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Serengeti Kings Touch®

Play Serengeti Kings for real!


Over the past decades, we’ve lost a lot of wildlife in the world with money being more important than the lives of animals that won’t stand a chance against humans. Lions, cheetahs, elephants, and hyenas are somewhere on top of the food chain and have a big chance of survival, however, unfortunately for them, as well as for many other animals, there’s one creature that is on top of the food chain, better known as human!

We tend to destroy everything beautiful this planet has created in order to make money and therefore, natural parks like The Serengeti are more important than ever before with wildlife being protected by the government of Tanzania and Kenya with park rangers keeping an eye. Initially, I always believed that tourism can hurt an area, but tourists actually provide valuable revenue used to support the conservation work of the national parks throughout Tanzania including wildlife research and education. Besides, the physical presence of tourists can help deter illegal poaching activity, assisting the park rangers to keep the wildlife safe and let nature takes its course!

Not many have the time and money to jump into a plane to Northern Tanzania to visit The Serengeti and see nature’s wildlife spectacles with every day being a struggle without human greediness and poachers involved. In nature, there’s no army, no doctors and no hospitals, just like there’s no place for the weakest. If you’re not faster or smarter than your predator, you’re done! Simple as that! Meanwhile, you try to survive by catching your own meal with the dry season being another threat to the wildlife.

The Serengeti ecosystem

Besides hosting one of the largest and most diverse large predator-prey interactions worldwide, providing a rather impressive show for tourists to experience, The Serengeti is also known for the largest remaining unaltered animal migration in the world, where over six million sets of hooves pound the open plains, as hundreds of thousands of zebras and gazelles join the wildebeest in a 1,000 km long annual circular trek for fresh grazing.

The Serengeti National Park, is the centrepiece of The Serengeti ecosystem as well. The National Park is comprising around 14.000 km2 while the ecosystem itself is twice as large. You don’t need much imagination to picture the landscape of The Serengeti as the majority of the people will know the famous landscape. It’s unique scenic setting of endless spectacularly flat short grasslands dotted with famous Umbrella and Sausage trees and rocky outcrops named kopjes, while alternated with woodlands, riverbank forests and swamps.

This worldrenowned natural landscape is also famous for the largest remaining unaltered animal migration in the world. The landscape of the Serengeti is changing constantly and so is the fate of the animals as their fate relies on the time of year and whether it is the rainy season or dry season. The dry season often brings struggle with no stability available and therefore, the majority of the wildlife remains in constant motion to survive with a period of rain bringing an end to their misery. During the migration, over six million sets of hooves pound the open plains, as hundreds of thousands of zebras and gazelles join the wildebeest in a 1,000 km long annual trek for better circumstances.

While the biological diversity of The Serengeti is very high, the park hides at least four globally threatened or endangered animal species including the black rhinos, elephant, wild dog and cheetah. Therefore, it’s more than important that the National Park is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site while recently proclaimed one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Africa by Africa Geographic.

Thanks to my intense awareness of what the world has become in the past decades, I am more than interested in development projects that promise progress. Money makers will think of huge buildings, resorts, malls, entertainment parks, and skyscrapers while I think of national parks being protected from these money makers, laws that protect the wildlife, and all other projects out there to preserve the wildlife! I’m not so sure if NetEnt’s aim is to protect the Serengeti, but that’s okey, I hope that all the above does remind you of how important it is for humans to protect the wildlife and their natural surroundings. The world is just as much theirs as it is ours, so enjoy the beautiful ecosystem and some of its wildlife in Serengeti Kings Touch® which is offering a unique cyclical gameplay in which you’ll alternate between Lion Spins (day) and Panther Spins (night).

Serengeti Kings Touch® gameplay

While you enjoy one of the worlds most impressive ecosystems, exploring one of the natural wonders of Africa, you’ll also enjoy a brand new and unusual gameplay in Serengeti Kings Touch®. This exciting mobile safari title offers unique cyclical gameplay that alternates between Lion Spins and Panther Spins with each cycle taking 12 spins.

You open Serengeti Kings Touch® and you’ll start with the Lion Spins which will last for 12 spins. Even though it’s the Lion cycle you’re in now, both Lion and Panther symbols appearing on the reels are collected into the Lion Counter and the Panther Counter. On the 12th Spin of the Lion cycle, only the Lion symbols will be placed randomly on the reels for the collected Panther symbols to remain in the counter. Then when the Panther Spins cycle starts, you’ll already have a good amount of Panther symbols in the counter which can become lucrative when even more Panther symbols are collected during the 12 spins Panther cycle.

If a Lion symbol is placed on top of a Panther symbol or vice versa, a Wild symbol is created. If a Lion symbol or a Panther symbol is placed on top of the same symbol or a Wild symbol, this symbol gets a +1 Multiplier. With a x1 Multiplier available on each bet line, all Multipliers on each winning bet line are added to the that starting Multiplier, and any wins from that bet line are multiplied by the resulting Multiplier.

In Serengeti Kings Touch®, you can buy 12 Free Spins at any moment. The prize you pay, depends on the bet you’re playing with and on the number of Scatters you would like to buy which will determine how many Lion symbols and Panther symbols the meters show beforehand. Of course, there’s the oldfashioned way as well which means three or more Scatters will be activating 12 Free Spins with both Lion and Panther symbols being collected this time. At the end of the 12th Free Spins, Panther symbols will be thrown on the reels first, followed by the Lion symbols. When a Lion symbol falls on top of a Panther symbol, the symbol will turn into a Wild and another will add a Multiplier to the symbol.