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Golden Derby™ (EOL)

Golden Derby™

This game is End of Life but feel free to read about it here

Looking for a casino game that differs from the regular NetEnt games like table games and video slots, Golden Derby™ is highly recommended. This game used to be available in the category of other games. It simply doesn’t fit any of the other categories, like bingo and keno.

The game itself involves horse races, like Champion of the Track does, a video slot based on the horse races including a virtual mini race. But if looking for an opportunity to bet on horses, I recommend Golden Derby™, a perfect alternative to the horse races so popular in some European countries.

NetEnt could not resist to offer one of Europe’s largest spectator sports and created a virtual version featuring some innovative 3D graphics combined with the recognizable sounds of an authentic racetrack.

Once you tried this game, available under ‘other games’, you do understand why betting on horses is so immensely popular across Europe. And although it’s hard to simulate the atmosphere of a local racetrack, NetEnt did their very best and I can see that in Golden Derby. Betting on horses online have never been so much fun as it is with Golden Derby™.

Betting on horses

Though a relatively new entrant into the online gaming world, Golden Derby™ is a nice alternative for those who love to bet on horses or going to the racetrack, but simply live too far away from one or just don’t like to stand in the rain or cold. This game also gives you the perfect opportunity to see what horse racing is all about and to become familiar with this way of betting.

While placing a bet you will see betting on horses isn’t that much different from betting on other sports, but the mini horse race after you’ve placed your bet, will definitely add some more excitement to this game as it gives you the chance to cheer your chosen horse(s) to victory.

Betting options

Golden Derby offers a minimum bet of 0.50 and a maximum bet of 10.00 which makes this game perfect for all type of players. To make a bet note that you must click the blue ‘add bets’ button at the bottom to register your bets. The odds for each bet appears as soon as you click on the type of bet that you want to make. Use ‘clear bets’ to remove one or more bets, but once you’re fine with your bets, click the ‘start race’ button and enjoy the excitement.

How to play Golden Derby™

It all starts with an overview which displays the horses, the win odds, the amounts you can bet and the possible win. Before you start betting, you can have a look at the race form, describing the eight horses you can bet on, their strength, speed and stamina and having a look into these stats you can get a good idea what horse has the biggest chance of winning in the next race.

Look at the stars next to the horse and go back to ‘bet’ to bet on your favourite horse(s). Choose one or more horses of which you think they will have a good chance to win the race and mark the first column with number one on top. But there are several types of bets including a ‘place bet’. This bet pays if the horse ends up first or second while a ‘show bet’ pays if the horse comes first, second, or third.

To see all bets you consult the game rules in the menu at the bottom of the game under the question mark. Once bets have been placed the fun can begin after you click ‘start race’.

Golden Derby™ Horse races

In one wink you are drawn into a scene showing an authentic horse track, filling the air with the sounds so familiar for a horse race. This all includes the commentary of the horse race reporter that keeps you up to date about the position of each and every horse giving it just that more excitement that makes these races actually enjoyable to watch. I would definitely recommend to give Golden Derby™ a fair chance, even if you’re not into horses or horse races. If you’ve never been to a racetrack, this is your chance!