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Free Spins Bonus

It wasn’t even two decades ago that nobody ever heard of either free spins or a free spins bonus, as they simply didn’t exist yet. Although some classic slots do offer equal features, the term free spins, as we use them these days when describing video slots or promotions, is quite new.

The first online casinos offered nothing more than a welcome bonus. With so many new online casinos, they were all forced to come up with new bonuses.

Just to keep on attracting new players and keep existing players from walking away to the competition. These innovative bonuses asked for originality. Simply to beat the competition.

Free spins is one of these promotions, invented by one of the pioneers. Like with the welcome bonus, the no deposit bonus, and other NetEnt bonuses, it didn’t take long for the competition to introduce Free Spins as well.

This results in a flood of free spins promotions by many online casinos, including the NetEnt Casinos. But what exactly are free spins? How do you use them? What is your advantage and are they really for free?

On this page, I tell you everything you need to know about this casino promotion so immensely popular.

Scatter free spins

The industry introduced free spins during the same time as innovative slots. They are very different from the free spins in modern slots, though. But they do have one similarity, they don’t cost you a thing.

Not for nothing are they called free spins. After receiving a free spin, you get a spin extra without spending a penny during the extra spin.

Once the reels start to turn once more, your balance won’t go down as the only change could be a raise of your balance due to the winnings free spins may cause. Popular NetEnt video slots which can provide a large number of free spins during free spins features are EggOMatic™ and Silverback Gold.

Promotional free spins

You receive free spins as a casino promotion before you play the NetEnt video slot. You receive non-promotional free spins while playing a video slot. Promotional free spins are an offer to the players from the NetEnt Casinos. You can use them either by using a bonus code. Or simply by logging into your account and by opening the video slot the promotion is available for.

Both provide you with a certain amount of free spins. You don’t pay a bet and winnings become available in your bonus balance. I have to say bonus balance, as the sun and fresh air are the only things in this world that are actually for free, and free spins winnings will only be yours after you’ve fulfilled the wagering requirements.

Free spins for new players

At some Netent Casinos you can get up to 100 free spins, just by signing up, but most of the online casinos try to avoid players who just sign up only to use the free spins promotion and leave “the building” after.

The only way to avoid such abuse by players is by offering these same promotional free spins in combination with another promotion like the welcome bonus.

Once you used your welcome bonus as part of your first deposit, you receive the free spins. Another way to avoid abuse by players.

Free spins bonuses

Offering players a welcome bonus in combination with free spins isn’t all you are going to find looking around for similar free spins promotions.

Many NetEnt Casinos do offer their players free spins on a regular basis. For example, when a new game becomes available. Or when have something to celebrate or if a certain progressive jackpot grew sky-high.

When there is such a promotion, you receive a certain amount of free spins. Sometimes a bit higher for VIP players, on one or more particular video slots.

Free casino games

I can imagine that you are wondering why you should use free spins if every Netent Casino offers you to play the games for free anyway. Well, the answer is simple. Free casino games are available as free casino games, yes. But any winnings from them are virtual. All wins disappear eventually, as the game doesn’t involve real money. Free spins bonuses, on the other hand, offer you a way to play video slots for free.

And although there is indeed no real money involved with these promotional free spins, at the end they can award you with real money. So at first you will play for free due to one of the many free spins promotions, winnings will become bonus money and as we all know, bonus money can become real money. So your biggest advantage using free spins is simply the possibility to turn free winnings into real money.

Mobile free spins

Initially, casino bonuses were only available in online casinos, but these days players can also enjoy their favourite video slots while playing on mobile devices.

While it took the live casino a while to become rather popular, I expect a lot from this new trend. Mobile casino games are the future and we can’t ignore it anymore. Many players already agreed with this and found their way to a NetEnt mobile casino, even though not all Netent games are available yet, the newest games and the most popular games are.

Wagering requirements

Free spins can be seen as Netent Bonuses as the winnings coming from these spins will be available as bonus money. This simply means that there is one step left, the one necessary to turn your bonus money into real money. Usually you have to wager the amount won from free spins following the wagering requirements. These requirements will differ as all Netent Casinos have their own terms and conditions regarding Netent bonuses.

A wagering requirement for bonus money involves a number that represents the number of times you have to play the bonus amount before free spins money can be cashed.

Let’s say the wagering requirement is 20x the amount won by free spins, and we take a win of €10.00 as an example, you have to bet 20x €10.00. This means you bet €200,- within the period of time the Netent Casino gave for it.

If you haven’t fulfilled the wagering requirements within this period, usually 30 days or as stated in the terms and conditions, your bonus money will be lost.

Besides that, it’s up to the NetEnt Casino to decide which video slots and games qualify for these wagering requirements.

Free spins promotions

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