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Bingo (EOL)


This game is End of Life but feel free to read about it here

It used to be ‘that game they play in nursing homes’, but these days bingo is more popular than ever. Okay, maybe the halls in the UK aren’t that eventful as before. But online this game became more popular.

The reason why it got into the category ‘other games’ is simply because it doesn’t fit any other category, but it definitely doesn’t make this game less important. Bingo is more popular than ever and that’s exactly the reason why this game can’t be ignored by any of the NetEnt Casinos.

It’s not the same as offline bingo, though. NetEnt obviously replaced the tokens by an automatic system. This to make sure your numbers are marked green. The rest of the game is sort of the same.

You will miss a person that calls the numbers, but you do get cash prizes in return as the time of winning knickknacks is over. To make this online version even more attractive there is even a progressive jackpot attached to the Netent Bingo.

Betting options

Choose to play this popular game and you get the chance to play with three bingo tickets at the same time. Each bingo ticket will cost you 2.00, but can give you a lot in return as each ticket can award you with a nice prize up to 1.000. The faster your numbers get marked, the higher your winnings will be when a winning combination has been made.

Play online bingo

Before you start to play online bingo at one of the many Netent Casinos you decide whether you want to play with one, two or three bingo tickets. Remember that only the choice of three bingo tickets can award you the progressive jackpot.

To start the game you first select the ticket(s) you want to play with and press the green ‘buy’ button. Increase your winning chances by buying multiple bingo tickets or keep it simple and just play with one ticket at a time if you don’t have the intention to win the jackpot.

After the bingo ticket(s) have been bought the moment of truth is there and it is time to let it rain numbers. There are two options possible as you can manually request for the next number by clicking the green ‘next’ button or you click ‘finish draw’ as all numbers will be drawn immediately and you’ll instantly know if you won a nice prize or not.

Every draw consists of 30 numbers responsible for your Bingo(s). You get one when the game draws all 5 numbers from either a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row on your bingo ticket(s).

Bingo Jackpot

A small part of the cost for each ticket is added to the progressive bingo jackpot of which its current value is displayed at the top of the game. To win the bingo jackpot, you play on all three tickets and get Bingo on the fifth or sixth number drawn.

Which means that all five numbers in one row have been marked before the seventh number falls. I know it looks fast, but going on a hunt for a jackpot is never easy, but neither impossible. The jackpot attached to this NetEnt game is local which means it’s only the players at one single NetEnt Casino responsible for the jackpot to rise.