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It all has to start somewhere and if it comes to casino promotions organised by the many thousands of online casinos, it all started with the welcome bonus. As time passed online casinos got more creative and many different promotions where invented. After a welcome bonus it’s time to benefit from promotions such as Netent bonuses, free bonuses, free spins and casino tournaments.

This last option became more popular in the last few years. In the beginning it wasn’t much more than some video slot tournaments players could choose from, but these days more and more Netent games are involved in the tournaments.

What is a casino tournament?

Although different casino tournaments can be found in the online casinos, played on different Netent games, they all have one thing in common, the leaderbord. If either a casino tournament is attached to Roulette, Blackjack or one of the Netent video slots, your results will be displayed on the leaderbord. The better the result, the bigger the chance you will be awarded with a nice prize.

Standard casino tournament

Not every Netent Casino will offer casino tournaments, but if you would ask me if these kind of tournaments are interested for you as a player, I would definitely say yes. The main reason why I would recommend these tournaments is the fact that you have the chance to win extra prizes, while you just play your favourite casino games as you would do usually. Would like to win extra prizes without too much hassle, these casino tournaments could be what you are looking for.

Participation casino tournament

Once you’ve decided to participate in a casino tournament, you simply open the Netent game the tournament is attached to and start playing as you would have done normally. Please pay attention to the fact some Netent Casinos ask for a registration first. Mostly this means you will leave your username on the promotion page of the tournament.

A casino tournament could be just for one day, but usually they are being held over a longer period and it’s possible that the amount of days you’ve been participating counts for the ranking as well. The outcome of the tournament depends on your position on the leaderbord as a first position will award you the top prize although most of the time more prizes can be won.

Free casino tournaments

Depending on the Netent Casino of your choice, some offer free casino tournaments. If you get the possibility I would recommend to take part as you’ll receive a certain amount of Free Spins. The wins you get from these Free Spins count for the leaderbord and even though the prizes of these free casino tournaments are much smaller than normal, they can award a nice winning or a free ticket for another tournament without even spending a penny.

Ticked based tournaments

Some Netent Casinos just go a bit further by organising ticket based tournaments. These special tournaments are exclusive for those players who managed to get a ticket either by buying it or by being invited by the Netent Casino. After you’ve find out about the tournament, you get enough time to subscribe, get a ticket and by that the chance to win extra prizes without too much hassle.

High roller tournaments

As the high rollers, players who prefer to play with high stakes, are appreciated by any online casino, some Netent Casinos organise special high roller tournaments. Those who managed to get a ticket for this event or got personally invited, can be very lucky as the prizes awarded are much higher than normal.

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