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Netent Bonuses

It wasn’t long after the first online casinos appeared on the internet in the mid 90’s that the first bonuses where introduced as a result of the upcoming competition. While more and more online casinos where founded, the competition increased and to stay ahead, online casinos where forced to come up with something that would attract players other than with a wide range of casino games. That’s where the casino bonus was introduced and players where attracted with free play money if a first deposit was made. It all started with the welcome bonus, but after a while more variants where offered to provide players with extra playing money although these days promotions such as casino tournaments and free spins are offered by the NetEnt Casinos.

Netent Casinos

The player that chooses to play at a NetEnt Casino does not only go for the quality games, developed by the listed software developer NetEnt, but also for the highest online casino jackpots in the industry as the highest jackpot ever won in an online casino, the Mega Fortune Jackpot, is developed by NetEnt. But there’s more because every NetEnt Casino offers their players a nice welcome bonus of which a clear overview can be found on our website.

What is a casino bonus?

A casino bonus is simply extra playing money which you receive when making a deposit in an online casino or when you are using a free bonus offer. Also the money you win from free spins promotions will be added in your account as bonus money. Money prizes won with any other casino promotion could be bonus money as well, but this will depend on the promotion itself and the NetEnt Casino offering the promotion. All NetEnt bonuses have one thing in common and that is that profits made with bonus money cannot be paid out until the bonus has been released or wagered as they call it have been met.

Different casino bonuses

Bonuses are always given as a reward or to attract new players. In the beginning it was simply only one casino bonus that was needed to attract players, but these days there are a number of different bonuses that all work slightly differently, although all are equally interesting. The welcome bonus offers players a huge bonus amount straight after they signed up, while other deposit bonuses and free bonuses are offered as well. A casino bonus is always good for a certain amount of free playing money, but the rules decide whether a casino bonus is free or not or how many times a bonus amount must be bet or wagered before the amount is released. When a deposit is required the bonus is called a deposit bonus while a free bonus doesn’t need a deposit at all and play money will be received directly. Free Spins can’t be called bonuses, but the wins that come from the free spins can be called bonus money. Even prize money won with any promotion could be bonus money and so it’s good to pay attention on the terms and conditions at all times.

Welcome bonus

The most popular casino bonus is the welcome bonus, as it’s not only the first bonus invented, it’s also the very first bonus you’ll receive after a first deposit is made at a Netent Casino. Nearly al NetEnt Casinos offer a welcome bonus although the percentage of the bonus, most of the times 100%, can differ as well as the maximum amount of the welcome bonus. Click here for more welcomes bonus information.

Regular deposit bonuses

Of course there’s a focus on the welcome bonus, but it’s not the last bonus you’ll receive when you choose to play at a NetEnt Casino as most of them also offer loads of regular deposit bonuses or other promotions. These regular deposit bonuses work the same as the welcome bonuses, and a deposit is needed to use the casino bonus, but most of the time the percentage of the bonus is a bit lower while the maximum amount can be the same or even higher. Most welcome bonuses are 100% while a regular deposit bonus could be for example 25% or 50%. Click here for more deposit bonus information.

Releasing casino bonuses

Although the money will be visible in your account straight away if using a casino bonus or free spins, it will be bonus money. This because the bonus money has to be bet several times before a bonus is released and the times a bonus have to be bet will differ at all NetEnt Casinos. Sometimes a bet of 10 times the bonus is required while other online casinos will ask a bet of 25 or even 40 times the bonus. While you orientate on the most suitable online casino for you, it’s highly recommended to have a good look into the bonus programs as they differ at all NetEnt Casinos.

Free spins

Most of the times it’s not only regular casino bonuses offered by the NetEnt Casinos as these days you’ll be pampered with free spins more often as well. Especially those who love to play on the NetEnt video slots, will love the free spins promotions as you’ll receive a certain amount of free spins on one of the selected video slots. Money won with free spins will, most of the times, be added to your account as bonus money and have to be bet before released as real play money. Click here for more Free Spins bonus information.

Sign up bonus
It’s on the most popular bonuses given away by NetEnt Casinos, simply because a sign up will  be enough to receive what has been promised. This bonus can be seen as a free casino bonus as well since no deposit is required. Signing up at the NetEnt Casino providing you with this type of bonus is all you need to do to receive the offer. Most of the time a sign up bonus involves a welcome bonus or free spins.

Mobile casino bonuses

Casino bonuses as offered by NetEnt Casinos are usually valid for both the online and mobile casino versions. Thereby you get the chance to enjoy the mobile games longer than you would have done without using a casino bonus. However as with all bonus conditions, this can be different with all casino bonuses, free spins or any other promotions as well because all NetEnt Casinos have their own terms and conditions attached to their promotions. I always recommend to check the bonus rules before using any promotion at any NetEnt Casino.