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Steam Tower Touch®

Play Steam Tower for real!


Although I had no clue what to expect from the steampunk genre, it’s definitely one origin genre!  NetEnt proved it again with Steam Tower Touch®.

Steam Tower Touch® is packed with innovative developments and progressive slot features that NetEnt is renowned for. I honestly think it’s the combination of this innovation and the steampunk theme that makes Steam Tower Touch® highly recommended.

The Victorian era is synonymous with advancement and improvement. This totally reflects NetEnt’s mission to drive the online and mobile casino market forward.


I am so excited about Steam Tower Touch®, I just don’t know where to start describing this amazing NetEnt Touch® game. But let’s start at the beginning. The theme attached to this mobile slot game, for example, which is steampunk.

The theme hasn’t been used before for any mobile slot, which makes it a rather original slot theme. Hollywood often used the steampunk theme. And if not familiar with the genre, the next films might ring a bell:

  • Wild Wild West (1999)
  • The Time Machine (2002)
  • The Prestige (2006).
  • Sherlock Holmes (2009)
  • Hugo (2011)

A while ago, when the genre wasn’t as popular as it is nowadays, steampunk was known as “Victorian era science fiction”. But when the genre appeared in more films and books, steampunk became more popular.

They have one thing in common as they are set in a retro-futuristic society. In this society imaginative fantasy and anachronistic technology are often going hand in hand and pretty much anything can happen.

The same goes for a steampunk video slot, proved by NetEnt whit the development of Steam Tower Touch®.

Steampunk themed mobile slot

It’s amazing to see what a special genre like steampunk can do for a mobile slot game like Steam Tower Touch®. First this theme lends itself perfectly for some amazing 3D graphics, as well as innovative slot feature.

Both are available in Steam Tower Touch®, a mobile slot added to the mobile casinos early 2015. It was by then I had no clue what steampunk was all about. But this mobile slot learned me more about the theme and the possibilities the genre gives to a video slot, book or film.

Steampunk is often set in an alternate, futuristic version of 19th century Victorian England. The same goes for Steam Tower Touch®. Steam Tower Touch® is a one-of-a-kind mobile slot taking you on a captivating journey while climbing a steam tower.

Become a superhero and save the princess while using one of these typical inventions so well-known from the steampunk genre. Reach the top of the tower and receive a very lucrative Top Floor bonus plus a x7 Multiplier.

Steam Tower Touch® features

An attractive theme and design isn’t all you get when playing Steam Tower Touch®. This mobile slot offers a great combination of mobile slot features. These include a climb into the steam tower during Free Spins.

Stacked Wilds, Wilds, Free Spins and a Multiplier Meter have been used for one greater slot feature. I call it the Steam Tower™ slot feature.

This slot feature deserves a name anyway, simply because it’s a nice one. You didn’t see it before in a mobile slot. It’s put together amazingly by the talented software developers at NetEnt.

One great mobile slot feature

It takes one or more Stacked Wilds to activate the Steam Tower™ slot. You then receive 10 Free Spins, the start of a great slot adventure. The game ascends to the first floor of the steam tower with only 15 floors to go  before you reach the Top Floor.

One or more Wilds which appears anywhere on the reels during free Spins increase the Free Spins by two and the game ascends to the next floor.

Another great addition to this mobile slot feature is the Multiplier Meter which will climb up the higher you get in the steam tower. The Multiplier will be updated before each Free Spin and is dependent on which floor you are on. When you reach the top floor the Multiplier shows a maximum of x7. You also receive a Top Floor Bonus of 1000 coins.

Back in time with Steam Tower Touch®.

Released early 2015, Steam Tower Touch® is bringing a special mobile slot with a special theme. This results in a levelled bonus game as well as marvellous 3D animations.

It’s not for nothing NetEnt received multiple iGaming awards in the past years. For both innovation and quality and NetEnt is therefore known as a pioneer in mobile casino gaming.

As almost all NetEnt Casinos do offer you a chance to play in their mobile casino too, you have a wide range of mobile casinos to choose from.

Often the complete NetEnt Touch® suite is available in the mobile casinos which means you can also enjoy other brilliant mobile slots like Gonzo’s Quest Touch®, Aliens Touch®, South Park Reel Chaos Touch®, and The Invisible Man Touch®.