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Bonus Codes

Walking through the supermarket people get naturally attracted to the many promotion displays. Not because we are just looking for that product, no simply because sentences like ‘Buy 2 get 1 for free’ and ‘25% off on all products’ sounds like music in our ears. We save as much as possible, even though we don’t need the product necessarily, how can you refuse an offer like that? It’s not for nothing the supermarkets places these promotion displays at almost every end of a row and next to the cash registers. Yes, we love free stuff and if it comes to online casinos, we love to use promotions such as free spins, free bonuses, welcome bonuses and other bonus promotions. Choosing for a Netent Casino is a good thing as they know what players like and they are definitely not stingy with the promotions. Most of the time offers can be used by all players and can be found on the bonus pages. So are you one of these players who love to use promotions, you are definitely at the right place in one of the Netent Casinos which can be found on Although most casino promotions are often available for all players, bonus codes are perfect to offer a certain group of players an exclusive promotion such as new players or VIP players.

When do I receive a Bonus code?

Bonus codes are often used to provide players with a special promotion, as for example after you have registered at one of the Netent Casinos to welcome you as a player. A bonus code provides an exclusive casino bonus that’s only available for you. Some Netent Casinos offer you a bonus code when it’s your birthday or simply to thank you for your loyalty. This last one could be a year after your registration or when your account is two years old and you’re still playing at the same Netent Casino.

Bonus codes are also used to offer VIP players an extra casino bonus, free spins or as a ticket for a casino tournament. Those bonus codes are only available for the VIP players as the regular players don’t receive the code. That’s the advantage VIP players do have at the Netent Casinos as they are after all a special group of players.

To use a bonus code

As soon as you received a bonus code, it’s up to you whether you use the code or not. If so, the bonus code can be used immediately and if the bonus code is valid for a longer period of time, you could save it for later. A bonus code can only be used when you’re having an account at the Netent Casino the bonus code is available for, so if you don’t have one yet, it’s time to register. After you’ve registered at the Netent Casino, or you’ve logged in on your existing account, the email or card the bonus code is mentioned in, will tell you how to use the bonus code. Before you decide to use a bonus code always read the conditions first so you know what the promotion is all about.

Popularity bonus codes

Although the Netent bonuses, casino tournaments and free spins promotions are the most popular promotions used by online casinos, the bonus code becomes more popular. More often online casinos use these codes to provide a certain group of players an exclusive promotion, just to make sure you are special and isn’t that what we all are looking for? And who doesn’t like the idea of extra bonuses, free spins or any other promotions offered by the Netent Casinos? Don’t miss any valuable bonus codes or any other Netent Casino promotions and follow us via Twitter and Google+ and like our Facebook page.