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Spiñata Grande Touch®

Play Spinata Grande for real!


Well-known for its innovation, NetEnt always brings a new feature to its mobile casino games, and the same goes for Spiñata Grande Touch® which was launched in March 2015. Spiñata Grande Touch® is another great addition to the mobile casinos, offering one of the most fun-filled mobile casino games with Colossal symbols playing an important role. Every regular symbol has a colossal version that is either 2×2 or 3×3 symbols big, while during Free Spins a Colossal Wild brings extra fun to the five reels. With this extra feature NetEnt already shows what it is capable of regarding new slot features, but the Swedish software developer’s inspiration seems endless, the reason why another innovative slot feature has been added too, now better known as the Mini-Slot feature. Whenever the Colossal Bonus symbol appears, recognised by a Mexican ‘slot’ fellow with sombrero, a typical Mexican tradition is what follows while the Colossal Bonus symbol turns into a Mini-Slot offering coin wins and a chance to win Free Spins.

Going Mexican

When you choose to play Spiñata Grande Touch®, you will be relocated, just like that. Ending up in a Mexican village, you will become familiar with the Mexican traditions of which the piñata is one. For Mexican delights like tortillas and empanadas, tequila and margaritas, you better visit Mexico or a Mexican restaurant, but for some typical Mexican music and the piñata tradition, I can highly recommend Spiñata Grande Touch®.


One of the best-known Mexican traditions is the piñata tradition, involving colourful papier-mâché shapes, often animal shapes, with a hollow cavity filled with candy or small toys and treats. Often used for birthday parties and Cinco de Mayo celebrations in America, the piñata represents the struggle of human against the many temptations of life. The actual piñata, as being hit in slot Spiñata Grande an the Touch® version just before the Mini-Slot feature starts, represents evil, and the candy, fruit, or treats inside are the temptations of evil. While the piñata represents life’s temptations, the person hitting the piñata represents faith. The most traditional piñata is the star with seven points of which each cone represents the seven deadly sins: gluttony, greed, sloth, envy, wrath, pride and lust. There is some confusion about the origin of the piñata as some want to believe the piñata comes originally from Italy, while many sources write the piñata was invented by the Chinese to celebrate New Year. I rather stick to the piñata as a typical Mexican tradition, the reason it was chosen by NetEnt to fill up the reels in this by Mexico inspired mobile casino slot.

Spiñata Grande Touch® slot features

Let the party started after you’ve decided what bet to play with which can be in between 0.20 and 200.00. From the moment you hit the familiar green NetEnt slot button, the silence of the small Mexican village will be replaced by happy Mariachi music and spinning piñatas. It won’t take long before the first festive slot feature makes its appearance with so many Colossal symbols, a Colossal Bonus symbol and a Colossal Wild symbol involved. This last one will only be available during Free Spins, which can be won during the Mini-Slot feature. This Mini-Slot feature appears in the main game and during Free Spins making Spiñata Grande Touch® one of the most fun-filled mobile casino games available.

Colossal symbols

Spiñata Grande Touch® is offering some very original symbols and slot features. Besides a Stacked Wild of three regular symbols, as often seen in the NetEnt slots, I’ve never seen a colossal version that is either 2×2 or 3×3 symbols big. These symbols are of big importance in Spiñata Grande Touch®, being responsible for most of your winnings. Extra fun will be added to the reels when the Colossal Bonus symbols appears, a 3×3 symbol showing the Mexican ‘slot’ fellow with sombrero. During Free Spins another colossal symbol becomes active and the Colossal Wild will be responsible for extra winnings as it will be substituting any other symbol in Spiñata Grande Touch®, except for the Colossal Bonus symbol.

Mini-Slot Feature

While every regular symbol in Spiñata Grande Touch® has a colossal version too, I am 100% sure the Colossal Bonus symbol will be liked most by many. Not only because it will show you what the piñata tradition is all about, but also because it will activate the Mini-Slot feature giving you a chance to win Free Spins and coin wins. The part of the Colossal Bonus symbol that appears on the reels after a spin turns into 3, 6 or 9 individual Mini-Slot symbols. In the main game, the Mini-Slot feature will contain Free Spins symbols of which three of them anywhere in the Mini-Slot feature will activate 5 Free Spins. The Mini-Slot feature also offers three different coin symbols and Extra Free Spins symbols.

Colossal Symbols in Free Spins

Free Spins will be activated when 3 or more Free Spins symbols appear anywhere in the Mini-Slot feature. If so 5 Free Spins will be activated bringing a lot of action to the reels, because during Free Spins the only Colossal symbols available are the Colossal Bonus symbol, a 3×3 version of the Animal piñata symbols and the Colossal Wild symbol, which means all Colossal Letter symbols are left out for bigger wins to appear. For every Extra Spin symbol appearing in the Mini-Slot, 1 extra Free Spin is rewarded. Wild symbols substitute for all symbols except for Bonus symbols.

Spiñata Grande™

While available as Spiñata Grande Touch® in the mobile casinos, the game is of course also available as an online slot. But no matter where you decide to play the Spiñata Grande™ slot, it promises to be a smashing fiesta. You’ll be entertained with festive slot features such as Colossal symbols, Free Spins, a Colossal Wild in Free Spins and a very innovative Mini-Slot feature, so take this rich treat for a spin. You won’t be disappointed with the 3D rendered symbols containing great detail and character allowing you to enjoy fun animations while the happy Mariachi music will put you in a state of glee.