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Turn Your Fortune Touch®

Play Turn your Fortune for real!


The first new NetEnt mobile slot of 2019 is offering players a truly unique mobile game in which everything evolves around the Fortune Wins. The reason why is very simple as these Fortune Wins can go up to x200 during the Fortune Re-Spins and up to x2000 during the Free Spins feature. That’s exactly what makes Turn Your Fortune Touch® so attractive for whoever is looking for an original game paying out big at times.

Turn Your Fortune Touch® and its 4 rows (instead of the standard 3 rows) is slightly different to a standard mobile slot. It’s the mechanics and the Fortune Wins that make this game special. It all starts with a basic slot game, but as soon as a Re-Spin is activated, or Free Spins, I’m pretty sure you’ll become truly interested in the outcome.

As soon as one of these slot features will be activated, your natural slot senses wake up, hoping for incredible wins. All you have to do is to wait for a Re-Spin to occur which will be as soon as 2 Scatter symbols appear in combination with a bet line win. At least during the main game as it’s during the Free Spins feature that every single free spin awarded is helping the Fortune Wins Meter to increase.

The sooner the better as a full meter will be responsible for the level to go up. This is what you want during a Re-Spin as this is the only way to create a lucrative Fortune Win. While enjoying a very original gameplay, Turn Your Fortune Touch® is offering a mobile game inspired by French Art Nouveau. Unfortunately no impressive animations or anything, but who cares if you can win up to x2000 your bet!

Turn Your Fortune Touch® features

In this original mobile slot game, your main goal is to turn a bet into fortune and there will be two mobile slot features to help you with reaching your goal. During the main game, you’ll have the Re-spin feature available while the Free Spins feature is even more attractive to create some good fortune.

As soon as you’ll open Turn Your Fortune Touch®, you’ll see the Fortune Wins cylinder on the left side of the game to remain there during the main game and during the Free Spins feature. However, there will be a few differences between the two, even though the basics are the same.

Scatters activate both slot features, for example. And during both features, the collectable symbols will be responsible for the Fortune Win meter to go up.

Re-spins & Free spins

Two Scatters during the main game activates a Re-Spin. Three Scatters end up in the activation of the Free Spins feature.

The Re-spins feature opens with two Scatters. But there must be a winning combination as well. A winning combination reveals the collectable symbol.

Before the activation of the Free Spins feature, it’s the Free Spins Wheel that reveals the collectable symbol responsible for the Fortune Win Meter to increase.

You’ll start a Re-Spin at level one, but during the Free Spins feature, you have a chance to start at a higher level for bigger fortune wins. Also, during the two features, the numbers linked to the levels will differ as these will be much higher in Free Spins.

Fortune Win meter

While the Collectable symbols make the Fortune Win meter to go up, it’s the Key symbol that makes sure your wins will be higher. As soon as the Key symbol appears, it will unlock the cylinder. The cylinder will turn and the Multiplier linked to the levels will increase instantly. This means there will be two ways to generate high Fortune Wins.

The Free Spins feature in Turn Your Fortune Touch® is one to look forward to. During Free Spins, you’ll be collecting as many collectable symbols as possible in order to fill up the meter. Every 10+ symbols will fill up the meter by 10 and when reaching 20, you’ll move up a level and the meter will move back to 0.

Each Scatter symbol appearing during the Free Spins feature will award an additional free spin, but when all free spins have been used up and no new free spins have been awarded, the Fortune Win will be awarded and you’ll return to the main game.