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Willy’s Hot Chillies Touch®

Play Willy's Hot Chillies for real!


Willy’s Hot Chillies Touch® is definitely the spiciest mobile slot available at the NetEnt Casinos. The game is bringing more chillies to the reels then I eat in an entire year! It’s Willy that’s responsible for the chillies which he harvests with the help of his donkey. Willy is as Mexican as can be, the reason you find him having his siesta next to reels most of the time.

Willy’s lazy afternoon nap doesn’t mean you have nothing to look forward to, though. The opposite! This Mexican-themed slot fills your slot tortilla with Multiplier Wilds and Free Spins while Willy’s Hot Wheel spices up the game even more!

Mexican fiesta on the reels

While Willy loves his siesta, he loves the fiesta even more! But he needs a good fiesta to interrupt his siesta. He appears when the Bonus symbol ends up on reel 1, for example. He’s well awake when he appears as this symbol is involved in the activation of Willy’s Hot Wheel.

When Willy’s Hot Wheel starts, it’s going to one big fiesta. One Bonus symbol, a Wild Multiplier Stack and mariachi music get the party started! Good enough reason for Willy to be wide awake when his symbol appears on the first reel. Willy won’t let you leave the without a proper goodbye. Especially when the party gets to an end after you spiced up your balance with lucrative wins.

During the main game, Willy provides an abundance of chillies. Even if you’re not a fan of spicy food, you now desire more chillies than ever before.

Mexican-themed mobile slots

It’s hard to compete with Spiñata Grande Touch®. Not for nothing did NetEnt receive the Game of the Year award in 2015 with Spiñata Grande™ slot as the nominated game.

Spiñata Grande™ was the first ever video slot that offered 2×2 and 3×3 symbols. Colossal symbols were highly respected by players and so was the cheerful Mexican theme.

Those that know Spiñata Grande™, will probably remember the many piñatas available throughout the game. Now there’s a purple piñata available on the reels. However, this time the party is spiced up with numerous chillies and some fresh chilli sauce!

Spiñata Grande’s gameplay is hard to beat, but I’m sure players will find a good party in the equally cheerful Willy’s Hot Chillies Touch®. This time no Colossal symbols that make the party, but Willy’s Hot Wheel.

Willy's Hot Chillies Touch® main game

Willy’s Hot Chillies Touch® features

It all starts easy peasy! Willy is busy having a siesta and as long as no winning combination takes place, it’s like an ordinary afternoon in a small Mexican village.

Just until, a winning combination is made! That’s when you get a quick preview of what a Mexican party sounds like. Of course, three or more of the same symbols on a bet line can cause a winning combination. But more often, it’s one of the many Wild Multipliers that’s involved.

Willy’s chillies act as the Multiplier Wilds and they definitely make a spicy mobile slot of Willy’s Hot Chillies Touch®. The more chillies we see, the happier we are.

Willy sometimes eats too many of his own chillies! And when he does, you’ll benefit from it. It means the start of Willy’s Hot Wheel which promises a big win potential. A video slot feature to look forward to as it’s time for a true Mexican party!

Multiplier Wilds

Willy’s Hot Wheel is providing a fun and lucrative bonus feature. But it can take a while before you activate this bonus feature. That’s why the Multiplier Wilds deserves appreciation.

They keep you in a festive spirit until Willy’s Hot Wheel activates.  Besides being a Wild, Multiplier Wilds are also linked to an x2, x3, x4 or x5 Multiplier. There’s plenty of Multiplier Wilds which substitute for other symbols but offer a Multiplier as well. Multiplier Wilds can appear on the reels 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Willy's Hot Chillies Touch® Wild Stack

The above image shows that a Multiplier Wild can appear as a stack as well. This means that two or three symbols appear on top of one another. A single Multiplier Wild is attractive, but it’s only a Stacked Multiplier Wild that can play a role in the activation of Willy’s Hot Wheel.

When a Stacked Multiplier Wild appears on any of the reels and the entire reels is covered with it, you’re one symbol away from the bonus feature. This is when you need Willy on the first reel!

Willy’s Hot Chillies Touch® bonus wheel

Multiplier Wilds Stacks make sure that attractive wins take place during the main game. But in combination with a Bonus symbol, the game is set on fire. It activates Willy’s Hot Wheel, good for a spicy time on the reels!

Fiery pointers point to a carousel of great features, including coin wins, extra pointers, extra spins and juicy multipliers. 

Willy's Hot Chillies Touch®

Multiplier Wilds turn into arrows. And every time it points to one of the awards on Willy’s Hot Wheel, you receive the awards. These can be Multipliers, Free Spins and coin wins. All awards explained:

  • A Coin Win awards a random coin win between x1 and x30 times the bet.
  • The +3 Spins symbol add 3 Willy’s Hot Wheel spins to the Fire Pointer that landed on this symbol.
  • A Chilli Multiplier symbol increases the Chilli Multiplier by +1.
  • The Extra symbol turns one of the reels into a Fire Pointer with the same amount of spins as on the Fire Pointer that landed on this symbol. Only when all reels are Fire Pointers already, the Extra symbol will add 3 Willy’s Hot Wheel spins to the Fire Pointer that landed on this symbol.