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Wings of Riches Touch®

Play Wings of Riches for real!


The grass has grown high above your head. What used to be little bugs, are now as big as you are! What happened? Well, you got the opportunity to shrink down to bug-size and you took it!

That’s how you end up seeing what used to be an invisible world. Little did you know that in that invisible world, between the grass blades, three elves are living that coexist with beautiful bugs.

Honey, I shrunk the kids

Whoever saw the film Honey I shrunk the kids (1989) will have a pretty good idea about how dangerous it is out there! In the Wings of Riches™ slot review, I mentioned the lawnmowers, but the list of hazards is endless.

A simple sprinkler can be fatal when you’re as tiny as a grass blade. And don’t forget about the scary bugs you saw in this film. I prefer not to meet these creatures when they are my size, but the kids did.

And what about the moment that one kid thought it was a good idea to get into their dad’s breakfast to get his attention? Not a good idea!

Honey, I shrunk the casino player!

Luckily for you, the world in Wings of Riches Touch™ looks more like a fairytale than a jungle! Instead of huge frighting ants and bees, you’re facing the cutest bugs. Including my personal favourite, the ladybug!

None of the creatures you face when you play this elf-themed mobile slot are scary. You won’t be flying around on the back of a bee either. Instead, you watch how the three friendly-looking elves, the colourful forest flowers and the bugs are working perfectly well together. Just to give you a great time on the reels.

Enter a magical place with Wings of Riches Touch® in which NetEnt changed a simple grassland with some standard flowers and bugs into an enchanting environment, home to three elves. You might feel guilty next time you mow your lawn or you switch on the sprinklers, but for now, just enjoy as there is a lot to enjoy with the Spreading Dandelion Wild, Dragonfly Scatters triggering Free Spins and maybe even more Free Spins.

Wings of Riches Touch®

Wings of Riches Touch® features

Let the magic happen and – for once – embrace the little bugs that you’ll be surrounded with while playing this enchanted game from your mobile phone, tablet or any other mobile device. You would be surprised by yourself when you actually can’t wait to see several Dragonflies on the reels while the Dandelion is pollinating faster than ever before.

Dandelion Wild

The Dandelion Wild is known as an invasive plant species because they tend to produce many wind-dispersed seeds that easily spread over large areas.

Let this be a true advantage in Wings of Riches Touch® as in a mobile slot, a Spreading Wild can’t spread fast enough!

All that’s left is for the Dandelion Wild to appear on the reels 2,3 and/or reel 4 to spreading to other reels including reels 1 and 5. This means that if several Dandelion Wilds appear, they’ll be spreading to several reels with a big win as the result.

But even if one Dandelion Wild appears on the reels, the extra Wild symbols can result in bigger wins.


The Dandelion is a welcome item on the reels and so is the Dragonfly who serves a Scatter. This purple bug is able to trigger the Free Spins feature with 10 Free Spins to start with. While you see nature come to life at night, you’ll be hoping for the Dragonfly symbols to show up again as two of them award 5 extra Free Spins and three Scatters will trigger 10 extra Free Spins.

Meanwhile, you will have a Multiplier Tree at your disposal and during the Free Spins, the Multiplier symbol randomly appears on reel 5. Each time the Multiplier symbol appears, it increases the Multiplier by one, up to maximum x5. Benefit from this special tree while the Wild is back for some more pollination.

You’ll never believe what lies within the tall grass beneath you but Wings of Riches Touch® will bring you the hidden world of bugs, forest flowers and totally unexpected, elves! Make sure you’ll try this mobile video slot filled with pixies and beautiful bugs and riches in the form of Spreading Dandelions and beautiful Dragonflies!