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NetEnt Touch®

Technology goes faster than we actually realise as I can still remember my very first mobile phone. It took me longer than my friends to get one. I wasn’t a big fan of new technology and wanted to postpone getting one as long as possible.

It was a job and getting the driver licence that actually forced me into buying my first Nokia telephone, and now almost 15 years later I can’t imagine a life without it.

Leaving the house without my telephone feels like leaving the house without shoes on. I know, it shouldn’t be like that, but I was forced, remember? So yes, I one day agreed to take a mobile, although back then there wasn’t that much choice.

Mine looked like anybody else’s, and it allowed me to make calls and send text messages. Nothing more and I certainly didn’t realize that just over a decade later, I could hardly imagine that my first mobile phone didn’t have a coloured screen or internet on it. And if going back in time, you could not imagine that these days you would be looking for more information about mobile casino games right?

My conclusion that technology goes fast is correct. I also know that this same technology is unstoppable. In the past years, even NetEnt Touch® games became unnecessary. This is due to the introduction of HTML5, a huge step forward in development. Thanks to the development tool HTML5, games are now available straight away for desktop and mobile.

NetEnt Touch®

The first online casinos

It’s the online casino industry that shows how fast technology can go as it is not even a quarter-century ago that the first online casinos were founded. Nowadays we have plenty of choices when it comes to online casinos, although it’s only a few dozens of them that take a leading role in the industry.

Among those, we’ll definitely find many NetEnt Casinos too, offering casino games and all NetEnt Touch® games. Including popular casino games like Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat. The same goes for video slots and video pokers.

Unreal is the fact that when I bought my first mobile phone, I never even heard of an online casino. Time flies and smartphones and tablets are now part of our daily lives. They constantly ask for new developments. This enables players to play those same casino games on their iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

Years of Experience in the offline and online casino industry, developing casino games while following the latest trends, NetEnt knew exactly what their next step was going to be.

And so NetEnt set new developments in motion, working hard on a new application that would allow both OIS and Android users to play their favourite games on their smartphone or tablet, anytime and from every location possible.

NetEnt Touch®

It’s not for nothing that the iGaming industry considers NetEnt as a pioneer when it comes to the development of casino games. Not only because NetEnt was the first to develop a mobile version of a game, suitable for both IOS and Android users. Therefore, in 2011, NetEnt introduced a whole new product known as NetEnt Touch®.

NetEnt developed the NetEnt Touch® games with a focus on quality and speed while maintaining the user-friendliness of the games. Just as the cutting edge animations and features responsible for the popularity of the NetEnt games had to remain intact.

Not an easy job as NetEnt needed to respond to specifications so important for mobile games. As no other NetEnt managed with the Touch® games. Until today, their mobile games are easy to use and fast when a reasonable internet connection is available. Regarding the quality of the mobile games, you won’t notice many differences compared to online casino games.

Mobile games

Initially, games as Roulette Touch® and Blackjack Touch® were available. But as time passed, NetEnt added popular slots like Gonzo’s Quest Touch®, Jack Hammer Touch® and Flowers Touch® to the assortment Touch® games.

Nowadays, new NetEnt games are directly available for desktop and mobile thanks to the new HTML5 development tool.

All NetEnt Touch® games are developed for both IOS and Android devices. Significant changes were made to maximise the enjoyment for mobile users. Thsi wouth losing any of the user-friendliness or quality of the games.

On the other hand, NetEnt has been extremely careful not to sacrifice any of the great gameplay and excellent graphics that make the games so popular in the first place. Every single mobile game fills the screen horizontally, enriched with a simplified keypad and navigation to ensure intuitive user interaction on small devices.

Also, no concessions were made when it comes to the extra features in the NetEnt Touch® games. For example the Free Falls in Gonzos Quest Touch®, the Sticky Wild feature in Jack Hammer Touch® and the boxing feature in Fisticuffs Touch®.

Mobile Jackpot games

Although the first mobile games were developed in 2011, it was going to take two more years to introduce the very first NetEnt Touch® jackpot game.

It was at the end of 2013 that NetEnt introduced the first mobile jackpot game, but thanks to theHTML5, the majority of the NetEnt Jackpots are now available to mobile players.

The first NetEnt Touch® jackpot game is a memorable one for the jackpot lovers. From 2013, players can enjoy the Mega Fortune Touch® game with a chance to win one of the three progressive Mega Fortune Jackpots.

Netent Touch® FAQ

What exactly does Touch® mean?

NetEnt was one of the first online game providers. In those days it was common practise to build games in Flash which was not suitable for mobile devices. This is when Touch® was introduced, which indicated that a game could be played on a mobile device. Now all games are built in HTML5 which is supported by all mobile devices as Flash has become obsolete.

Are all NetEnt games Touch®?

Yes, NetEnt has managed to rebuild all their popular games from the older obsolete Flash version to the new HTML5 version. These games are now compatible for both desktop and all mobile devices.

Are Touch® games any different to non-Touch® vesions?

No, both the Touch® and non-Touch® versions are the same. The name Touch® was just introduced when not all their games where built in HTML5 but rather in Flash which has become obsolete.

Is it better to play the Touch® version of a game?

It does not make any difference if you play NetEnt games on your desktop or your mobile, they both offer the same game with the same RNG (Random Number Generator), there is absolutely no difference.

Can I play jackpot games on the Touch® version?

Yes, NetEnt has even gone so far as to rebuild all their popular jackpot games so that they can be played on all mobile devices and can be called Touch® versions.