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Other Games

Looking at the wide range of Netent games including classic slots, video slots, table games, scratch cards and video pokers, there are some games missing. Not too much as the Netent Casinos are famous for their complete range of casino games. But there are a few games you could be missing as Bingo and Keno aren’t involved in the other categories. That’s why a last category was added to the above so Keno and Bingo could be easily found together with Golden Derby, a popular game based on virtual horseraces. And although this category is rather small compared to the other categories, these other games are definitely worth playing. Some of the Netent Casinos also offer mini games such as Mini Starburst and Mini Blackjack, typical games that fit the other games category.

Online Bingo

Many online bingo rooms have been founded in the last couple of years, but those who just want to play bingo for a change, are at the right place with the Netent Bingo. Although Netent is usually more concentrated on table games and video slots, the Netent Bingo is fun to play. You get the chance to play with either one, two or three Bingo cards of which one ticket costs 2.00, depending on the currency you will be playing with at the Netent Casino of your choice. If playing in euros you can spend a maximum of six euros while winnings can go up to 1.000 euros a card. If you decide to play with all three tickets, you’ll also get the chance to win a progressive jackpot.

Online Keno

Similar to online bingo, but different in its own way is Bonus Keno. The biggest difference of Keno, compared to bingo, is the fact that you choose the numbers you want to play with. Before the games starts, you’ll choose ten numbers out of 80 of which you think could be responsible for a very nice win. For those who could not even be bothered about choosing their own numbers, there is the Auto Pick choosing 10 numbers for you randomly across the field. Once the numbers are chosen, the game can start and 20 numbers will fall randomly. The more numbers you have chosen get marked, the higher your winnings will be. Special about this Keno game is the free bonus game, activated when the word Bonus in the left corner is completed with five Jokers. That’s not all there is though as a progressive jackpot involved as well, a local one, but big enough to play for although the value differs at every Netent Casino.


Despite the fact that horseraces are getting less popular, even in Great Britain, Netent does see a potential in the horseraces and designed a special game for those who are looking for this very old traditional game of chance. Even when it’s raining cats and dogs, you don’t have to shelter as long as your computer is inside. This is a very big advantage Golden Derby is offering, besides the progressive jackpot attached to these horseraces. This 3D game is sure to bring the excitement of the track to you, without getting cold and wet. Eight horses compete in each race and bets are placed in true punter style and as an extra, Golden Derby features a progressive jackpot, going into the thousands depending on the Netent Casino you decide to play at.

Mini games

There are dozens of Netent games, ranging from table games like roulette, baccarat, blackjack and punto banco, to video pokers like Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild. And besides Bonus Keno, Bingo and Golden Derby, Netent also produces mini games like Cash Bomb (a mini fruit machine), Mini Roulette, Football Cup and even the most popular video slot Starburst can be played as a mini game. While you are enjoying these mini games, they do give you the opportunity to go on with your work, or whatever you want to do in the meanwhile, as the mini games just take a little space on your screen.

Mini Starburst

With Starburst Mini Netent took one of the most popular video slots and turned it into a more compact and convenient mini game. Though the game is very compact, Netent managed to retain all extra features and the quality and speed of the game. So when choosing Starburst Mini, you don’t have to be afraid quality is going to be lost. Like this all players get the chance to play the most popular video slot at the Netent Casinos, at any time, while work is getting done or you spend time checking Facebook. Since we are talking about Facebook anyway, don’t forget to like our Facebook page so you won’t miss out on anything important going on at the dozens of Netent Casinos such as casino bonuses, casino tournaments and free spins.

Mini Blackjack and Mini Roulette

Since the most played video slot got a Mini Game, the most played table games can’t be ignored either and that’s why Netent turned both Blackjack and Roulette into a mini game. While Blackjack Mini offers the players at the Netent Casinos the Blackjack game as usual, Roulette has been metamorphosed into a real mini game. The biggest different can be found in the betting options as the zero isn’t accompanied by 36 numbers, but by one third of them. That leaves 13 numbers in total to bet on instead of 37 with the result the roulette wheel looks much smaller as well. Of course you can still bet on black or red, just as on even and odd.

Looking for a change while playing your favourite casino games? These arcade games, carefully designed by Net Entertainment, could definitely be worth a try as many progressive jackpots can be won.