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Welcomes Bonus

Almost every Netent Casino offers one, a welcome bonus! It’s one of the most familiar online casino bonuses, used by many online casinos to attract players.

With only a few operators that offer online casino games in the mid-90s, it was not much later the competition steadily grew and online casinos popped up like mushrooms.

At the same moment, the first online casinos needed to come up with something to keep the players coming. This is where the welcomes bonus was invented for, to attract the players and stay ahead of the competition. Until today the function of the welcome bonus is still the same, but as time passed more and more variants where created in order to keep the players.

Match bonus

Not even two decades ago, the first casino bonuses where created with the welcome bonus as the first official casino bonus, these days it’s quite common for online casinos to offer their players bonuses as rewards and you can still benefit from these bonuses as most Netent Casinos offer you one.

These welcome bonuses come in many forms, but the most common one is the match bonus offering you a casino bonus matching the amount of your very first deposit. It’s not unusual for a Netent Casino to award you with a 100% or even a 200% match bonus on your initial deposit although every single bonus has a maximum bonus amount attached to it.

First deposit

A welcome bonus will be awarded on the very first deposit you make, after you’ve registered at an online casino. This means you’ve never played before at the online casino of your choice. The amount of free money awarded will depend on the amount of your first deposit, the Netent Casino of your choice and with the currency you will be playing with.

A welcome bonus can be used only once and that’s why I would recommend to get the best out of this one time opportunity even though other bonuses will be awarded as part of the bonus program, but they are rarely as high as the welcome bonus.

Subsequent deposits
As it would be impractical for a Netent Casino to keep doubling your cash every time you bring some through the door, they invented the regular casino bonuses. These following bonuses are usually more conservative, but still worth using if you prefer the use of online casino bonuses and with that free bonus money.

Netent Bonussen

With dozens of Netent Casinos to choose from, the chance is big you will bump into many different casino bonuses. Most of the time it’s not only a welcome bonus an online casino Is offering its players. Not even two decennia ago players only got a welcome bonus, but these days many different types of bonuses can be found at the Netent Casinos as for example the cash back bonus, free casino bonus and the free spins bonus.

Although each of these bonuses works different, they all award you with free bonus money. To prevent players would abuse these kind of casino promotions, the online casinos attached conditions to the bonuses to release the bonus and cash out the bonus money as received from the welcome bonus or any other Netent bonus.

Cash out a welcome bonus

Directly after you have used a welcome bonus, you will receive the bonus money into your account. This doesn’t mean the Netent Casino took over the role of Santa Claus as every welcome bonus has one main rule, the one you have to wager the bonus amount a certain number of time to release the bonus amount. The number of times the bonus amount have to be wagered differs at every Netent Casino but could be between 2 and 50 times. This is a big difference and that’s exactly why I would recommend to read the conditions at any time before using a casino bonus.

No casino bonuses

not everybody likes to use a welcome bonus or any other casino bonus and that’s how a new trend comes alive as familiar bonuses will be replaced by the cash back bonus. If a certain bonus isn’t available in the Netent Casino of your choice and you would rather play without bonus money, you can always contact the online casino so your bonus money will be removed from your account.

Attractive welcome bonus

Although for some players the welcome bonus is quite important, the value of the welcome bonus should not be the main reason why to choose a certain Netent Casino. But if you do let your choice depend on it, don’t forget to have a look at the conditions as it will tell you about the number of times the bonus has to be wagered and if profits coming from the welcome bonus will be paid out immediately or not. Now that you understand how a welcome bonus works, it’s a good idea to shop around for a Netent Casino that offers you a really great one.