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Scratch Cards

For a long time online casinos didn’t offer much more than popular table games such as Roulette, Blackjack and video slots. But after a while, the online casinos more and more casino games added, just as the online scratch cards find their way to the NetEnt Casinos.


Much older than the online scratch cards, most people will know the paper-based cards. Those that contain concealed amounts which to reveal with scratching of the, mostly silver-coloured, opaque cover. Though there are different scratch cards, but they all look the same if you ask me. Most of the time you reveal nine or more amounts and if three of the same amounts appear, the amount will be yours.

Scratch cards are a very popular form of gambling due to their low cost and the opportunity to win instantly, as opposed to waiting for a drawing like many lotteries. It’s also that buying a scratch card became a ritual as many get one while buying the weekend newspaper, after the weekly grocery shopping or simply when passing by a kiosk and feeling lucky. The success of these simple scratch cards must be the fact that we all dream of a carefree living, a long holiday far away or a new car.

Online scratch cards

When you want to buy a scratch card you are depending on the opening hours of the kiosks and newsstands selling the paper-based scratch cards.

It was only a few years ago that NetEnt had the perfect solution for that. Virtual scratch cards! This doesn’t mean there’s no space for rituals. You can continue to buy them after grocery shopping done, or together with the newspaper. But when you feel lucky and all shops are closed, the online versions can be the perfect alternative.

The idea of never being in front of a closed kiosk door anymore is just one of the few reasons why the online scratch versions are super attractive as it’s also the originality of these online versions that attracts many players.

Not for nothing, NetEnt is one the largest casino software suppliers. As we know what they capable of, it’s no surprise they gave the virtual scratch cards a special dimension.

A good example is Treasure Hunt, which can be seen as an online scratch card or lottery game. It has a lot more to offer than just some amounts and a Multiplier as it even offers a bonus game.

The same goes for the lottery game The Lost Pyramid which offers a pyramid instead of a scratch area. Therefore, it looks like a 3D scratch card.

When you look for the traditional scratch cards, you could go for games like Lucky Double, Tribble and two different versions of Triple Wins.

These classic scratch cards offer you the well-known opaque scratch layer, scratch tools and the amounts, while most of these classic games also have a Multiplier added to the game.

Low costs, large prizes

There are many advantages linked to the online scratch cards. One of the most important ones is the low costs of the tickets. Meanwhile, they offer big prizes.

Triple Wins™ for example offers you low-cost tickets. You buy it for only 0.50. Triple Wins™ is one of the popular traditional scratch games, including nine amounts and a Multiplier.

The highest amount that you can win is 10.000, but you never know what the Multiplier does at the end. Lucky Double™ asks a higher investment of 2.00, but in return it gives you the chance to win a top prize of 100.000.

Scratch card features

While video slots can contain many features such as Scatters, Wlds, Free Spins, Bonus Games, Extended Wilds, Multipliers and more, scratch cards are often very simple without too many features. But NetEnt wouldn’t be one of the pioneers in iGaming, developing the best online casino software, if the designers wouldn’t give these gambling games a special twist.

NetEnt added free games, bonus games or a progressive jackpot to give these scratch cards a special dimension. Try them all to experience for yourself how innovating a scratch card can actually be.

Original scratch games

Whether table games, classic slots or video slots, any online casino game developed by NetEnt is original. The same goes for NetEnt’s online scratch cards available in many original forms as for example Shoot4Gold™. This one takes you to the carnival.

Usually, shooting ducks isn’t as lucrative as it is with the Shoot4Gold™ scratch card. The plush animal prizes have been replaced by cash prizes going up to 50.000.

While torches lighten up the dark, and crickets tsjirp in the background, it’s also full moon. We all know everything can happen when full moon! That’s exactly why we highly recommend The Lost Pyramid™. Or maybe because this original scratch game is available for either 1.00 or 2.00 with winnings going up to 100.000.

Magic is in the air, at least when you choose to play Marbles™ at one of the NetEnt Casinos. Besides some magic marbles, it’s also the top prize of 50.000 that does make this scratch card worth playing.

Chances of winning

The Netent scratch cards are not only very original, they also offer the players at the NetEnt Casinos very high chances of winnings since all games are developed based on a high Return-to-Player (RTP) strategy.

I would lie if I would tell you this is in your advantage only, as there’s still the advantage for the house, but when I tell you that in general these payouts are higher than those from the competition, I’m not lying.

Besides that prizes can go up to 100.000 and Triple Wins High Roller even offers a progressive jackpot. Games with a high pay-out are Triple Wins Jackpot (87,5% + jackpot), the cheaper version Triple Wins (87,5%), while the lottery games Bubbles, Marbles, Shoot4Gold even offer a pay-out percentage of 90,3%.

Jackpot scratch card

Although I wouldn’t be surprised if more jackpot games arrive at the NetEnt Casinos in the near future, for now it’s only Triple Wins High Roller offering a progressive jackpot.

For only 2.00 a card you do not only get the chance to win a top prize of 30.000, but also the progressive jackpot of which the amount differs at every Netent Casino as it’s a local jackpot. If you are a fan of scratch cards, it’s definitely worth it to check out the Triple Wins scratch card, just as all the other originally designed lottery games most Netent Casinos have to offer.