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Streetfighter 2 Touch®

Play Street Fighter 2 for real!


With Streetfighter 2 Touch®, one of the best-selling arcade games of all time is available as a NetEnt Touch® game. Street Fighter 2 Touch® joined the mobile casino games suite in 2020, bringing Street Fighter II: The World Warrior to the reels.

Street Fighter 2 Touch® offers the exact same feel and play as Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. Cooperating with game developer Capcom, the mobile slot has the same graphics, the same emotion, and the same fist-pumping action!

To cause the same fighting spirit in Streetfighter 2 Touch®, NetEnt used the battle mechanics of the original game by placing two of the famous fighting characters against each other. This time it’s not you pressing the controller buttons uncontrolled (let’s be honest) to determine the winner. This time, the faith of your Street Fighter character in the hands of the reels.

Who created Street Fighter II: The World Warrior?

It’s Capcom that created the successful arcade game Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, a Japanese video games developer. Capcom released Street Fighter II: The World Warrior in 1991 for it to become one of the most successful competitive fighting games. Capcom created a series of multi-million video games with Resident Evil to be the most successful.

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior is the second instalment of the Street Fighter series. It’s the sequel to Street Fighter, released in 1987. Many Street Fighter instalments followed, but it is Street Fighter II that caused a revolution within its genre and popularized the fighting genre during the 1990s. The one and only reason why NetEnt chose to base Street Fighter 2 Touch® on this second instalment of the Street Fighter series.

Design Street Fighter 2 Touch®

If you’re born in the 80s, growing up in the 90’s, you must know Street Fighter II: The World Warrior! There’s no way around it. It’s like not knowing Mario Bros. and its characters Mario and Luigi! For me, the two Italian-American plumbers are placed in the same hall of fame as the Street Fighter 2 fighting characters.

The sounds of Mario Bros. and the sounds used for Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, they create a feeling of nostalgia. There’s no way around it! When you hear the game sounds in Streetfighter 2 ®, you immediately are drawn back to the 90s in which video games were still a novelty.

Maybe one day I’ll be writing about Mario Bros Touch®, but for now, we stick to the fist-pumping action on the reels in Streetfighter 2 Touch®. The genre-defining graphics return to the reels including the famous low-pixel animations. This resulted in a challenge for NetEnt who’s all for innovations and high-quality animations. This time, the Swedish game developer was challenged to come up with an old-fashioned design. It all worked out well, but no Street Fighter 2 Touch® without its famous streetfighting characters.

To reflect as true to the brand and the original game as possible, the original characters are available. Say hello to Ryu, Ken, E. Honda, Guile, Chun-Li, Blanka, Zangief, and Dhalsim.

Streetfighter 2 Touch® characters

Why does each character offer a different volatility and Wilds combination?

Streetfighter 2 Touch® is designed to cater to any type of player. No matter if a careful player that loves frequent wins or an experienced player that prefers high volatility. This branded mobile slot is designed for all players and it’s the character selection that defines what type of player you are. Let me show you why.

Streetfighter 2 Touch® karakter selectie

Before a new round, you get to choose your preferred character. This time, your preference doesn’t depend on the strength of the fighter or the looks for that matter. This time, it’s the volatility and the combo of Wilds that define your preference.

Why? It’s simple! Have a look at the image above. You’ll see RYU selected. RYU is to be found in the green zone of the volatility bar. There’s a green zone and a red zone.

The green zone refers to low volatility and the red zone to high volatility.

Low volatility:
A low volatility slot offers frequent wins over big wins.

High volatility:
A high volatility slot offers big wins over frequent wins.

RYU is promising to place 3 Wild symbols on the same row. But the Combo Wild differs for each character. So it’s up to you to go for Low Volatility or High Volatility. besides the slot volatility, you can also pick the Wild combo you prefer. The choice yours!

Street fighter 2 basisspel

Streetfighter 2 Touch® battles

The street fights, or battles, are obviously what makes Streetfighter 2 Touch® highly recommended. During the battles, two opponents fight to keep their health points. A battle ends when one of the characters runs out of health points.

First, it’s important to choose your character with a focus on the game volatility and the Wild combos, keep in mind you cannot change your character before the winner of the battle is determined.

Before each battle, you and your opponent start with the same number of health points. The battle is designed to define a winner and whether the game awards Free Spins or the Car Smash Bonus.

Health points Streetfighter 2 Touch®

Each character and their opponents have two different symbols running on the reels. Victory and Defeat symbols. Winning combinations determine how much damage the characters receive.

Your character loses Health Points when a winning combination includes your opponent’s Victory or Defeat symbols.

The opponent loses Health Points when a winning combination includes your Victory or Defeat symbols.

How many Health Points a character loses depends on the number of Victory or Defeat symbols involved in the winning combination.

Your character also shows a Wild Gauge. You’ll receive one point for each high-value symbol in a winning combination. When there’s no winning combination possible any more and your Wild Gauge meter is full, your character’s unique Wild Combo is activated. The Wild Combo will then be placed randomly on the reels. Wilds substitute for the highest paying symbols.

Street fighter 2 slot free spins

Beat the Boss Free Spins or Car Smash Bonus?

A battle is over! It’s time to see what the outcome is.

Did you win?
If so, you’ll end up fighting the big bosses in the Beat the Boss Free Spins.

Did you lose?
You’ll end up with the consolation prize, the Car Smash Bonus.

Boss Free Spins

There are 4 boss levels in Free Spins. Each level offers a higher Multiplier. Only by beating a boss can you move to the next level. Each victory increases your chances of winning big.

When you beat all 4 boss levels, you move on to the last level in which you fight against the final boss himself… M. Bison!

Street fighter 2 mobiele slot car smash bonus gamepng

Car Smash bonus game

If you lose, you end up in the Car Smash Bonus Game to redeem your honour and take out your frustration. The Car Smash bonus game allows you to control your character just in like in the original arcade!