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Wilderland Touch®

Play Wilderland for real!


During the great lockdown in 2020, NetEnt opened its doors to a fantasy world. In this world, you can forget about the daily struggle, enjoying a soothing game, so helpful in stressful times like it was the case during the lockdown.

Opening Wilderland Touch®, you enter an enchanting world with a heavenly, “elfy” type of sound at the background which never hurts in times of stress.

NetEnt describes the game as enchanting, mesmerizing, and orchestral. The music totally fits the mystical theme of Wilderland Touch® which adds  to a relaxing mobile slot experience.

Get enchanted!

Immerse yourself in a magic world. You follow an Elven Princess into an enchanted forest where pointy ears are the standard. You’re in the company of a fox!

Get enchanted by elven trees and elven homes that are magically surrounded by flocks of fireflies. Every spin, you experience this enchanting elven forest that comes alive.

The reels are enriched with majestic symbols including the Elven princess. Regal and stunning with a tiara perched perfectly on her pointy ears, she’s the highest paying symbol in the game. With her, as the second-highest paying symbol, you’ll find the Elves familiar, the fox, the arrow and quiver, as well as ornate pieces of jewellery.

Follow the Elven princess into an enchanted forest in Wilderland Touch®. Meanwhile, you enjoy the Activation Zones, Forest Treasure feature with 4 types of Walking Wild symbols, the Magic Wild feature, and potentially unlimited Free Spins.

Butterfly Staxx Touch®, Butterfly Staxx 2 Touch® and Lights Touch® have shown us beautiful natural surroundings and since March 2020, the month the entire world went on lockdown, NetEnt Casino players have access to another dreamy world for the perfect escape!

The world’s airspaces and seas recovered quickly with the world on lockdown. We enjoyed fresh air as it cleared foggy skies, making them blue again. Pretty enchanting already, but getting access to a magical world at the same time could only help a player’s mood.

Wilderland Touch®

Wilderland Touch® features

Besides an enchanting world to hide in, Wilderland Touch® is giving you a chance to enjoy magical mobile slot features. These include the Forest Treasure feature with 4 types of Walking Wild symbols, the Magic Wild feature, and potentially unlimited Free Spins.

The main attraction in Wilderland Touch®, however, is the Activation Area. This area will help you activate the Forest Treasure feature. These two aspects of the game will keep you captivated. It’ll make you wait for two or more Wilds to land side by side in the Activation Area. Simply because this activates a Walking Wild.

Activation Area

The Activation Area in Wilderland Touch® is easy to recognize by the middle row lightening up during the Main Game while all three rows, the entire play area, will become Activation Zone during the Free Spins feature.

Walking Wilds

When two Wild symbols land side-by-side in the Activation Zone, it’ll activate one of the four Walking Wild symbols. This results in a stack of regular Walking Wild symbols, of x2 Walking Wilds, or of Scatter Walking Wilds walking from right to left.

Magic Wild feature

These Walking Wilds keep walking until they reach the leftmost reel to fall of the play area and disappear. The only feature that can help prevent a Walking Wild to disappear, is the Magic Wild feature. This mobile slot feature helps you make the most out of the Walking Wild symbols. It’s able to turn the fate of the Walking Wilds by returning it to the rightmost reel just before it leaves the play area.

Free Spins

When you collect 3 Scatter symbols, you enter the heart of the forest to activate the Free Spins feature.

During Free Spins, the forest’s magic is at its peak and the Activation Zone covers the entire play area. This will increase your chance to activate Walking Wild symbols with the Magic Wild feature being available as well to return any number of Walking Wild symbols to the reels.

The Free Spins feature will end when there are no Walking Wild symbols on the reels left. The minimum number of Free Spins is 6 but there’s no maximum number of Free Spins so entering Free Spins in Wilderland Touch® can result in unlimited Free Spins if your stroke of luck lasts!