving you the opportunity to submerge yourself in the underwater world. Inspired by the ancient tale of the elusive city of Atlantis, you’ll be surrounded by familiar creatures such as crabs, turtles, jellyfish, clams and pearls.

If you decide to give Secrets of Atlantis Touch®, you can start looking forward to a very attractive mix of original slot features including a Highlight feature, Nudge Wilds, and the Colossal symbols Re-Spins. More winning combinations will be available thanks to the Win Both Ways function available in Secrets of Atlantis Touch®, a valuable addition to this mobile slot game.

NetEnt is famous for its high-quality games portfolio in which innovation has a big role to play. Besides innovation, there’s another factor that is very important while creating the perfect mobile slot as no award-winning game would have been launched without imagination. Based on an island that most probably never existed, you do need to have a creative imagination. NetEnt’s imagination is leading you to a mysterious mermaid which has a very important role to play in Secrets of Atlantis Touch® as the Nudge Wild. The mermaid will be fully or partially visible which depends on the way she lands on the reel. If partially, a nudge will be activated and the Mermaid will be nudged up resulting in her covering the entire reel where she obviously acts as a Wild substituting for any other symbol in Secrets of Atlantis Touch®. The same nudge comes into the picture when the original Colossal Nudge Wild appears partially on the reels during a Colossal symbols Re-Spin. It’s during this re-spin that the three middle reels will transform into one big symbol. If the three middle reels are fully highlighted, the Colossal symbols Re-Spin is activated, no matter if a re-spin or regular spin.