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Trollpot 5000 Touch®

Play Trollpot 5000 for real!

When you select Trollpot 5000 Touch® from a mobile device, you sign up for a high volatility mobile slot with a big win potential. The maximum win available in this classic slot game is 10.000 times your bet. Besides, the high win potential, the game also offers two fixed jackpot and the progressive Mega Jackpot.

Mega Joker Touch® got serious competition with the launch of Trollpot 5000 Touch® in 2020!

Mega Joker™ used to be the only classic slot with a progressive jackpot. This changed in June 2020 with the release of Trollpot 5000 Touch®, offering three new NetEnt Jackpots.

What makes Trollpot 5000 Touch® so special?

Nothing beats a good jackpot slot, there’s no doubt about it. But what is it that makes Trollpot 5000 Touch® so special compared to Mega Joker Touch®, for example?

Both are high volatility slots and Mega Joker Touch® offers an amazing Return to Player (RTP) of 99%. Nothing can beat that either, except maybe… 2 extra jackpots?

That’s exactly what makes Trollpot 5000 Touch® special compared to other classic slots. It’s the first classic NetEnt slot that offers three jackpots.

Does this beat the RTP of 99% of Mega Joker Touch®? Maybe, maybe not. That totally depends on what you’re looking for in a video slot.

A RTP of 99% against the RTP of 96.19% in Trollpot 5000 Touch® seems like comparing apples with peers. But in the end, there’s much more to look at like the height of the progressive jackpot, for example.

The height will constantly change and I’m sure they switch the crown of the highest jackpot all the time. So maybe, the maximum win in Trollpot 5000 Touch® of 10.000 times your bet can help out?

Trollpot 5000 Jackpots

Each and every spin can potentially trigger a jackpot win. There are two ways a jackpot win occurs.

  1. Three jackpot symbols appear straight on the middle row in the game
  2. Three jackpot symbols appear on top all three reels after the Nudge feature finishes

The three Trollpot 5000 Jackpots will be paid out when three symbols appear on top of a winning stack or straight on the middle row. In both cases, a mix of symbols can do the job, paying out the jackpot linked to the lowest paying jackpot symbol.

This means that if you land 2 Mega Jackpot symbols and 1 Mini-jackpot symbol, you win the Mini Jackpot, for example. The dream scenario here is to land 3 Mega Jackpot symbols which will pay the Mega Jackpot.

The three Trollpot 5000 Jackpots:

  • Mini Jackpot = your bet multiplied by x40
  • Midi Jackpot = your bet multiplied by x200
  • Mega Jackpot = according to the progressive Mega Jackpot meter

Trollpot 5000 Touch®

Trollpot 5000 Touch® gameplay

To understand the gameplay in Trollpot 5000 Touch®, you have to understand the high volatile character of the game. This classic slot is added to the long list of high volatile slots. This simply means you sign up for higher wins instead of frequent wins.

High Volatility classic slot
You prefer high wins. This means your wins are very attractive. But of course, you can’t have it all. Therefore, you will see less winning combinations on the reels. High volatility means high wins but fewer winning combinations.

Low Volatility classic slot
You want to see a lot of wins, but don’t care much about the value of the wins. Well, as long as you have the idea you’re winning often. A low volatility slot is perfect when you prefer frequent wins over high wins.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter, of course. A video slot has a certain payout percentage and that’s what a player will get back in the end. But high volatility with a good budget and patience can end up in very high winnings, that’s a fact!

So, the gameplay brings high volatility, yet a winning combination starts a series of actions I explain later. It’s the Nudge feature. And this same feature in combination with the Multiplier Wild, can bring small wins and immense wins. Add to that the jackpots and you realize this classic slot isn’t as boring as a classic slot can be.

Trollpot 5000 Touch®

TrollPot 5000 Touch® features

As mentioned before, a series of actions start when a winning combination appears on the reels. A winning combination shows three of the same symbols on the middle row. These can be mixed with the Joker symbol (Multiplier Wild).

A winning combination activates the Nudge feature. This feature is able to give reels a little push for symbols to move down. Nudges keep going as long as the symbols above the winning symbol are the same. This leads to a series of wins, Multiplied up to x8 when the Joker Multiplier Wild is involved.

Nudge feature

Trollpot 5000 Touch® is mainly about the Nudge feature. It all starts with three of the same symbols on the win line in the middle of the game. But it will end with a Nudge feature. Even with a jackpot if lucky.

When a winning combination activates the Nudge feature. At least, if the top symbols on the reels are the same as the winning symbol. This doesn’t have to be for all reels. If this is the case for the first reel, for example, the first reel moves 1 symbol down and the game awards the same win again.

These tiny simple nudges can result in a series of wins equal to the one of the initial winning combination. The nudging process will repeat for the second reel, and eventually the third reel, until no nudges are available any more.

To make Trollpot 5000 Touch® more attractive, the nudging process has a sort of hidden repeat button. This becomes available when the nudging process finishes with an arrow on top.

When the arrow symbol appears at the top of the reel, the reel moves back to the bottom of the current stack of winning symbols. Just for the entire Nudging process to be repeated.

Trollpot 5000™

Multiplier Wilds

The Multiplier Wild is the cherry on the cake! They substitute for all symbols, except arrows and jackpot symbols, and responsible for multiplying your wins at the same time. One Multiplier Wild on the winning bet line multiplies the win by 2, two Multiplier Wilds multiply the win by 4 and three Multiplier Wilds multiply the win by 8.