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Wild Worlds Touch®

Play Wild Worlds for real!


In 2019, mobile games accounted for 61.4% percent of the game win and that means that more players are finding their way to the NetEnt Games via a mobile device. No surprise as NetEnt has always been a pioneer when it comes to mobile gaming and Wild Worlds Touch® is just another piece of proof!

This mobile slot is giving you the chance to save the world with the help of a new generation of superheroes. Never before, you saw three humble birds joining forces in order to defeat the monsters that are trying to take over the city! It’s now up to offer them a helping hand while enjoying the Avalanche™ mechanics and an impressive number of mobile slot features.

Get ready for some good mobile slot action as you’ll be travelling through different Free Spins worlds, but before it gets to that, you’ll see the crack team of bird superheroes at work, just before battling monstrous creatures that are trying to take over the futuristic city.

You might think they are too busy updating their social media profiles, but you’re wrong! These three super birds have other things on their mind, scanning the city for dangerous creatures that have no other intention than ruining the world! While they are busy saving the world, you’ll be busy hitting that spin button and in your own way, you’ll be helping them.

You can make the battle happen and all you need is three Scatters. Only during the battles, you beat the monsters with a chance to save the world! But saving worlds have never been more fun so without further delay, press spin and buckle up for an action-packed journey full of fun!

Wild Worlds Touch® features

In the middle of the futuristic city in Wild Worlds Touch®, you’ll find the headquarters of the three superheroes! From their headquarters, they can oversee the entire city where monsters move around, looking for destruction!

Avalanche feature

They must be stopped and the only way to stop monsters is to defeat and to get to that point, a battle can’t be avoided! So make sure the battle is going to happen and three Scatters is all you need! Spin that button and put the popular Avalanche™ mechanic into work!

These slot mechanics proved to be successful in Gonzo’s Quest Touch® for the first time. But many mobile slots followed including Wild Worlds Touch® in 2019.

That means that symbols in this 5 columns and 5 rows counting mobile slot will fall into position instead of spinning. Any winning combination activates an Avalanche™. All symbols involved explode and disappear, leaving space for a second Avalanche™ of symbols for new winning chances. This process will continue until there are no more wins available.

The Avalanche™ feature always prove to bring enough action to the reels. But this is not enough for NetEnt! The Swedish software provider is always looking for better. That’s why an intense number of mobile slot features have been added!

Hero symbols

Experiencing this exciting mobile slot, the Hero Wilds feature opens where a win on the Hero symbols turns them into Wilds. You’ll also get to travel through different Free Spins worlds, where every world welcomes you with another special Wild features!

The main game is where you’ll be enjoying Hero symbols. When all Hero symbols in a winning combination have been destroyed, the remaining symbols of this type that are present on the reels will turn into Wild symbols. And of course, a new Avalanche acivates after!

Destroy feature

The Destroy Feature opens randomly, but only in case of a no-win situation. It will be then that symbols of only one colour remain on the reels and all other symbols will be destroyed. Scatters will be saved, though, as they are too important for the world to be saved from the monstrous creatures out there!

Free Spins

With three Free Spins Worlds available, I don’t know what you’re waiting for to be honest! There’s no game like Wild Worlds Touch®, that’s for sure! Three Free Spins Worlds are waiting for you and each of them has its own feature as well. Get to the Dark Forest (spreading wilds), Ice World (heavy wilds) or Fire Lands (random wilds), or even better, get to all three of them!

Free Spins Worlds

8 Free Spins will be activated with the help of three Scatters. You’ll spin the wheel to see what Free Spins world you’ll get into first where the first monster will be waiting to be defeated!

Get to the Fire Lands to experience 2 to 4 Random Wild symbols on the reels when a Captain or a Boss’ weak spot is destroyed.

In the Dark Forest, a Spreading Wild is randomly placed on the reels when a weak spot is destroyed and if completing a win situation, it will explode along with the other symbols.

When a Captain or Boss’ weak spot is destroyed in the Ice World, a stack of 2 Heavy Wild symbols will be randomly placed on the reels. If taking part in a winning combination, Heavy Wild symbols will remain on the reels for the next Avalanche.

Now get out of here! Go and save the World! This time not by reducing plastic (although we should not forget about this still) or simply by becoming less greedy in life (don’t forget about this either), but by beating the monsters out there giving the three superheroes a helping hand in Wild Worlds Touch®!